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Episode List


Season 1

18 Feb. 1994
Ninja de gozaru
Sasuke and Saizo are fooled into releasing the seal on the Yokai and must become the Ninja Sentai Kakuranger to stop the forces they inadvertently unleashed on the world.
25 Feb. 1994
Abunai Obasan
When Kappa and Rokurokubi, husband and wife Youkai, attack the Kakurangers, Sandayuu sends the living truck Nekomaru to help. Meanwhile, Seikai, the fourth member of the Kakurangers is in danger himself.
4 Mar. 1994
Amerikan Ninja
Jiraiya, the fifth Kakuranger finally appears; but confused his teammates both in his foreign mannerisms and in his strange alliance with a grumpy cabby Yokai.
11 Mar. 1994
Yôkai Porisuman
The yokai Azukiarai managed to become the head of the police department and arrested Seikei after crossing on a red light, now the kakuranger will try to rescue him.
18 Mar. 1994
Dekoboko Chin Gêmâ
Saizou finds himself trapped in a deadly maze with a young boy as part of a bet between a mysterious pair of men, and must make it out alive.
25 Mar. 1994
Medama no Ôjisama!
The Yokai Mokumokuren decides to take revenge on the Kakuranger by making them look like criminals and seducing Tsuruhime into being his bride.
1 Apr. 1994
Koitsa Dekai
Seikai loves eating, a yokai makes him grow and uses his never-ending appetite to his advantage.
8 Apr. 1994
Ba Neko Shoppu!!
A Bakeneko yokai captures the kakuranger and plans an attack over mankind because of people mistreating their cats.
15 Apr. 1994
Dokkiri Namachûkei
A yokai obsessed with television starts attacking the city with the hope of making it into the news.
22 Apr. 1994
Ko Naki Jijii dja
People souls are being stolen and put inside dolls by a yokai who desires to have a family.
29 Apr. 1994
Boro Koso Saikô!
A Yokai obsessed with rags it's ruining people clothes.
6 May 1994
Detaa!! Shin Jûshô
Kids are being kidnapped by a yokai who plans to revive the yokai that the kakuranger defeated in the past.
13 May 1994
Buttobase Funô
After cursing a lot of random people, a yokai disguises himself as an exorcist with the purpose of making money out of the situation.
20 May 1994
Ore wa Kikôshi da!!
A new menace appears, a yokai named "Young Noble Junior" takes the command of the yokai forces.
27 May 1994
Geê!! Sugoi Yatsu
Junior sends a yokai duo and a group of evil female ninjas after the kakuranger.
3 Jun. 1994
Aka Saru no Oni Taiji
The kakuranger have been captured by the yokai duo and the female ninja group, now Sasuke will have to think of something to save them
10 Jun. 1994
Maken to Pantsu!!
A yokai looks for revenge over Saizo because his ancestor cut it's hand.
17 Jun. 1994
Harô Kinoko-kun
Junior targets a child-like Yokai who grants good luck, Jiraiya, who previously befriended this Yokai, tries to help him get away from Junior.
24 Jun. 1994
Kurayami no Jigoku Wana!!
The Kakuranger start investigating a series of kidnappings caused by a Spider Yokai, what they don't know is that this will lead them to a Junior's trap.
1 Jul. 1994
Hana no Kunoichi Gumi
After being ambushed by the Flowery Kunoichi Team, Sasuke is forced to protect a kid who got himself involved between the fight.
8 Jul. 1994
Saru Mane Hissatsu-waza
After meeting an unsuccessful ninjitsu teacher the Kakuranger decide to advertise his dojo by showing their ninja abilities on the street so that he can raise money to cure his wife heart decease.
15 Jul. 1994
Waratte Itadakimasu
Seikai's attempt to help a girl developing a solar car becomes hindered by a Yokai who tries to stop the research due to needing vehicle exhaust to survive.
22 Jul. 1994
Dengeki!! Shiroi Kai Tori
Junior's real identity is finally revealed and he's planning to start the ritual to revive the Great Demon King.
29 Jul. 1994
Aa Ikkan no Owari
The Kakuranger face off the Yokai Gashadokuro in hopes of saving the children captured for the Great Demon King summoning.
5 Aug. 1994
Aratanaru Shuppatsu!
Sasuke meets a mysterious girl that will help him find the Shinobi Scrolls.
12 Aug. 1994
Tsuruhime-ka no Chô Himitsu
In the midst of her Shinobi Scroll trial, Tsuruhime is forced to go home unless she completes her trial by Sandayuu's special set of rules.
19 Aug. 1994
Muteki Shôgun no Saigo
While looking for the Shinobi Scrolls, Saizo and Seikai are transformed into Kappas by a Yokai who tells them the only way to become human again is killing one of them.
28 Aug. 1994
Chô Dai Mono - Rainichi!!
While looking for his Shinobi Scroll, Jiraiya encounters his old martial arts teacher who has now joined with the Yokai.
2 Sep. 1994
Shijô Hatsu no Chô Taiketsu
Jiraiya fights his former teacher to avenge the death of his father.
9 Sep. 1994
Saikai Uragiri no Chichi
The Kakuranger prepare to destroy the seal to prevent the Great Demon King's arrival on Earth, soon they encounter a new enemy that has a close relation to Tsuruhime.
16 Sep. 1994
31 Mita ka!! Shin Shôgun
Tsuruhime tries to figure out why her father is suddenly working with the Yokai as Junior decides to attack Sandayuu seeing him as connected with Hakumenrou in secret.
23 Sep. 1994
Namen na Kao Dorobô
A Yokai is stealing people's faces and is up to Saizo to protect a girl who wants her face removed so she can get a manga face.
30 Sep. 1994
Amanojaku Mura
Sasuke's cousin asks the Kakuranger for help to restore his village back to normal after having released by accident a Yokai that makes people to be deceitful to one another.
7 Oct. 1994
Hanayome Suna Jigoku!!
A female Yokai is transforming all food into sand to impress the Great Demon King and convince him to marry her.
14 Oct. 1994
Oshioki San Shisutâzu
Tsuruhime along with two of her friends try to save their sister and a school being used by a Yokai to turn the children against humanity.
21 Oct. 1994
Abarenbô Ninja!!
When the disciple of the Three God Generals returns to Earth after a thousand years in exile, both the Kakuranger and the Yokai try to reach him first even as he's discovered by two curious children.
28 Oct. 1994
Karakasa Dansu Joô
Sasuke and Tsuruhime must come to the rescue of several children and the other Kakuranger when they become captured by a dancing Yokai hoping to use them to entertain Daimaou's birthday party.
4 Nov. 1994
Mô! Iya na Ushi
Jiraiya must deal with both a cow Yokai causing havoc as well as Ninjaman's continued bungling of dealing with the Yokai menace despite his better intentions.
11 Nov. 1994
Tokubetsu Hen Da yô!!
The Announcer returns with behind-the-scenes coverage of the Kakuranger as they take on a Yokai claiming to be invincible.
18 Nov. 1994
Heisei Kitsune Kassen
Tsuruhime helps a girl rescue her brother when he becomes abducted by a fox Yokai using children as hostages to make money off of.
25 Nov. 1994
Hagure Gôsuto
Seikai's recruitment of trying to teach a cowardly boy courage is hindered when a Yokai unexpectedly summons the boy's grandfather.
2 Dec. 1994
Gôdatsu Ninja Pawâ
Daimaou releases a powerful clone as part of a plan to capture Ninjaman and use him as the key to take down the Three God Generals.
19 Dec. 1994
Sanshinshô Saigo no Hi
As the God Generals continue to face relentless assault from Daradara, they force the Kakuranger to track down Hakumenrou in hopes of using him to figure out the means to stop Daimaou's doppelganger.
16 Dec. 1994
Kizu Darake Dai Gyakuten
As the God Generals are forced to fight a Daradara further empowered by his teammates, Sasuke must uncover the truth regarding Daimaou's ultimate weapon and how to defeat it and save his squad.
23 Dec. 1994
Awatenbô Santa
The Kakuranger accidentally discover from a trainee Santa Claus a scheme by a Yokai to ruin Christmas by way of mind-controlling centipedes.
6 Jan. 1995
Shinshun Manga Jigoku
The Kakuranger become trapped in the manga created by a Yokai to be read by a boy which may cause their doom within the fictional work.
13 Jan. 1995
Ningen Hanabi Hyaku Renpatsu
Sasuke must save a celebrated fireworks maker when he and his granddaughter are abducted by a Yokai to create special "human fireworks" meant to celebrate Daimaou.
20 Jan. 1995
Ôyuki Onna no Yukigassen
Jiraiya decides to save the overworking officer father of two children after he's abducted by a Yokai in a plan to create the ultimate blizzard.
27 Jan. 1995
Totsuzen!! Binbô
The Kakuranger must help a family affected by a poverty-inducing Yokai, which is made worse when they also become affected by it's poverty-making powers.
3 Feb. 1995
Tokusen!! Yôkai no Yado
Daimaou sets out his siblings to fight the kakurangers in order to starts his Endgame!