Aladdin and the Return of Jafar (Video 1994) Poster

Gilbert Gottfried: Iago



  • Iago : [relaxing on a large cushion]  Oh, yeah. Being one of the good guys has his advantages. Ahh, advisor to Aladdin, the new grand vizier. And when Aladdin becomes Sultan, that will make me the grand vizier! Only I'm not gonna blow it like that idiot Jafar!

    [he eats a cluster of grapes in one ago and then tosses the stem away] 

    Iago : [talking with his mouth full]  I'll never have to stand in his shadow again.

    [the lights go out, a spotlight switches on over Iago and Jafar appears out of the darkness] 

    Iago : [startled]  Awk! Jafar!

    [Jafar steps forwards] 

    Iago : [nervously]  Buddy?

  • Iago : The street rat is living in the palace now? Aah! That does it! All reports are in! Life is now officially unfair!

  • Iago : I've got sand in places I didn't even know I had!

    Jafar : [heard from inside his lamp]  Spare me your prattling, Iago. Are we out yet?

    Iago : [mimcking Jafar]  'Are we out yet? Are we out yet?' Yes, we're out!

  • [Princess Jasmine is crying in her royal chamber] 

    Iago : [at the window]  Come on, princess! Don't waist your tears on him.

    Princess Jasmine : You! Get out of here!

    [swipes the curtain in front of Iago] 

    Iago : Hey! don't take it out on me! He's the creep. I never should have saved his life.

    [Iago awaits Jasmine's response] 

    Princess Jasmine : [turns around and opens the curtains]  Saved his life?

    Iago : [flies in]  Yeah. He owed me one. That's why he stood up for me.

    Princess Jasmine : But he didn't have to lie to me.

    [sits down and folds her arms] 

    Iago : You are so right.

  • [after Princess Jasmine has said that she is also going to see the world] 

    Iago : [flying around]  Crazy talk! Why do I keep getting hooked up with these *warped people*?

    [the camera pans out from the palace] 

    Iago : [sweetly]  Shouldn't somebody ask what the *brave parrot* wants to do?

  • Princess Jasmine : [to Iago]  How could you double cross Aladdin after all he's done for you?

    Abu the Monkey : [chatters angrily] 

    Iago : Hey! Do I insult your mother?

    Abu the Monkey : [Abu stops and gives Iago a dirty look] 

  • Jafar : [bellows at first, then softens down]  YOU WILL NOW RELEASE ME! So that I may have my revenge.

    Iago : [pulling himself loose from the sand, then shaking himself off]  Yeah, yeah, when I'm good and ready.

    Jafar : [impatient]  Do as I say, you worthless pipsqueak!

    Iago : You know something? You're nothing without me.

    Jafar : WHAT?

    Iago : Who comes up with all the good ideas? Me! Who does all the work? ME!

  • Blue Genie : [impersonating Jiminy Cricket from "Pinocchio"]  Just let your conscience be your guide.

    Iago : Conscience? Never had one! Never.

  • Jafar : [to Aladdin]  You shall never have my lamp, and there is no one to save you this time!

    Iago : [swooping down, shouting]  Hey Jafar! SHUT UUUUP!

  • Aladdin 'Al' : Sultan, I have to tell you something about Iago.

    Iago : [tickles Rajah's nose with one of his feathers] 

    Rajah : [sneezes Iago out in front of Sultan] 

    Aladdin 'Al' : [gulps nervously]  He's here.

  • Iago : [smearing dirt all over himself]  I'll just get Aladdin on my side with a little sympathy act. And I'll be back in the palace again quicker than you can say "Easy Street."

    [Aladdin turns corner to find Iago panting for breath] 

    Iago : [weakly ]  Finally... got free... of Jafar.


    Aladdin 'Al' : [angrily]  Iago! What are you doing here?

    Iago : [weakly]  Where are you? Getting dark... hold me...

    [Aladdin fiercely grabs at him] 

    Iago : [screams]  Hey! I meant gentle-like!

  • Iago : Reality check. Jafar is large and in charge!

  • Princess Jasmine : Rajah! You know better than to tear around the palace like that!

    Iago : [opens up Rajah's mouth]  Help!

    [Aladdin closes Rajah's mouth to hide Iago from Jasmine and Sultan] 

    Iago : Hey!

    The Sultan of Agrabah : So, Aladdin why did you bring up that deceitful parrot?

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