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One husband too many.......
merklekranz1 April 2008
Low budget twisty noir with a good cast. Eric Roberts is his usual charming, psycho self. John Litgow plays the sympathetic duped husband, while Madchen Amick plays both husbands against each other. All is not as it seems, and there are at least a bunch of double crosses and back stabbings along the way to an intricate bank robbery. Part inside job, part outside job, the amoral characters try to outsmart each other, as the story twirls toward the unexpected conclusion. "Love, Cheat,& Steal" isn't going to make anyone's top 100 list, but for what it is, it succeeds nicely. If you enjoy fast moving films with quirky dialog, give this one a try. - MERK
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A sexy thriller! A must see!
WhiteTigerPat25 July 2001
This movie is really GREAT. A strong plot and the acting is pretty good by of course Eric Roberts and John Lighgow and the sexy Matchen Amick. It's a twisted plot from the beginning but Eric Roberts is a escaped con that just broke out of prison and wants to find his sexy ex-girlfriend and the money that she has gotten from her very weathly older husband John Lighgow. The story is bizzare but a good story and I recommend it highly. A must see for any Eric Roberts fan. Out of 4 stars I give it a 3 1/2 stars. Buy it or it's a great rent!
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where's the DVD?
johnlithgowlover20089 August 2005
I loved this movie. they should release it on DVD. it is great. I have it on VHS and I watch it always when I have time. I can't wait for it to be released. (if it ever does.) I mean I could watch John Lithgow all day. And this is one of the best films I have ever seen him in. I love every part of this movie. And they should also put it out on PSP. That would be cool.

The casting is great and so is the movie. It was well put together by the director and awesomely acted by the actors.

Out of 10 stars I give it 10. I highly recommend this movie. (well to adults not little kids.)
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Great Movie,Great Cast
tonynofear-121 July 2004
If you like dark, film noir style revenge thrillers with a twist in the tale, then you will love this gem of a movie. Love, Cheat and Steal stars Madchen Amick, who adds a touch of class to any movie she appears in just oozes sex appeal and is always good to watch, and Eric Roberts, at his smouldering best here, both turn in fine performances. The supporting cast, including John Lithgow who is also always great to watch, Richard Edson, Donald Moffat, David Ackroyd, and Dan O'Herlihy all do well. So if you come across this movie on cable or at the video store give it a chance, you will see a lot worse films than this. Out of 5***** I give Love, Cheat and Steal 4**** This movie is also long over-due a DVD release.
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hard-boiled erotic crime thriller lacks tension
SnoopyStyle6 May 2015
Reno Adams (Eric Roberts) escapes from prison with his cellmate Billy Quayle (Richard Edson). He's tracking down his wife Lauren (Mädchen Amick) who set him up to go to prison for 7 years. She is now married to successful banker Paul Harrington (John Lithgow). Paul doesn't know of her past and Reno claims to be her brother. Meanwhile Paul discovers money laundering in his bank. Reno steals Paul's safe and Lauren blames it on kids.

This is trying hard to be a hard-boiled erotic crime thriller. The problem is that writer/director William Curran doesn't have the skills to pull it off. It's like he watched too many old movies and decided to put every cliché into this movie. There is no rooting interest in any of the characters. The movie doesn't take a break from the style. The production looks like a late night TV movie. The best thing is the great cast of actors. They put the material to work but the movie just lacks tension.
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You guys who rate this movie highly - You're being ironic... aren't you?
imprator16 January 2006
This has the look, feel and dialogue of a cheap made-for-video "thriller". It's bad.

Everything about this movie is poor. The acting is wooden and the script is worse. Even the score is low-rent. It's just cheap. It looks and sounds as though they had about $2.50 to spend, and they blew that on paying the local delivery boy to write the script.

Honestly, this looks like one of those "erotic thrillers" that are churned out by the dozen - the ones designed to appeal to those who really want to watch full-on porn, but can't admit it to themselves, so they watch soft-porn "thrillers" instead. This movie won't even satisfy that undemanding crowd, though - there isn't nearly enough nudity and sex.

There really is very little to say about this production that is positive. The only saving grace is that the twists at the end of the tale are interesting. It's just a pity that the whole enterprise is so poor, and the build-up to the climax equally so, that the impact of the ending is mostly lost.

If this film had been done properly - with a decent-sized cast, more locations, a well-written script, good direction and production - it could have been good. As it stands, it is just a waste of time.

The people posting positive comments must have an agenda. I don't know what that might be - perhaps they are John Lithgow fans, or they fancy the female lead, or maybe they just enjoy the idea of wasting other people's time by recommending rubbish. Whatever, I suggest that everyone reading this should look elsewhere for entertainment; you won't find it here.

I have given this movie three stars, and if anything that is too high. It only rates that much because of the ending - but I suspect that most people will have lost interest long before they reach that point.

Definitely a movie to avoid.

Rating - 3/10
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No, No, No!
sam_321 August 2003
Oh, please. Spent one boring afternoon with this one. The plot is just a bit more than a Tom_&_Jerry_run'n_chase comic, ah yes, with some mild nudity, which makes the flick 'not for kids'. So who's gonna see this? So impossible to engage oneself to the story. Keep away from this. With a bit more of 'hardcore' element and dirty adult scenes, this just might have made it as a porn flick.
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A must see film!
serop20 February 2003
Loved this film. The best part about it was the performance by Kenneth M. Quinn who played a small, but memorable cameo as the F.B.I. Man. Riveting performance, and also one very cool, sexy actor. A must see film if you haven't done so already.
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