Even Cowgirls Get the Blues (1993) Poster

Rain Phoenix: Bonanza Jellybean



  • Sissy Hankshaw : They're drugged?

    Bonanza Jellybean : Oh, come off it, Sissy. What do you mean, drugged? Every living thing has a chemical composition, and anything that is added to it changes that composition. If you eat a cheeseburger or a Three Musketeers bar, it changes your body chemistry. The kind of food you eat, the kind of air you breathe, can change your mental state. Does that mean you're drugged?

  • Bonanza Jellybean : Did you know that cowgirls have been around for many centuries? Long before America. In ancient India, the care of cattle was always left up to these young women they called "gopis." Now being alone with the cows all the time, these gopis got awfully horny, just like we do here. Each gopi was in love with Krishna, a good lookin' hunk of a god, who played the flute like it was going out of style. And when the moon was full, this Krishna would play his flute by the river and call the gopis to him. Then he would multiply himself 16,000 times one for each gopi and make love to each one the way she most desired. There they were 16,000 gopis balling Krishna on the riverbank and the energy of their merging was so great, that it created a huge oneness, a total union of love, and it was God.

  • Bonanza Jellybean : Did you know chickens are the easiest critters on earth to hypnotize? You just twirl a chicken in the air 20 times, it's yours forever.

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