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Favorite Movie of All Time!!!!!!!
gaboi200419 March 2007
I been looking for this film since it came out 12+ years ago on HBO or some movie network...I remembered the name had child and eyes ..but didn't know the name was Blood Brothers intill last night when i seen it on TVone..I was so excited. You just don't know how long I been loooking for this movie. Im so glad I found it and will definitely have to find and get this movie added to my movie collection. I loved it! I guess the reason I enjoyed this movie so much is because I related to the child in the movie and knew people in my hood that was similar to "Puppet" and "Sly" in my hood at that time. Im so stoked that I got the chance to see this movie. My all time favorite movie of all time. Acting was superior and plot was so "1993". If you grew up in the 90's especially in the inner city and you was exposed too a lot..This movies is for you..guaranteed!!!!!!!!!!!
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Surprisingly good!
slim-3024 September 1999
An excellent cast makes this a surprisingly good low-budget film. I first saw this film on cable, and believe it is an underrated (and underviewed!) movie. Rent this one, if you can find it. Special highlight is Korf's acting.
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Great acting, especially Mia Korf and Bill Nunn
jonahwebster6 October 2000
This was a made-for-TV movie that I saw when it first came out on a cable channel (was it USA?). In any case, it has some really dandy acting by Mia Korf (if you missed the TV series "Players" where she was the FBI control for three "released to the FBI convicts" who do stings on other crooks, you really missed something - I hear the series didn't get picked up for a second season since it was a very high budget show, with lots of stuff getting blown up weekly). Bill Nunn also does a fine job in this one. I couldn't find the video in my local TV rental places, so either buy it or wait for the occasional TV reruns, where the title was "Silent Witness: What a Child Saw". (There's another movie called "Silent Witness" which is not the same thing.)
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