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8 Dec. 1995
An Innocent Murder
Teenager Ashley York murders her sick father Arthur by fixing his Deprosine pills to an overdose. Mark doesn't believe it's suicide, there's no note, absolutely no fingerprints and he set the coffee machine timer for after his death; Jesse concurs his intake of other medicines makes no sense for a suicide. Amanda shows Jesse a postcard: his predecessor Jack Stewart has set up a fancy private practice after his residency in Community General. Then Ashley, who overheard the Sloans, 'finds' a note, but computer-printed, and as Mark soon proves posthumously, murder. ...
15 Dec. 1995
Witness to Murder
A forest ranger finds little Blair at night in a home-trailer on protected, rarely patrolled land, holding the gun that killed her father Daryl Worrell. She's in traumatic shock, probably abused, but was she just witness or killer? Mark takes her home to spoil her and win her confidence in safety. When Jesse and Amanda check out the Worrell home-trailer, a dashing-off car nearly runs them over, licensed to Daryl's regular visitor McPherson. X-rays confirm Blair was abused and a confidence-building one of teddy reveals he holds the key to a storage place, full of ...
22 Dec. 1995
All American Murder
While his blind beach-house neighbor Leo Pepper sees Vicki Fox just as a foxy jogger, Mark notices she seems to feel unsafe. Shortly after, Vicki makes an appointment to talk to Mark, but never shows up. The next morning she's found dead on the beach, Jesse -who has trouble storing his own surfboard without Norman reprimanding him- remarks the water was too flat for her head wound to be from a surfing accident. Eventually the autopsy confirms she didn't drown at all and that a flat rock was the murder weapon. But the autopsy also reveals that Vicki was hiding a ...
29 Dec. 1995
Murder in the Courthouse
While Mark is on jury duty -slacking according to Norman, as doctors can excuse themselves-, defending reasonable doubt in the murder case against mobster Yuri Andropovich after crucial evidence was declared inadmissible, which causes his third acquittal, D.A. Patricia Purcell smuggles a bomb into the courthouse's subterranean parking via vacant judge's chambers past bailiff Billy Randolph and hides it in a car, staging a break-in; the explosion kills Yuri as he leaves. Steve looks for the bomb-builder in Koreatown; although forbidden to, Jessie takes Amanda there. ...
5 Jan. 1996
Murder on the Run: Part 1
George Edward Karn is arrested, having been seen looking over the banister of the 10 story gym roof his wife Margie (they'd been separated, but not considering divorce at the time of her death) was pushed off by a masked man. He's wrongly convicted, and sentenced to 30 years in maximum security. During a bad car accident on the way to prison, George is brought to the Community General ER, and manages to steal a gun, escaping with Mark as his hostage. George is in bad shape, cracked ribs and possible internal bleeding. Jessie tails them in his VW, and ends up doing ...
12 Jan. 1996
Murder on the Run: Part 2
Steve rescues Mark and tells Delaney that George Karn jumped out miles back, then shows Jessie the car he hid the runaway in and brings him home to the beach house, practically under Steve's nose, but he has to sneak him incognito back into the hospital and later to Jesse's flat. Now the sleuths examine George's theory his wife Margie was possibly murdered because of her lawsuit against the nasty dealings of video producer King Bridger. Jessie joins to investigate the murder scene gym club, where Bridger enlisted Wendy Sawyer to make an alternative video to Margie's. ...
19 Jan. 1996
Love Is Murder
While Norman tries to strong-arm Mark and Jessie into attending a fund raiser, Steve deals with his new girlfriend, who just might be responsible for a series of cop killings.
26 Jan. 1996
Misdiagnosis Murder
Jesse encounters a man in the parking garage who's in cardiac arrest. After he runs off for help, he returns to find a different man, and no one will believe Jesse's story. Meanwhile, Norman has to work with an attractive donor.
9 Feb. 1996
The Pressure to Murder
After watching him play rugby, Amanda sees intern Troy Sommers crash to his death with his motorbike from a cliff after a few head-nods- it was hypoglycemic shock from a dozens Triptezine tablets in his healthy sports drink. Norman and hospital staff in general worry because Community General has a computer virus. A painful rugby undercover teaches Jesse that Troy had eager rivals among interns, not just in rugby and for a girl but for a really hard to get heart surgery resident-ship at St. Victor's hospital, including ball-bully Billy Marco: its famous chief Dr. ...
16 Feb. 1996
Living on the Streets Can Be Murder
A homeless woman's corpse is found in the streets, but her liver was removed while she was still alive, as required for safe organ transplants. Her unusually well balanced diet allows tracing her to a shelter where homeless Walter Mason identifies her as his widowed friend Patsy. After another fatal 'organ-donation', Mark plays the part of a healthy homeless man. The sleuths find that the free clinic which examines the homeless in that area, run by Cheryl Dante and Tom Winston, is linked to Howard Mitchell's foundation's Beverly Hills private practice, where organs ...
23 Feb. 1996
Murder Murder
At a party where he gave his younger wife Jennifer a black Viper sports car, Bill Stratton is called away to the office; someone else is there, waiting with to kill him. At Bill's cremation, Steve remarks that street thug Stan Macky, who had 'moved up' to sweat-shops with illegal immigrants, is there along with Lenore, the angrily estranged daughter from Bill's first marriage. Shady Alan Helms, in debt and a nasty divorce, said he was only one of many business friends who were cut off by Bill after his marriage to Jennifer, who claims Helms recently came ask for ...
8 Mar. 1996
Murder in the Dark
Dr. Claire Hartman is extremely hostile towards a friend of Mark's, specialist Dr. John Foster, whom her rich patient Baker had flown over to personally perform the abdominal aortic surgery he invented. Alas Mark finds John's bad divorce got him drinking excessively, compromising his surgical reliability, so Claire throws him out of the OR, he threatens her in vain, witnessed by other residents. She's found murdered the next morning, Steve arrests John who claims innocence and a black-out. His lawyer Richard Baylor makes John sign up for the Community General's ...
29 Mar. 1996
35 Millimeter Murder
Mark's fishing-trip photos have been mixed-up at the developer's with Vic Slovak's paparazzo pics. The photos include a crucial shot of a girl kidnapped via limo at gunpoint by a known ex-cop. Vic proves hard to shake, but he's both crafty and helpful, as his knowledge of digital-enhancement help Mark discover he whereabouts via her medical bracelet. They find her just in time to save her from assassination, which they trace to mobster Eddie Alcala, however Alcala is killed during his arrest. More digital-enhancement, and a secret file Steve pulled explain why. ...
5 Apr. 1996
The Murder Trade
Community General is at odds as money-minded Marsha McArthur threatens to cut costs by cutting short the careers of older MD's, starting with Dr. Sloane. When she ends up dead, Dr. Sloane is the prime suspect.
12 Apr. 1996
Mind Over Murder
Attractive Kristie Lofton wounds her head falling on a video recorder and tells Jesse in ER she had a psychic vision of the murder of investment broker Nick Holloway, who planned a take-over of her boss Craig Wohlman's TV infomercials program, Psychic Buddies. For a dinner Jesse promises her Steve will investigate, but Nick just left on a two weeks Yellowstone camping trip in good health and spirit. Kristie has another vision about another show guest and an umbrella, Mark who told Jesse she may be honest helps them find the site outside the studio; there she has a ...
19 Apr. 1996
Murder by the Book
At a L.A. book signing for "Munchies, Snacks and Spreads", which Mark mistakes for a cookbook, but is actually a spicy true sex-for-money story which names real people, someone writes a death threat in the copy Mark picks up to have signed by former neighborhood kid Melissa Farnes, one of the three co-authors with call girls Shauna Teague and Carrie. Their pushy agent Janet Block refuses to call off the 21 city book signing tour, as the extra publicity makes the book a bestseller. Melissa asks to talk to Mark; Jesse, who knew what he wanted signed (none of the 86 ...
26 Apr. 1996
While Mark is the cooking guest that week in her daily healthy housekeeping show, TV host Kitti Lynn Hastings uses a 26 minutes break for commercials and music to sabotage the wiring in in-your-face radio presenter Carl Burke's bathroom, so he electrocutes himself stepping out of his shower. Mark soon guesses she did it, but has a hard time figuring out how precisely and why exactly, as she had accepted to appear -as target- in his show. Meanwhile Jesse's rotation at plastic surgery makes him suggest to Norman to solve his midlife looks-depression under Jesse's ...
3 May 1996
Left-Handed Murder
Just when Jesse takes a now unamused girlfriend sailing, the harbor master brings in a shark that swallowed an arm of rich stock broker Preston Michaels, presumably having fallen overboard, plausibly drunk; but the autopsy soon finds he was fatally poisoned with digitalis, which also killed the shark with a heart attack from the poisoned arm. Curious Mark condoles respectable widow Bea and learns from lawyer Raymond Bergman that he is named executor of the estate. Preston on a posthumous video admits he was a bigamist, having two younger wives in other states, fitness...

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