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12 Oct. 2000
Death by Design
Kendra Masterson commits a series of elaborately planned crimes, using her lover Jake Myers as muscle. She later kills Myers, whose corpse she ships to Egypt in a sarcophagus crate. She then frames another lover, millionaire Roger Andrews, for the murder of his wife, Lana. Before Andrews's arrest, Masterson scams half a million dollars out of him to care for her nonexistent "insane brother". The Sloanes must figure out all of this as well as investigating a staged fatal car accident which Masterson orchestrated in order to switch identities with a psychiatric patient ...
19 Oct. 2000
Blind Man's Bluff
When Dave Caine tells Laura he wants a divorce after her job paid for seven years of his medical training, she causes a car crash after which she gets declared blind, possibly forever. He agrees to stay to care for her, at least till the final diagnosis. David's thus cut-off lover Julie Warren is desperate to get him to marry her. Shortly after Laura gets a very efficient new aid, Mark finds David shot dead in the bathroom. Julie declares her gun was stolen without her realizing it and Steve books her as the only suspect. However Jesse, her friend, convinces Mark to ...
26 Oct. 2000
Mark is having a hard time preparing for a magic show for the child patients. He first misplaces the key to the chest he locked Steve in, then he learns janitor Jim Briggs, an amateur magician himself, was killed surfing; his estranged married twin brother Jeff turns up just then. Mark soon suspects from various details it might just be that Jim killed his brother to take his place, which sister-in-law Dina laughs away and suggests to Steve to take fingerprints, and then tells Jim she knew since the first day and was glad to be rid of Jeff. According to Jeff's will it...
2 Nov. 2000
By Reason of Insanity
A bum is brought into Community General. Mark recognizes him as his former student George Lawson, once a brilliant medical mind, now a mental mess, who raves on about what sounds like Father Seton, but his whole speech is riddled in some gibberish. Lawson is found again on the beach near the site of the murder on Richard Fielding and is arrested, but even his degree of schizophrenic paranoia and dysfunctional state do not constitute legal insanity. Jesse has a go at Lawson's slang-type associations. Ethan Foster, the widow Cynthia Fielding's lover, is told by his wife...
9 Nov. 2000
The Patient Detective
Steve is rushed to hospital; Jesse saves him, but while still partly under anesthesia he believes he sees a murder by a doctor with a knife, or rather injecting him with a lethal syringe. One patient deceased around that time, Edgar Wellers, had quarreled with his wife Ashley, who inherits his fortune and is a retired nurse with a hospital pass and has him cremated too soon for a thorough second autopsy. Jesse has invested 'a truckload' in the pharmaceutical company which develops the promising cancer drug Lexomite, on the advice of a company saleswoman he dates, but ...
16 Nov. 2000
The Cradle Will Rock
Derek Bradshaw, husband of Community General's ER nurse (Stacy), is fatally shot while hunting, but it was no accident. Ray Santucci, a problem teenager doing community service at the hospital, is then arrested. Mark and Steve believe Ray and Stacy are lying about not knowing each other, and soon figure out they are lovers. Ray is too protective to divulge her story about being physical abuse, inciting him to commit the murder. How can they get the truth out before the diabolically misled kid is jailed for life while the murderous wife goes free? Jesse discovers she ...
30 Nov. 2000
Hot House
A "Survivor"-type reality show on which one of Dr. Sloan's med students (Alex Smith) hopes to win $35,000 to pay for student loans. When an obnoxious contestant named Larry dies of an overdose of antidepressant, it is assumed to be a accident or suicide. Steve doesn't accept that, and Dr. Sloan becomes a replacement contestant. Hidden diamonds found in the heel of Larry's shoe and a draft of air observed on a tape of that night provide Dr. Sloan with an insight. He carries out a reenactment, leaving freckles on the murderer's face, demonstrating how an unobserved/...
7 Dec. 2000
All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Die
Where else would two fashion designers hold their wedding but on their catwalk? The groom (Stanley Bomgarden), partner at Mirage Fashions with his bride Tammy, crushes what turns out to be a bomb in a silk bag at the end of their Jewish wedding. Model Nadja Rose is brought to the same hospital, from an overdose of Ecstasy which Stanley had provided, but is saved by Jesse; her father is the reputed Russian druglord "Mike the Mechanic" Rodzinski. Stanley dies, and Steve sees Mike with an explosives expert who is then blown up on his own boat. After two confessions, Dr. ...
4 Jan. 2001
Father Dominic, the only priest on duty one night at the monastery where Amanda is on retreat, is first approached by a woman and then by Leonard Wilson, the grounds-keeper, who insists on having his confession heard immediately--a murder that night! Steve finds Father Dominic bending over the corpse of Matthew Scarborough, but he cannot reveal what he heard under the seal of confession. Monsignor D'Amico, a longtime friend of the Sloans, asks Dr. Mark to find the real killer. He goes to the monastery as a handyman and learns Father Dominic was a childhood friend of ...
11 Jan. 2001
Playing God
No whodunit here. We see Hunter Kaskov, a genius med student, playing a dangerous game with friends: "flat-lining," testing how long one can be clinically dead before revival becomes impossible. To his girlfriend Jenny Slater's horror, he decides to 'seize their only chance to see how taking a life feels' by not reviving workaholic colleague Max Ketterson, slipping the blood-drained corpse into the pathology lab. That's not enough for Hunter; he plants false clues for the police, just for the kick of nearly getting caught--or will he be fatally outwitted by Mark?
18 Jan. 2001
Less Than Zero
When anorexic actress Thalia Roselawn (who wears a size "less than zero") faints on the TV set of "Med Squad," Amanda admits her, but Dr. Sloan is unable to save her life. Her nutritionist Hank Sheldrake's diet is blamed at first, but a Chinese herb in her teabag is found to be the cause. Steve begins to date a 'pleasingly plump' food reviewer who has recently come to accept her body type. Dr. Sheldrake is arrested, but Jesse is convinced it could be Sheldrake's wife or Thalia's younger sister. The Sloans' investigation must catch the correct culprit.
2 Feb. 2001
Sins of the Father: Part 1
When a sniper kills a patient during her consultation with Mark Sloane, isn't he a more likely target? Her sister Carrie identifies her as Julie Langford Adams, whose grandfather Joseph Langford was the last case for Mark's dad Det. Jimmy Sloan, who walked out on his family when Mark was 10, and was never heard from again. Julie was convinced that Joseph was wrongly executed for the murder of his wife. Richard Aikins, the sniper rushed to the ER, is diagnosed by Jesse with terminal meningitis and recognized by a nurse as the "doctor" who burst through the lab heading ...
9 Feb. 2001
Sins of the Father: Part 2
Surviving sister Carrie Langford Adams nurses beaten-up Steve at Mark's place. Mark believes Joseph was framed, that his alibi Sally Perry was bribed and then killed. Carrie learns Julie had an appointment at a tennis club although she couldn't play; Mark follows up, sees hospital board member Ted Barkley and son Elliot who are club members. A valet remembers she wasn't admitted but had a scuffle with Elliott; he claims she was unrecognizably disguised and is unknown to him. Steve's LAPD partner Detective Cheryl Brooks arrests a Premium Security (PS) "cop" after ...
16 Feb. 2001
You Bet Your Life
Compulsive gambler, Dr. Simon Hodiak the cardiologist, is addicted to gambling and out of friends to borrow from. When his loan-shark bookie Bennie Borashevesky threatens major violence, he sells his sports car, gets Alex to invite him to big stakes poker, wins $70,000, but loses it in a bar. Unable to pay up, Hodiak stabs his bookie to death. Steve investigates the poker players. Hodiak is found dead shortly afterward, apparently shooting himself; Mark doesn't buy that; Alex gets barred from the game and counseled by Dr. Sloan. Mark uses police seed money to buy into...
23 Feb. 2001
Bachelor Fathers
Grace Boyd is approached by two sinister men who threaten her and her baby Casey unless she helps them get money back from her sister Maureen. She pushes Casey into Jesse's arms, claiming it's his child; she needs him to take care of it for a while. He's sure it isn't his, but still takes care of it at the Sloanes' place. Maureen confesses she stole $106,000 from drug-dealers and sends Grace to deliver it. They aren't pleased as she actually stole $460,000; they come for it, accidentally killing Maureen. Grace and her baby are threatened again to get the money. Steve ...
2 Mar. 2001
Being of Sound Mind
Mr. Oscar Hemmings, an elderly eccentric misanthrope, dies in Community General, leaving his sizable fortune to six people, including Jesse and Amanda. His will took the form of a 'tontine' legacy; the last survivor will be the only recipient, obviously a recipe for murder, which pleased Hemmings. After a parade of loony secretary applicants, Mark hires college-graduate Ingrid Thurston at Steve's enthusiastic insistence. An explosion in the bio-lab kills med student Jerry Royce, a tontine member; Jesse's dinner date dies from a Bordeaux, found to be injected with an ...
30 Mar. 2001
Dance of Danger
While small time actor Phil Gwen dances with his unidentified blond girl he's stabbed in the back - she runs after the perpetrator. At Community General he mumbles something like Chylendra, then dies. LAPD Captain Woodruff wants Steve to take the wacky 'National Scoop' Magazine's anonymous 'first hand witness account' blaming the Earthonomy sect seriously. He brings in conspiracy theorist, Ellen Sharp, who claims to be too scared to talk and is released by the captain after retracting her claim to have seen the murder. Steve correctly suspects Gwen tipped her about ...
20 Apr. 2001
The Red's Shoes
When Amanda visits the studio where she learned ballet before med school, an extremely talented Chinese dancer drops dead on the dance floor; he was poisoned by acupuncture needles tampered with blowfish toxin, possibly meant for his colleague Changteh who was about to defect. Company leader Martin Peterson asks Amanda to join to investigate undercover. Steve hears from the acupuncturist each dancer has his own box of needles, kept by the party-appointed 'translator' Lee Moy. At the rehearsal for a benefit in the hospital, an exploding prop chest functions as ...
27 Apr. 2001
No Good Deed
Successful black defense attorney Roger Calender is brought in ER stabbed badly, and confesses having killed a man. After confirming a dog bit him badly days ago, he says it was just the drugs and perhaps a Vietnam memory. Rogers wife tells Mark he wanted a divorce without an affair, but suggests neither will find out what he wants to keep hidden for them; to him she tells she knows who he killed but will shut up is he calls off the divorce, which also allows her not to testify against him. After speaking with the physician who treated Rogers dog bite and finding snow...
4 May 2001
Deja Vous
The Sloane's are none too happy to hear the DA had to cut a deal (life instead of the death penalty), with a female murderer to ensure conviction for Frederick Wilson (she's now the prime witness against him in exchange for the deal). She's murdered on her way into the Courthouse by a female shooter in a wheelchair, who hid the gun in the arm of the chair, and then fled the scene. Meanwhile, Steve - who's convinced he's been seeing Lily, the woman who died in is arms on their second date (S.7 Ep.18), ends up meeting and dating her doppelganger Abby; it turns out she's...
4 May 2001
On the Beach
[This episode is actually titled "On the Beach"] Another ride on his mini-scooter in the hospital gets Mark- in hospital, as patient with a broken leg, but after suffering some of the boundless incompetence of nurse Sudie there, who is fired after she even completely deleted his record, he quickly moves out to his beach-house. To his horror she turns up uninvited, and Steve tells he had to hire her as private nurse to spare the hospital a lawsuit for 'agist' dismissal. She forces him to go vent his complaints about the excessively loud new neighbors; in-living ...
11 May 2001
The Blair Nurse Project
A group of film school students convince med student Alex Smith, a friend of director Craig Wilson, to give them access to Community General's old basement for a movie about a local ghost story in time for its 25th anniversary, the disappearance of nurse Blair Lawson, who had left a child behind. To their own surprise, the psychotronic 'ghost detector' and the Luminol they brought for a self-planted blood splat find an apparently real one. When they return there another day, they experience something unexpected, and one of them gets a mild electrical shock. When Dr. ...

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