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A fine movie
chrnaess14 December 1999
This was a fine film starring Powers Booth, He delivers a fine performance and is perfect for the part. Beautiful Cindy Pickett and Terry O`Quinn stars as well in this well above average film.

The movie is about Booth goes to a small town to look into a murder.

The movie has good action sequences and a good story to go with it, nice music also contributes and good performances makes this a fine entertaining movie.
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Powers Boothe as a one eyed ex preacher poker player ........
merklekranz19 January 2020
The first hint that this is a low budget affair occurs in the first five minutes, when a helicopter crashes out of sight beyond some hills. This crash sets into motion an investigation in a small New Mexico town by Boothe, as his friend was the pilot who was killed in the helicopter. Any film with Powers Boothe and M. Emmet Walsh is worth checking out, and I was pleasantly surprised by "Wild Card." In addition to the rather complex plot, the desert photography is another plus. The ending is especially interesting, as it does tie together a lot of loose ends, with a totally unexpected conclusion. Although the screenplay may initially feel too familiar, the surprise ending essentially redeems what has preceded it. .................. MERK
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