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Harrison Ford: Jack Ryan



  • Jack Ryan : I want to know where Sean Miller and Kevin O'Donnell are.

    Paddy O'Neil : [scoffs]  Let me try and understand this. You want me to sell out my fellow lrishmen to you? I don't think you understand me at all.

    Jack Ryan : Oh, l think l do.

    Paddy O'Neil : Listen! l don't give a damn what they've done. But the day l sell out my own people is the day l'll put a bullet through my head.

    Jack Ryan : So, that's it then?

    Paddy O'Neil : That's it. You know on second thought maybe I won't have a drink with you

    Jack Ryan : Fine. I'll go home.

    Paddy O'Neil : Have a nice trip.

    Jack Ryan : I'll go home and call all the news stations! Invite them into my daughter's hospital ward. Give them what they want!

    Jack Ryan : [Gets in O'Neil's face]  I don't give a shit whether you did it or not. But if you don't help me, I will put such a stranglehold on your gun money that your boys will be out in the streets throwing rocks! I will *fucking* destroy you! I will make it my mission in life!

  • Cathy Ryan : It was him wasn't it? He's never gonna leave us alone.

    Jack Ryan : He'll never get that close to us again, honey. That's why he calls in the middle of the night. It's all he can do.

    Cathy Ryan : You get him, Jack. I don't care what you have to do. Just get him.

  • Admiral Greer : Excuse me, Jack, tell me one thing in life that is absolutely for certain.

    Jack Ryan : My daughter's love.

  • Sean Miller : How's the family, Ryan? Nearly lost 'em, didn't you? It's easy to get at them. You should look after your family better, you know? Are you there?

    Jack Ryan : Yeah.

    Sean Miller : I understand your little girl's feeling better, eh? Lost her spleen though, eh? Pity, that. Make it a mighty tough on her to fight off infection, eh Jacky?

    Jack Ryan : You sick son of a bitch!

  • Robby : So, you just waded on in like John Wayne. Why'd you do it? What were you thinking, man?

    Jack Ryan : I don't know. I wasn't thinking.

    Robby : That's it? You sound like some of my students.

    Jack Ryan : It just pissed me off. I couldn't just stand there and watch him shoot those people right in front of me. It was... rage. Pure rage... Just made me mad.

    Robby : Here's hoping you never get mad at me, man.

  • [discussing satellite surveillance of the terrorist training camps in North Africa] 

    Jack Ryan : The people in those camps know probably better than we do exactly what time the satellite's going to pass overhead. And Marty... unless you authorize us to retask those satellites so we can get a look before they're overhead from the side, we are never gonna know which camp they're at.

    Marty Cantor : Jack, do you have any idea how big a deal it is to retask those satellites?

    Jack Ryan : [gives him a stern look]  Yeah!

  • [showing Marty some pictures of the woman they're after, provided by Paddy O'Neil] 

    Jack Ryan : Paddy O'Neil can sleep at night. In fact, he probably enjoys the irony. She's not Irish; she's English.

  • [about Paddy O'Neil and the pictures he provided to Jack] 

    Marty Cantor : You tell O'Neil that you're looking for a girl, he gives you the pictures of a girl. He obliges you to get you off his back. And you believe him?

    Jack Ryan : I didn't tell him I was looking for a girl, Marty.

  • Cathy Ryan : Where's Sally?

    Jack Ryan : She's in the recovery room, honey. They're watching her. We'll know in seven or eight hours.


    Jack Ryan : They had to remove her spleen. She's in pretty bad shape.

  • [discussing Cathy Ryan's pregnancy] 

    Sally Ryan : I don't have any say in this, do I?

    Jack Ryan : Sure, you do, honey. This is a family. Everybody's got a say.

    Sally Ryan : But my say's after the fact. Or am I wrong?

    Jack Ryan : Uhh... no, you're right.

    Sally Ryan : Michaela really despises her little sister.

    Jack Ryan : Yeah? Well, ready for this? It could be even worse. It could be a baby brother.

    Sally Ryan : [rolls her eyes]  Oh, no. Boys...

  • Jack Ryan : [to CIA Agent Geoffrey Watkins who turned out to be a mole, and has already been shot once]  Want me to start with the other knee?

  • Marty Cantor : They were moving him to Albany Prison in the Isle of Wight while it happened. We think he's left the country.

    Admiral Greer : Marty, excuse me. Let's deal in what we know and not what we don't. We know he's escaped. We know it happened in Kent near the Channel. If he's left the country... Jack, listening? The chances he'd come here, that he'd try, that he could come here are so remote, I have trouble even saying it.

    Jack Ryan : And yet your first instinct was to come all the way here and tell me.

  • Jack Ryan : [to the attacker]  Where's Sean Miller? Where's Sean Miller?

  • Jack Ryan : I am telling you I want back in!

  • Jack Ryan : Listen! Who are we looking for here, huh? IRA terrorists or some ultra-violent faction of the IRA, fighting the cause their way? Jimmy O'Reardon checked into a hotel with a woman with long red hair. Long red hair! This is who we should be looking for! We find her... we'll find him.

  • Jack Ryan : I'm not after your job, Marty. I'm after the man who tried to kill my family.

  • [first lines] 

    Jack Ryan : [answering machine answers]  Sorry, we can't come to the phone right now. If you leave a message, we'll get back to you as soon as we can. Thanks.

  • Jack Ryan : Down! Get down!

    Terrorist : Move in!

    Jack Ryan : Get down!

    [the car explodes] 

    Jack Ryan : Come! Get down! Keep her down!

  • Jack Ryan : What about my daughter?

    Doctor : Let's sit down for a moment.

    Jack Ryan : No, talk to me.

    Doctor : It will be a while before we know. Maybe in the morning.

  • Jack Ryan : Bring up Camp Eighteen again. Tighten on the camp here.

  • Jack Ryan : Where are you taking me, Marty?

    Marty Cantor : It's you who have taken us, Jack...

    Woman : Satellite now entering target area.

    Marty Cantor : ...Into battle.

    Woman : Enlargement Sector Four. Airborne Support approaching target area. E.T.A. Thirty five seconds.

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