Passenger 57 (1992) Poster


Ernie Lively: Chief Biggs


  • John Cutter : I'm the good guy, I'm the head of security.

    Chief Biggs : In my position what would you do? If you were me what would you do?

    John Cutter : Kill myself.

  • John Cutter : Look chief, I thought all of you ham hogging, country biscuit eating boys knew how to drive? Was it a bunch of bullshit or what?

    Chief Biggs : I haven't had a challenge like that since I was in high school!

    John Cutter : Chief, I didn't know you went to high school?

  • Chief Biggs : [Talking on the aircraft radio]  This is Chief Leonard Biggs, Lake Lucille Police Department. Now if you tell me what you want, I'll tell you what I can deliver.

    Charles Rane : I want this plane fully fueled. If I do not see a fuel truck in position and functioning in the next five minutes, you will be responsible for a great many deaths.

    Chief Biggs : I'm not fully authorized to grant any demands at this time.

    Charles Rane : I suggest you look out your window toward the plane just in front of the landing gear.

    [Biggs looks out the window and sees Forget drop the dead body of Captain Whitehurst off the plane] 

    Charles Rane : I've just executed five passengers. I will execute five more every three minutes until you find someone who is authorized to meet my demands.

    Chief Biggs : Look, I want to help but how do I know you won't kill the rest of those passengers once I get you what you want?

    Charles Rane : Get the truck near the plane. As soon as the fuel begins to flow, I will release half the passengers. You will be responsible for saving a hundred lives all by yourself.

    Chief Biggs : Look, I'll make some calls.

    Charles Rane : While you're on the phone, I will be killing another group of passengers. Let me know when I should stop.

    Chief Biggs : Now wait, wait...

    Charles Rane : Do we have an agreement?

    Chief Biggs : Fuel's on its way.

    Charles Rane : Check and mate.

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