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Albert Hall: Baines


  • Baines : The body of the sacred temple; it must be purified.

    Malcolm X : [whispering]  I will not touch the white man's poison; his drugs, his liquor, his swine, his women.

    Baines : A Muslim must be strikingly upright; an outstanding example so that those in the darkness can see the power of the light.

    Malcolm X : [whispering]  I will not commit adultery or fornication. I will not lie, cheat or steal.

  • Baines : [visiting Malcolm in the shower after getting out of Ad-Seg]  I know how you feel. Like you wanna lay down and die. I brought you something.

    [hands him a cup of water along with a matchbox] 

    Malcolm X : Yeah, well, I don't need no more favors from you.

    Baines : It's nutmeg. Put it in the water. You need something to get the monkey off your back. It's not cocaine but it'll help some.

    [Malcolm looks skeptically at him for a moment and then grabs the cup, opens the matchbox and dumps the contents into the water, stirring it] 

    Baines : Drink it slow. The stuff is strong.

    Malcolm X : [takes a drink and finds out that it is]  So what's your hype, huh?

    Baines : I can show you how to get out of prison. And it's no hype.

    Malcolm X : Yeah, well, talk, daddy-o. I'm listening.

    [taking another drink] 

    Malcolm X : Hey, this ain't bad. You got some more?

    Baines : That's the last fix I'm giving you.

    Malcolm X : So what'd you give it to me for, then, huh?

    Baines : Because you needed it. Because you couldn't hear me without it.

    Malcolm X : [snorts]  Nigger, get on outta my face.

    [walks away, back underneath the shower head] 

    Baines : I think you got more sense than any cat in this prison. Why the hell don't you use it? You can't bust out of here like they do in the movies. Because even if you get out, you're still in prison.

    Malcolm X : Yeah, you ain't lying there.

    Baines : You'll go busting your fist against a stone wall. You're not using your brain! That's what the white man wants you to do. Look at you, putting all that poison in your hair.

    Malcolm X : I think you been in prison too long, my man, because everybody on the outside conks.

    Baines : Why? Why does everybody on the outside conk?

    Malcolm X : Because they don't want to walk around with a nappy head, looking like...

    Baines : Looking like what? Like me? Like a nigger? Why don't you wanna look like what you are? What makes you ashamed of being black?

    Malcolm X : Let me tell you something. I'm not ashamed of being anything.

    [goes to turn the shower head back on to rinse his hair but Baines grabs him by the wrist] 

    Malcolm X : You better get your hands off me. I got to wash this out.

    Baines : Let it burn!

    Malcolm X : Nigger, get your hands off of me!

    Baines : [releases him]  Go on. Burn yourself. Pain yourself. Put all that poison in your hair, in your body, trying to be white!

    Malcolm X : [chuckles]  I don't wanna hear all this shit.

    [resumes his shower] 

    Baines : I thought you were smart. But you're just another one of those cats strutting down the avenue in your clown suit with all that mess on you! Looking like a monkey! The white man sees you and laughs. He laughs because he knows you ain't white!

    Malcolm X : Man, who are you?

    Baines : No, the question is, who are *you?* Well, I'll tell you. You are lost in the darkness. But Elijah Muhammad has come to bring you into the light.

    [Malcolm looks questioningly at Baines, asking "Who?"] 

    Baines : Elijah Muhammad can get you out of prison. Out of the prison of your mind.

    [drops his tone in disappointment] 

    Baines : But maybe all you want is another fix.

    [gives Malcolm one final look before walking out] 

  • Baines : A man curses because he doesn't have the words to say what's on his mind.

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