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  • In the fight at Rancho Royale, Lorna is shot by Travis, who then goes after Riggs. As Riggs and Travis chase each other through the burning construction, Murtaugh finds an ammo box containing "cop killer" bullets, which he loads in a gun and tosses to Riggs, currently pinned down by Travis' front-end loader. Riggs fires the bullets through the bucket of the loader, killing Travis. He then runs back to tend to Lorna. Although she was badly injured, it is revealed that she was wearing two bullet-proof vests, which prevented a fatal injury. As the helicopter prepares to fly them to a hospital, Riggs leans over and whispers, "I love you," into Lorna's ear. Later, as Murtaugh relaxes in the bathtub, his family enters the bathroom singing, "Happy Retirement Day" and carrying a cake with candles for every year that he was on the force. When told to blow out the candles, however, Murtaugh tells them that he's decided NOT to retire after all. Suddenly, Leo Getz bursts in to announce that he's finally sold Murtaugh's "termite-infected turkey" and needs Murtaugh's signature on the contract. When Murtaugh tells him that the house is not for sale and that he plans to live in it for another 10 years, Leo becomes irate and has to be shown out by Murtaugh's wife Trish (Darlene Love). In the final scene, Murtaugh sees daughter Rianne (Traci Wolfe) kissing Riggs goodbye as she heads off to work. As they get into their own car, Riggs and Murtaugh begin bickering about Riggs' intentions with regrds to Rianne, Riggs taking up smoking again, who's going to drive, etc., until Riggs announces that he's going to pick up Lorna from the hospital that afternoon and that things are getting serious between them. They have a dog and everything. Edit (Coming Soon)

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