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John Thaw: Fred Karno


  • Fred Karno : [on the train; remembering Charlie's early days in the theatre]  You took a tail suit out of the wardrobe, tryin' to be a gent. Trying to impress that young dancer... Hetty, wasn't that 'er name?

    Charlie Chaplin : Hetty Kelly.

    Fred Karno : Yeah, I could see in your eyes you fancied her.

    [chuckles to himself] 

    Fred Karno : Hmm. Sad.

    Charlie Chaplin : Yes, I know all about it, Fred. She got married. Sent me a lovely note. I brought it with me; it's in my baggage.

    Fred Karno : [looking worried]  Oh, Charlie, Charlie. Charlie, don't you know? Has nobody told you? She's gone. The flu epidemic after the war carried her away.

    [Charlie reels, unable to speak] 

    Fred Karno : I thought someone must have told you, must have written. Didn't nobody?

    [Charlie leaves the compartment and goes into the corridor, leaning against the wall and trying to collect himself] 

    Stan Laurel : [following him and fixing his tie]  What do we do, Charlie?

    Charlie Chaplin : [sadly]  Smile.

    [they exit the train and are immediately swarmed by a crowd of fans] 

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