Chaplin (1992) Poster


Kevin Dunn: J. Edgar Hoover


  • J. Edgar Hoover : I sometimes wonder if you people realize the responsibility you carry. To my way of thinking, motion pictures are potentially the most influential form of communication ever invented. And there's no control over them. Your message reaches everyone, everywhere.

    Mary Pickford : Message?

    J. Edgar Hoover : Of course. Mr. Chaplin here reaches millions who only have to see. And when they see a mockery being made of our immigration services, I'd call that a message.

    Charlie Chaplin : Yes, well, as you've already said, Mr. Hoover, motion pictures are for the people. Most of the people work for a living, and they don't make much money doing it. It gives them pleasure to see officialdom and the upper classes getting a kick up the backside. Always has, and it always will. And if that can change things, so much the better.

    [to Mary Pickford, in a better pronounced, less cockney voice] 

    Charlie Chaplin : Bet-ter.

    Mary Pickford : He's improving.

  • J. Edgar Hoover : We're too generous. We're too open. Now if we don't watch out, if we don't take steps now, impose some new discipline, some decency, then we're in trouble, deep trouble. And I know it's not fashionable to say this. We're celebrating, everyone thinks it's okay. But democracy carries a price tag. And I just happen to think that one of the most misguided promises we ever made was inscribed on the base of the Statue of Liberty. One that I predict will lead this country into all kinds of trouble: Give us your poor, your huddled masses... Now we have to stop this before it goes too far. Our conception of America does not include, was never meant to include, this kind of scum.

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