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Season 2

30 Jan. 1993
Jonathan and Ski are helping secure a country's national treasure, a Golden Lion when it is being lent to a museum. Later the curator is kidnapped and the kidnappers want Jonathan to steal the lion and they ask the man's daughter to help them. They just barely get it and replace it with a fake but shortly after they steal it, the one they placed in it's place is stolen. When they examine the one they got, they discover it is also a fake so they think the one who lent it, is planning some kind of scam so they try to figure out where he's keeping it. They figure it out ...
27 Mar. 1993
When Jonathan gets an activation code from someone in the CIA, he learns that he's being sent to kill someone big in the spy game. When someone tries to kill him, he chases the person down and learns that she's the daughter of the man who trained him when he was at the CIA, who was also the one who sent the activation code. It seems the man has gone rogue and the hit is just to settle a personal grudge. She wants to stop the hit so she tries to take out all the assassins; it seems that there are three others. So along with Jonathan they try to stop them.

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