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Season 1

19 Sep. 1992
Episode #1.1
Skits include a spoof of Designing Women (1986); an ad for Reebuk pump shoes; a music video for "Your Love Makes Me High" by Mariah Carey (Julie Brown); the adventures of Axl Rose and Slash's groupies; a send-up of Cops (1989) with an exterminator; a demonstration of the viewer-interactive InstaCom system; a trailer for "The Day the Pets Got Even," and the first installment of The Armed Family, which centers on a trigger-happy suburban clan.
26 Sep. 1992
Episode #1.2
Skits include spoofs of Beverly Hills, 90210 (1990) and Studs (1991); an infomercial featuring "Miracle Combing Methods" for bald men; an Armed Family birthday party; the origin of superhero "Safest Baby;" and "Psychic Chat," which features a small panel of clairvoyants who answer questions for callers.
3 Oct. 1992
Tape Cycle #3
Skits include a spoof of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit videos with mentally-challenged models; a talk show interview with nude Demi Moore; a commercial for Buddy Boy Masculine Appliances; on Armed Family, Marsha arrives with a new boyfriend; and the cast is shot with arrows.
10 Oct. 1992
Episode #1.4
Skits include a spoof of Wilson Phillips: Hold On (1990) and the group's appearance on MTV Rockumentary (1989); Midwesterner Barb takes a job at a phone sex hotline; various deformities are showcased on "Bad Plastic Surgery;" a teaser for "The Day the Pets Got Even Part 2: Cat Got My Tongue" is featured; an ad agency gets an account with the Pentagon; and the cast gets run over by a truck.
The Best of The Edge
'Best of' episode highlighting the best moments from hosts Ryan, Steve and Helgie, from this season of The Edge.

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