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9 Jan. 1998
The Last Mile
Dateline takes an in depth look at capital punishment in the United States. It follows the execution by lethal injection of Patrick Rogers who was sentence to be executed for the murder of Texas police officer David Robert. It look at how the punishment effects the murderer, his family, and the family of his victim.
17 Aug. 1998
Day of Reckoning/Deconstructing Bill/See No Evil/Power Failure/Undue Process/Starr Bucks
"Day of Reckoning" looks at President Clinton's grand jury testimony. "Deconstructing Bill" looks at the President's truthfulness. "See No Evil" looks at public opinion on the President. "Power Failure" discusses why people in power take great risks. "Undue Process" discusses how the President's grand jury differs from other grand juries. "Starr Bucks" looks at the price associated with investigating the president.
24 Aug. 1998
Affairs to Remember/A Just Cause/Sisters
"Affairs to Remember" looks at the pain of infidelity and how it could impact the president and first lady. "A Just Cause" looks at disputes over the Americans with Disabilities Act. "Sisters" profiles the conjoined Hensel sisters. Also spotlights Martin Luther King Jr. and the fourth week of August 1985.
26 Oct. 1998
Through the Looking Glass/Balance of Power
"Through the Looking Glass" looks at the growing problem of depression and self-injury in young people talking to several specialists and a survivor. "Balance of Power" interviews Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu about her desire for emancipation from her parents.
28 Aug. 1999
Tower of Terror/Animal Kingdom
"Tower of Terror" looks at the 1966 shooting at the the University of Texas by Charles Whitman and talks to survivors that terrible day. "Animal Kingdom" looks at the international crusade to save Keiko the killer whale who starred in several children's movies.
7 Jul. 2000
The Good Samaritan/Dark Victory
"The Good Samaritan" looks at the case of a doctor who attempted to help victims at a car crash and is now being prosecuting for not having the right medical license. "Dark Victory" looks at the case of a blind man who sight was restored through surgery.
23 Jun. 2002
Slaves to Fashion
A Dateline Hidden Camera Investigation follows Chris Hansen as he looks into the $650 million a year industry that supplies tons of silk products to stores across America. He takes hidden cameras into Indian factories and documents instances of child labor and worker abuse.
14 Jul. 2002
A Separate Peace
Dateline talks to Israeli and Palestinian men who attended Seeds of Peace camp as boys in 1993 and discusses their feelings then and their feelings now. It examines whether the camp which was created in an effort to foster peaceful relations between Israelis and Palestinians has accomplished its goal.
26 Jul. 2002
Coming Home/Save the Children/Firehouse: Camden
"Coming Home" talks to two brothers living in America as they are about to be reunited with their mother from Vietnam. "Save the Children" talks to an expert on child abduction prevention about how to keep your children safe. "Firehouse: Camden" visits the Camden Fire Department as the first woman in history joins the department.
30 Jul. 2002
Among the Heroes/Miner Miracle
"Among the Heroes" talks to New York Times reporter Jere Longman about the heroes of Flight 93 that crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, on 9-11. "Miner Miracle" talks to the nine Pennsylvania coal miners who were recently rescued after an accident at the Quecreek nine.
2 Aug. 2002
Trail of Terror
Dateline's Chris Hansen looks at the results of a nine month undercover investigation into how arms merchants who may have links to terrorists organizations are amassing large arsenals of weapons and may be even be gathering components for a nuclear bomb.
25 Aug. 2002
Dateline investigates how Saudi Arabia despite being the homeland of fifteen of the September 11th hijackers does not allow the United States to gather intelligence there. It talks to experts and specialists about how terrorists find haven in recruits in the Middle Eastern country.
8 Nov. 2002
The Passenger in Seat 29J
Dateline talks to the passengers and crew of American Airlines Flight 63 who overcame their fears and helped to overpower terrorist Richard Reid who had smuggled explosives on board in his shoes. One hundred ninety-seven lives were saved by their courageous teamwork, and, as luck would have it, by a puddle of rain.
14 Dec. 2003
The Capture of Saddam
"Anatomy of a Capture" offers an in depth description of the capture of Saddam Hussein. "Richard Engel" talks about reaction from Tikrit, Iraq. "Judgement Day" examines how Saddam Hussein will likely face trial for war crimes. "Condoleezza Rice" talks to the National Security Adviser about the capture. "A Soldier's Story" talks to a former Gulf War prisoner of war about his reaction to the capture. "Still Missing" looks at the on going hunt for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. "Raghida Dergham" discuss reaction to the capture in the Arab world. "The Ace of Spades"...
22 Oct. 2004
Secrets & Lies (II)
Dateline goes to Bakersfield, California, to examine how allegation of child abuse sex rings made in the summer of 1984 changed people's lives forever. It talks to several wrongfully accused parents and examines how authorities and social workers coached young children to make accusations that sent their own parent to jail.
18 Jul. 2008
Mystery of the Murdered Millionaire
A millionaire's wife runs off with an electrician, who runs through some of the couple's fortune. When the millionaire winds up dead, guess who the prime suspect is?

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