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  • Bottom is a British sitcom created by and starring Adrian Edmondson and the late Rik Mayall which ran from 1991 - 1995 and follows the misadventures of flatmates and losers Richard Richard and Eddie Hitler. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • In the show Richie and Eddie and other characters commit crimes. In Series 1 - Eddie has made an illegal connection to their neighbour Mr. Rottweiler's gas supply and they break into Mr. Rottweiler's flat to disconnect the illegal connect. Eddie schemes to steal Richie's money, which he inherited from his Aunty Olga. Their landlord Mr. Harrison's shop gets looted. In Series 2 - Richie and Eddie's flat gets burgled and Richie and Eddie discovers one of the burglar's loot and scheme to use it get rich and spike the burglar's tea with pigeon poison to kill him. Spudgun and Dave Hedgehog are arrested for borrowing Mrs. Potato's handbag. Richie and Eddie steal a one-legged Falklands war veteran and sale it to a pawnbroker for cash so they can make a bet on a horse race, unaware they've been conned by Dick the Barman and Tight-Mouthed Larry and they attack the Chief Inspector in the pub toilet, so they can mug him. Mr. Tent flashes his genitals at Richie and Eddie in public, whilst they are camping in Wimbledon Common and in Series 3, Richie and Eddie attack people with a cattleprod so they can steal their cash by posing as trick-or-treaters, which they attack 3 kids dressed up as devils, whom also steal from others. Eddie illegally forges money and Richie and Eddie get into trouble with Cockney crime boss and local counterfeiter Skullcrusher Henderson. Richie and Eddie steal Cannonball Taffy O'Jone's car and his honeymoney tickets and cons the hotel staff by posing as Cannonball and his bride and Richie and Eddie other characters take part in an annual parade and go looting, which Eddie steals a rubber duck, a police baton, video cassette players and 146 crates of Malibu, which is later burgled from their flat and Richie steals a BBC camera and Richie and Eddie blackmails the Prime Minister, when a dirty video of the Prime Minister comes into their possession. Edit (Coming Soon)


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  • In the final episode, the series 3 finale Carnival, Eddie finally finishes setting up the video player which took him a year and they check the video in the stolen BBC camera to see if the video is blank. However, the video contains footage of The Prime Minister having sex with two women and Richie and Eddie decide to blackmail the Prime Minister. After they call the Prime Minister which both Richie and Eddie accidentally tell the Prime Minister their names, the anti-terrorism squad surrounds the flat and demands they hand over the videotape. Eddie throws the video player out of the window and the anti-terrorism squad enters the lounge and they shoot and kill Richie and Eddie. Edit (Coming Soon)

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