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Superb Series
harry-7620 February 2004
This is one of television's most successful documentary series. In program after program "American Justice" presents informative, fascinating, and beautifully scripted and edited histories.

A case in point is 2003's "The Witness and the Hitman," which relates the moving story of an ordinary witness (Bob Lowe) to a neighborhood murder (of Billy Logan) by a high ranking Chicago mob hitman (Harry Alleman).

While the case has many twists and turns, its focus is on Lowe's plight as he enters a makeshift witness protection program and the consequences of Lowe's trying to do the right thing under the law.

The series is dead-on in its honesty, clearly presenting the facts, which allow the viewer to arrive at his/her own conclusions. What's so remarkable is that the series never seems to drop in its level of excellence. Truly, this is American justice in action.

Bill Kurtis is the charismatic narrator, Stefanie Wetzel the 2002 writer-producer, Adam Zoll the copy editor, and Bob Colton, composer of original score.

Tower Productions, Inc. takes credit as the production company for the series, which is shown on Arts & Entertainment Network.
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The Inspiration for Law and Order
Sylviastel26 June 2002
American Justice is perhaps one of the finest hours of American television on the arts & entertainment network. It is well-researched and fascinatingly put together to give one of the best hours. It is informative and condensed to one or two hours. There are terrific episodes featured about real criminal cases like O.J. Simpson, Menendez Brothers, and others to name a few. I found it to be one of the most captivating shows on television to watch repeatedly and continuously over the years. Maybe I just like Bill Kurtis because he always provides us with information and an explanation on how a crime is solved or the tribulations of trials and investigations. There are lots of stories about real people. This show probably inspired Law and Order but why watch fiction, when you can watch the real thing on Arts and Entertainment. They don't dumb it down for the audience. They educate and inform.
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Who Whacked Zack? - episode 236
ccthemovieman-111 August 2008
Warning: Spoilers
This is consistently-entertaining true-life crime story, with an hour devoted to the crime. Is it all facts? No, there is bias here, but you put up with it because the story is almost always entertaining. A case-in-point is the following episode, which is not listed here on IMDb but was fascinating:

Wow, what a soap opera this crime story turned out to be. A society dame who has a powerful and rich husband has two lovers on the side. One of them fathers one of her seven kids. It's conjectured that he finally winds up attempting to blackmail her about that, so she hires the other lover to knock the first one off!

Meanwhile, everyone from husbands, wives and mothers of all participants seem to have known all this hanky-panky was going on for years.

In the end, the man accused of killing Jeff Zack claims to this day he had nothing to do with it. His interviews on American Justice, however, and the overwhelming circumstantial evidence, say otherwise.

A postscript to this television episode informs us that justice was served as a few years later, the society woman also was given a life term in jail for her role in all this.
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Straight to the Point
rayleecooper20 December 2012
This documentary is highly factual and confirms Dr Sam Sheppards innocence. Thank goodness for people who can't accept what is so obvious to some of us, and persist and insist on digging deep for the answers - kudos to Sam Reese Sheppard!

Fantastic watch, keeps you interested all the way through, and leaves you feeling completely satisfied.

Lots of great footage, proof of guilt of the real perpetrator, and in-depth interviews with relevant people. A traumatic end to a prominent family, and an event that affected a large part of the Sheppard family, in such tragic circumstances.

This is a 5***** "Must Watch" for enthusiasts of Forensics and True Crime, and followers of one of the most remembered murder cases in American history.

Profoundly recommended!!!
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