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The Black Widow of Vegas
Margaret Rudin nearly gets away with the murder of her husband, Las Vegas real estate magnet Ron Rudin, in part due to the fact some investigators felt she was simply too nice to have committed murder. American Justice looks at how she finally became entangled in her own web of lies, deceit, and murder.
An Execution in Doubt
Despite his insistence of innocence and a plea for clemency to the Governor of Virginia, Roger Keith Coleman is executed in 1992 for the brutal rape and murder of his sister-in-law. American Justice examines this case that had many in doubt of his guilt.
Mistaken Identity
In the spring of 1997, 16-year-old Terence Garner was arrested and charged with armed robbery and attempted murder. With no physical evidence liking him to the crime, the North Carolina teen was convicted on the basis of eyewitness testimony. Just days after the conviction, a different Terrance confessed to the crime. Despite the confession, Garner spent five years behind bars waiting to be acquitted. Today Garner is a free man and only one eyewitness remains vocally convinced of his guilt, the woman he was accused of shootings. The ordeal began when three men robbed ...
The Cult Murders
On April 17, 1989 in the small community of Kirtland, Ohio, self proclaimed prophet Jeffrey Lundgren convinces members of his religious cult to help him murder a family of five. Through interviews and archive footage American Justice profiles Jeffrey Lundgren and his 13 member religious cult, and how he convinced them to murder in the name of God.
The Girl in the Box
In 1977 Cameron Hooker kidnaps a 20 year old girl who was hitching through California. For the next seven years he rapes, tortures, and brainwashes her. American Justice reviews the details of this case.
The Monster Inside
After serving 10 years in a California prison for rape, Rex Allen Krebs is released into society only to commit two more rapes, but this time murdering his victims. American Justice looks at a flawed correctional system that allowed Krebs to be released from prison even after he had asked for help, because he knew that he still had a serious problem.
Who Is the LIpstick Killer?
The case of Willaim Heirens is examined by American Justice. Heirens was arrested in 1946 for the murder of 45 year old Josephine Ross, 34 year old Francis Brown, and six year old Suzanne Degnan in Chicago. After the dismembered body of Degnan was found an outraged public and media put intense pressure on the Chicago police department to find the killer. Heirens is pegged for the crime and then confesses. In an interview with American Justice he claims he is innocent and forced into confessing.
29 May 2002
Brutal Revenge
In Florida in 1997 Shelia Bellush is brutally murdered in front of her children by a young man who seemingly traveled all the way from Texas just to commit the crime. An investigation reveals a murder for hire plot masterminded by her millionaire ex-husband Allen Blackthorne.
4 Sep. 2002
In November of 1998, San Joaquin, California detectives who are searching for missing 25 years old Cyndi Vanderheiden learn that Loren Herzog and Wesley Shermantine are linked to not only her disappearance, but to the disappearance of 16 year old Chevy Wheeler, and to the murders of two other men as well. American Justice profiles the case in which Herzog turned evidence on Shermantine in return for a lighter sentence. Shermantine was sentenced to death, and the remains of Wheeler and Vanderheiden were finally discovered on Shermantine's former property in 2012.
25 Sep. 2002
Crib Death?
Garrett Wilson is accused of killing his 5 month old infant son by his estranged wife after she discovers he is having a relationship with another woman-6 years after the death of their child. Investigators learn that another infant from a previous marriage had also died and that he had a total of $190,000 life insurance on the two infants. Consequently he is charged and convicted of their deaths. American Justice examines this case that had some people convinced that Garrett Wilson was a murderer while others believed it was just a case of a woman scorned.
2 Dec. 2002
A Mother's Story of Murder
In Phoenix, AR 1989,Debra Milke is convicted of arranging the murder of her four year old son Christopher. The case hinges on the testimony of one man who confessed to committing the crime along with Milke's then roommate. American Justice takes an in-depth look at this case in which authorities are accused of shoddy police work putting the convictions in doubt.
4 Dec. 2002
Justifiable Homicide?
Thurman Martin is murdered by his grandson along with the complicity of other family members who claim that their grandfather was extremely abusive. American Justice looks at the case that became know as "The Tomato Patch Murder."
11 Dec. 2002
While the Children Slept
On Nov. 7th, 1994 Tim Boczkowski calls a Pittsburgh 911 dispatcher to report that his wife had drowned in a hot tub. Almost immediately detectives are suspicious of Boczkowski's behavior. An ensuing investigations reveals that his first wife had drowned in a bath tub on Nov. 4th, 1990 in North Carolina after she had decided to pursue a divorce. American Justice interviews the Boczkowski children and the investigators in this case that finally found him guilty of murdering both wives.
12 Dec. 2002
Shamed Into Confession
In 1981 a Catholic priest is found murdered in a seedy motel room in Odessa, Texas. One year later James Harry Reyos confesses to murdering Father Patrick Ryan. But did he really commit the crime? American Justice takes an in depth look.

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