The Super (1991) Poster


Jack Hallett: Young Big Lou


  • Young Big Lou : Okay, one down, 63 to go. Here you go, Louie.

    Young Louie : You're a buck short, Dad.

    Young Big Lou : No it's all there. Take another look, you may have missed something.

    Young Louie : Dad.

    Young Big Lou : January is a very tough month.

    Young Louie : So is December. Give me my money.

    Young Big Lou : That's my boy!

    Louie Kritski : [narrating]  Yeah, Sundays were always the best.

  • Young Big Lou : You deadeat son of a bitch, where's the rent?

    Tenant : I'm a little short right now. How about another week?

    Young Big Lou : Another week? Another week? What do you say, Louie, shall we give him another week?

    Young Louie : Eh... okay.

    Young Big Lou : Okay? Really? Are you sure? Remember, that $3.00 I give you every week really isn't an allowance, it's more like a percentage. You let this guy skate, that means you only get $2.70. Now remember, the other tenants are gonna want another week. You know what that means? Pretty soon you'll be down to nothing, zero zip. No ice cream. No soda. No candy...

    [turns to shout at tenant] 


    Tenant : No, man, no.

    Young Big Lou : Then give me what you got. Alright, Friday, Willie, I want the rest Friday.

    [He and Louie leave] 

    Tenant : [mutters]  Don't hold your breath.

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