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I think this movie traumatized more kids than "Jaws"
rooprect26 January 2012
If your idea of a dark comedy is something like "Beetlejuice" or "Deathtrap" or "Heathers", then watch out. This one makes them look like Peewee's Playhouse.

You know how certain horror movies cross over into comedy? Like when Freddy Krueger says "Welcome to prime time b!tch!!" and slams a girl's head into the TV? Well, this is the opposite: comedy crossing over into horror. It gets pretty weird, and if you're not expecting it, it can be downright upsetting.

I think that's what makes so many people hate this movie. With an all-star comedic cast like it has, it promises to be a laugh riot like the DVD cover says. I was expecting something like "Ghostbusters" meets "Fletch" meets "Summer Rental". Instead it's more like "Planes, Trains & Automobiles" meets "Deliverance". In other words the comedy is very low-key, not quite enough to offset the disturbing story.

Dan Akroyd, who plays a sadistic murdering judge, is just plain frightening. John Candy, who plays the sympathetic policeman, gives the story an air of tragedy. Chevy Chase is his usual wisecracking self, but it can't compete with the horror & violence of the plot (being trapped in a hicktown house while people are getting brutally murdered all around you). You really have to be ready for it, otherwise you might end up traumatized. The "Bonestripper" scene will give lifelong nightmares to any kid under the age of 12, as well as impressionable adults.

But now that you've been warned, perhaps you'll be able to take it in stride. I'm not sure if writer Dan Akroyd intended this to be so nightmarish, but it sure is. Definitely a one-of-a-kind. NOT for young kids!!
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Give this movie a try before you pass it by...
flhero31115 October 2005
I, unlike a lot of others, found this movie to be extremely funny- both in a smart way and a sort of gross out way. Chevy Chase is really funny with his sort of smart-ass, dry wit, probably his best performance after Christmas Vacation. From the movies I've seen Demi Moore in, this ranks as her best and shows that she can do comedy. Dan Akroyd and John Candy each pull double duty in this one and do it well- I couldn't even tell the second character Dan was playing until the credits rolled. The sets are unreal- from the junkyard (complete with piles and PILES of random junk and the Baby Huey-esquire Lil' Debil and Bobo) to the house of the honorable judge, it's hard to believe they actually put this together. Don't take everybody's word, check it out and you won't be sorry...
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When an entertaining film becomes a flop
hilltom1213 August 2011
I think I watched this film first on television and liked it....then I bought the DVD years later and loved it. I find this flick amusing, imaginative with good performances. So why was this film an ultimate flop at the box office? I didn't watch this picture because of any special actors who play in it. I believe a reason for this one being a flop is that people have a certain expectation if movie stars they love are performing...They are frustrated when they don't recognize Dan Aykroyd in make-up, when John Candy plays entertaining but without being overly funny and when Demi Moore is not as heart-wrenching as in 'Ghost'. That is and will be always an issue if you are a filmmaker for instance and have stars in your picture. They pull away quite some focus from the rest of the movie...Also, this film is a little gross at times and maybe for a big budget comedy people where not ready for that yet. I'd say this film was ahead of its time. One prove for that, supposedly 'Nothing but Trouble' has achieved a little cult status over the years.
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A surreal comedy.
ait15 May 2001
This film is bound to become a cult legend, and shows Dan Aykroyd at his finest. I highly recommend it to anyone who finds humor in the absurd. The film, though bizarre, reflects society in an uncanny way. Somehow, the characters portrayed in the movie seem strangely familiar, and this can even be unsettling (where have I seen them before?). A lot of work went into this film, and it should, IMHO, be taken very seriously as comic art of the highest form. I gave it this film a 9 out of 10!
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Okay, so no one was expecting "Schindler's List"
DaN 103023 July 1999
This isn't a four star classic. This isn't a motion picture epic to be adored for ages to come. This is not the measuring stick by which all comedies should be measured. However, this movie has gotten a bad reputation, undeservedly so. So, what is this movie? It's a harmless, mindless romp through an amusing storyline played out by the witty rapport of the core characters. The sight gags and slapstick, while cliche' and childish, are sure to bring a slight giggle. What's more fun than a judge who's idea for a great execution is dumping the accused in a rollercoaster called the "Bonestripper?" (Complete with Damn Yankees theme music, no less.) The performance of the Digital Underground brings a shimmer of surrealism to the whole ordeal. No, this isn't the best movie in the world, but it's far from the worst.
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A Wacky Horror Comedy From Start To Finish
comedymovies1234 January 2012
Warning: Spoilers
Hi there, Monstermaster13 here with a review. This review is for Nothing But Trouble - and underrated gem of a movie that came out into the early 90's.

Apparently loosely based on a true story, the movie stars Dan Akyroyd (it's also directed by him as well), Chevy Chase, Demi Moore and the always great and (it pains me to say this) late John Candy.

Chevy Chase and Demi Moore play a couple who end up in the town of Valkanvania after having a run in with the police, and the end up at the judge's house where they meet the crazy J.P Valkanheiser and Bobo and Lil Debul as well as the police cop's sister Eldona (also played by John Candy).

The judges house is filled with all sorts of kooky mechanical devices, and all sorts of hijinks insue in this.

A lot of critics tend to bash this one on the grounds of it's plot, but it's supposed to be weird because it's a black comedy and it doesn't have to make sense for you to enjoy it.

I heavily recommend watching this movie.
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Unconventional Comedy That Gets A Bad Wrap
burnmps30 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I look up all of the movies I watch on IMDb, and I'm surprised that this one is so disliked. I think the main reason is that with a cast of such comedy legends as Chevy Chase, Dan Aykroyd and John Candy, people were expecting a more conventional comedy. Most of their audience was probably expecting something along of the lines of "The Couch Trip", "Delirious" or "Fletch". I think people like me, who appreciate campy horror films like "2001 Maniacs", "The Butcher" and any of the "Texas Chainsaw Massacre" series, are more likely to find some humor in this film.

Thanks to the remarkably bland title, I had no idea that this was a comedy with a horror twist when I found it on a cable channel. The completely pointless start of the film, which involves a party and some sort of talk of some sort of business deal, also doesn't hint at what the film is really about. It isn't until the protagonists get arrested that all of the fun starts.

What follows is something in between comedy and horror. It skews more towards horror, with tons of gross-out scenes thanks to Dan Aykroyd's various grotesque characters. There are tons of bones, but not a lot of blood. Unlike conventional horror movies, where body-counts are generally in the double digits, only one group of ne'er-do-wells end up slaughtered over the course of the film. Even the two annoying ancillary characters who are along for the ride, who would be dead meat in any real horror film, end up getting a reprieve and a happy ending.

By far the strangest part, and my personal favorite, is the musical performance in the middle of the film. When I saw a limo pulling up in a scene halfway through the film, I thought, okay here come some more victims. I was surprised to say the least that the occupants of the vehicle turned out to be the entire Digital Underground crew, including the instantly recognizable Shock G (aka Humpty Hump)! Instead of being murdered, they all perform a song (unfortunately not their one major hit, the far superior "Humpty Hump"). You can even see the late-great Tupac Shakur as one of the members of Digital Underground, before he started his solo career. I would recommend this film to anyone just for this surreal moment, but if you have no idea who Tupac or Digital Underground are then you probably won't enjoy it as much.

After a few fake endings and the actual goofy cartoon ending, the movie is over. All in all, it doesn't have that many laughs, and it's definitely not scary, but it is rarely boring. The Digital Underground cameo is excellent and the cast plays their roles well. This is certainly not the best movie I've seen, but I would rank it better than any bad comedy and most bad horror movies. In fact, I'd say this film is just a few buckets of blood and a few crazy gross-out scenes away from a cult classic.
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A Very Underrated Must-See
michellekfoley18 May 2019
I've been in love with this movie since my tweens. I recently found it for free on Vudu, and it made my YEAR! I had actually purchased it on DVD years ago, but lost it. This is one of the most underrated 90's comedy. Easily in my top 10 movies. This movie is truly unlike any other - maybe that's what I love about it. I was shocked to see a 4.9 rating. It has an all-star cast (Demi Moore, Dan Akroyd, Chevy Chase, John Candy, there's even a cameo by a teenage Tupac & Digital Underground). The judge is SO creepy, the "funhouse" and Bonestripper...I can literally say that I enjoy each and every scene in this movie, and know it word-for-word. If you have the chance to see this movie, don't pass it up! 10/10.
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Deliverance meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre meets Beetlejuice
sgtdraino23 May 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A very unique and underrated movie! If you like the three movies mentioned in the summary, you will probably like this movie. This is Dan Aykroyd's baby, written, directed, and starring. Aykroyd's characterization of the "Shire Reeve" (origin of the word Sheriff) totally makes the movie, as does Mr. Bonestripper, souped-up police cars, and John Candy playing against type as the nice-but-tough Chief Constable. Some really amazing sets here, pre-CGI. In my opinion this movie has only two weaknesses: 1. It's a little slow getting started with a protracted dinner party prologue, and 2. The two giant mutant baby grandchildren that live out in the junkyard are just too cartoonish, and not funny at all. But the rest of the movie is great, well worth your while. I particularly enjoy anticipating what ruling the Reeve is going to hand out with each case, and the conclusion of the State Police raid is also a great moment!
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This is...
toronto_ghostbuster24 April 2008
A movie you can watch when you want lots of interesting characters, scenery, and complete nonsense everywhere you look. This movie was never intended to be an intellectual was made to make people laugh, and to entertain. On many levels its very similar to movies like Scary movie, and the burbs...which have decent ratings. I just don't understand the average person these days, and what they seem to like about anything. Movies like traffic get 10's, and movies like this get 3.5's...traffic was a total bore fest, and this movie kept me entertained. Before everyone starts thinking "this guy is out to lunch" Keep in mind that one of my favorite movies of all time is Brazil..a movie which got amazing reviews, and in my opinion is equally as unsettling.
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really unpleasant
Special-K8819 February 2002
Chase and Moore are on the way to Atlantic City when they suddenly get stopped for speeding in the middle of nowhere. They're sidetracked to a bizarre, backwater town (on the verge of decomposition) that's under the jurisdiction of a cantankerous judge who doesn't take too kindly to outsiders. Everything that can go wrong does, and they find themselves fighting for their lives to escape from the murky town and its creepy, amoral inhabitants. The cast may have had a good time making it, but this dreadful comedy has no laughs, repellent gross-out gags, and an unappealing story. Talented actors are wasted in this nauseating, and practically unbearable 'comedy.' *
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A True Classic
mcapool14 October 2003
I must say after reading some of the "hate" reviews about this movie, those must have been the people that paid money to see Gigli.

Anyhow, I found this move very entertaining. It's a good time, utterly bazaar and twisted, but fun.

If you liked Dead Alive (BrainDead), anything from Troma Films or Early Sam Raimi flicks you will understand the message this movie is trying to deliver. All the people with negative criticism about the movie, lighten up would ya, no one forced you to watch it.
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This world is so messed up!
atzimo9 November 2003
I just checked out the imdb entry for 'Nothing But Trouble' and found out that it was in the bottom 100 movies! What is wrong with you people!? A super comedy with all the comical geniuses of a generation (Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chase, John Candy) and a hysterical script and it goes to the bottom? What did you expect to see here, 'Scary Movie'?

Dan Aykroyd in an acting job that defines comical acting, Chevy Chase with his usual tongue in cheek style and John Candy with his genius timing isn't enough for you?

Well, just go see 'American Pie' for one more time. Your intellect deserves it.


PS: Let us all who respect this gem, give the movie a '10' even if you think it's worth a '7' or '8' to save it from disgrace. It's a shame.
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It should be a cult classic.....
allenone753 April 2000
This flick has just the right mixture of stupid, funny, gross, disturbing, and completely off the wall. And most importantly, it was reviled by the critics, big qualifier there. If this was a midnight movie, I'd go see it. It would be great to occupy the after hours.
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If you don't stop, trouble comes a knocking...
paul_haakonsen22 December 2015
This movie was great and enjoyable back in 1991 and still is so even today. There is just that something unique about the chemistry between comedians Dan Aykroyd, John Candy and Chevy Chase.

The story is about four upscale people whom are caught for traffic violations in Valkenvania and are brought for immediate sentencing before the eccentric judge Alvin Valkenheiser. And soon the day turns into a real nightmare.

While "Nothing But Trouble" is not the type of comedy that will split you open from excessive laughing, then there is just something Classic about the entire movie; be it the mood and absurdity of the story, the hilarious and outrageous characters, or the fact that Dan Aykroyd, John Candy and Chevy Chase were just a great combination, I do not know. But I do know that this movie is entertaining.

The movie does bear itself as watchable more than once. And if you are a fan of Dan Aykroyd, John Candy or Chevy Chase, then "Nothing But Trouble" is a must watch.
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My least favorite movie of all time
bogie1397 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
With the number of interesting, funny actors in this film, I went into the movie theater with high hopes. Within the first few minutes of the film, these hopes were gone. This movie was simply not funny. The plot did not flow very smoothly and the twists did not bring so much as a chuckle. My Dad and I ended up walking out of this movie. To put my comments in context, the only other movie I've walked out of is "The Crow". I've enjoyed all of the other movies that I've seen with these actors. I'd really like to get into specifics about why I rate this movie so low, but I'm afraid I'd give away some spoilers. Believe me when I say that if you watch this movie expecting to be entertained you will be sorely disappointed. If you're tempted to rent this movie, find something that is actually funny. For instance "Oscar" staring Sylvester Stallone.
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Burn the negatives - Leave no survivors
Dr. Gore31 July 2003
Warning: Spoilers

"Nothing but Trouble" holds a special place on my all-time, worst movies ever list of shame. It's easily one of the top 10 worst movies. But it also holds the distinction of being one of the very few movies I've ever walked out on. Yes. It is with great shame that I must confess that I saw this garbage in the movie theater. When I saw Demi Moore being held captive by two disgusting blobs, I knew I had hit the nadir. One blob screamed, "I want...another bowl of cereal!" I wanted to leave with my stomach intact. I bolted for the exits. My family was with me and had to leave too since I had the car keys. I have no idea how this movie ends and I want to keep it that way. Stick this movie in a time capsule and never dig it up. Better yet, burn the negatives to keep some poor, cold family warm. Do something useful with this junk because to watch this movie is to hate this movie. The fact that so many talented comedians were in this flotsam makes it sting even harder. I don't know how this train wreck could be allowed to happen. I just know that no human being should have to sit through it.
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Just like a bunch of spiders in a birthday cake
bregund24 May 2003
I love the production values of this film. The setting is amazing, because the house is surrounded by acres of old junk. The production design is fascinating, because it is a mixture of various nineteenth- and twentieth-century art, advertising, pop culture, architecture, furniture, machinery, folk art, and household products. Dan Akroyd, unrecognizable as the elderly Judge Valkenheiser, gives a mesmerizing performance. My favorite part is when they're eating "Dutch country heifers" (hot dogs) and Akroyd says: "Here's how I like 'em, and I suggest you eat 'em the same way." If ever a movie captured the unpleasant juxtaposition between the normal world and the abnormal world, it would certainly be this one (with the dining scene in Eraserhead coming in a close second: "They're new!").

The above things are the only good parts of the film, while the rest of it is just plain silly.
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Perfectly strange
BandSAboutMovies2 June 2019
Warning: Spoilers
You know how people always complain that Hollywood isn't doing anything new, constantly churning out CGI-filled remakes and comic book movies? They should really check out this bit of absolute insanity, one of the last all practical effects films, which is literally an auteur moment from the pure id of Dan Ackroyd.

Nothing but Trouble started after producer Robert K. Weiss went to a movie with Dan and Peter Aykroyd. That movie was Hellraiser, as Weiss had a fractured rib and it hurt to laugh. Once the movie started, the three were shocked to see people laughing, which gave them the idea to create a horror comedy.

Peter remembered an event where Dan was pulled over in a small upstate New York town, had to pay $50 and then endure a four-hour cup of tea with the town's justice of the peace. That started the process, with Dan using dreams - like the giant mutant babies - and the study of the ever-burning town of Centralia, PA.

After John Hughes and John Landis turned it down, Ackroyd decided to direct and play two heavy makeup roles, which only added to his stress once filming began. Most of its $40 million budget secured Chevy Chase - who repeatedly screamed at cast members and would yell that he was more important than Ackroyd - and the movie's elaborate sets and effects.

That said, it's been said that Chevy would call up various co-stars at night, after filming, to apologize for what he perceived to be stressed out behavior. If you ask me, that's the traditional behavior of an abuser. Billy Murray said it best. Medium talent.

Luckily, Ackroyd had a great crew who rallied around him (one crew member even threatened to drop a brick on Chase's head) to make something really special. Or weird. It depends on your point of view. I actually love this movie, which is completely disgusting and disquieting, two things which I know made audiences hate it. Yet I must remain the champion of the films that are lost and forgotten.

When financial publisher Chris Thorne (Chase) meets lawyer Diane Lightson (Demi Moore), he decides to invite her along on a trip to meet clients in Atlantic City. Joining them are the wealthy and oh so abrasive siblings Fausto and Renalda Squiriniszu (Taylor Negron, who is missed greatly in these parts, and Bertila Damas).

After running a stop sign in the small village of Valkenvania and attempting to leave the scene of the crime, they're all arrested by officer Dennis Valkenheiser (John Candy, whose star power got this made) and taken before the town's judge, 106-year-old Alvin Valkenheiser (Aykroyd). After Chris offends the judge - I feel that this role may be the closest Chase came to playing himself outside of Community - he sends them all to jail.

Meanwhile, a bunch of drunk drivers are sent to a murderous rollercoaster called Mr. Bonestripper while everyone else is invited to a horrifying dinner of sausages driven around on a model train. Soon, everyone is on the run, trying to escape the denizens of the town, like Alvin's mute granddaughter Eldona (Candy again) and the deformed Bobo (played by Aykroyd) and Lil' Debbull. Also: Digital Underground shows up.

Again, for better or worse, this movie is all Ackroyd. The police badges, seen in the revolving frames on the judge's bench, are actual badges from his personal collection. He's been a lifelong police supporter, which is interesting given this film's conspiratorial tone that all of the cops are in on it.

I'm of the belief that this film is a success. It's not afraid to be completely unhinged and blow through a budget - but it's all on the screen - using the set of High Noon to create the most lunatic setting for a film I've ever seen.

The YouTube series Good Bad Flicks is a big inspiration for a lot of what I write. Check out their amazing breakdown of this film and how it was made for even more.
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Just Watched if for the First Time!!!!
NotEnoughCandy5 August 2006
I don't know why so many people out there absolutely hated this movie. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. As a matter of fact, I felt like I have been missing out on one of Dan Aykroyd's best performances. It was obviously a dark comedy and one that I plan to add to my collection! I admit, I was expecting a lot more old school comedic humor between Dan, Chevy, and John but I was pleasantly surprised at the end of the movie how much I enjoyed their individual performances. Also I must mention that Demi did a great job too! I was certainly expecting her to be the one to hose the synergy between the fellas but she was great. Heck, I even liked Humpty and 2 Pac!!! Definitely recommend this movie to anyone who is interested in watching a well written example of what a dark comedy should be.

Awesome movie folks!!! Favorite line: "Thanks for the espresso maker...and the bag of $H!T"
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Bizarre adventure film
Robertttttt16 December 2009
I'm also kind of surprised by the bad reviews this movie had, i've always considered it a good dark-adventure for teens. I'm really not sure this is so far away of the well-respected Stand by me (7.7) and The Goonies (7.5)...

Many good things could be said about it:

  • it has a great set, the house craziness and oppression is perfectly transmitted through it

  • Good acting here, by Dan Aykroyd and John Candy

  • the Digital Underground surprising performance

  • Demi Moore, with some weight overload on her legs, but still looking great, showing us that anorexia is not always needed on screen

  • Disgusting scenes all over the movie, just because that's what the movie is about!

And above all, it entertains. It never goes down, it's fun, not in a lol way, in a 80's movie way, which makes it nicer and more unique. We know this kind of movies won't be done again, we know that kind of magic is gone, and that's what makes them worth to rescue and defend from despective reviews. If you see it around, give it a try, you'll find something quite different of what movies are all about now
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No other people could of come up with this but the aykroyds.
RIPBelushi13 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
My goal in life is to see every movie Dan Aykroyd and John Candy have ever been in so of course, this movie was on my list. It was airing on Encore and decided to tape it, however I was a bit hesitant to do so. Looking at the reviews to the film by critics and other non-professional viewers I almost decided to take the film off of my list for good.

It all changed after I saw it.

I have to admit that this movie is no Gone With the Wind. It isn't a movie that will be adored through the ages and will stand the test of time. It took me a little while to get it. The movie is a black comedy without comedy in it. The comedy comes from the entire situation. Chase and Moore are put into this situation that is so surreal. That's the beauty of it. The Aykroyds are two extremely creative people and no other person could have possibly come up with a story of this magnitude. The sets are amazing, the makeup is great, and the script is original and creative. 7/10
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This movie supposed to be Stupid
cheeseboy807 August 2000
This film is a comedy, what do you expect?? It supposed to be stupid and silly, that's the point. I can't believe anyone take this picture so seriously. This is a funny movie, maybe not the funniest film ever. It still a pretty funny movie. Relax and turn off your brain, you'll enjoy this movie.

I give this film 6.5 out of 10
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Nothing But Pain
Tyypo27 January 2007
Count me among those who thought this movie a complete disaster. I'll not summarize, as this has been done many times. I watched this movie on cable, waiting for it to pay off in some way. I mean, it HAD to get better - no one would intentionally make a movie this thoroughly unredeemable. In the end, I felt like I needed a long hot shower. It's been years, but it still hasn't washed off yet. The title has become a word used to mean "the very standard of badness" in any topic with friends familiar with the film.

An irony: This movie would fit right into a segment of Leonard Pinth Garnell's "Bad Cinema." Those familiar with SNL know of what I speak.

Some may very well like it. To them I say enjoy yourselves, but please do not actually recommend the film to anyone. You'll just cause further pain and lose considerable respect from your peers.
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Possibly the worse movie I have ever seen
angedore9315 December 2006
I'm not one to criticize movies much...I like to give all movies a chance and like to look for the good in all of them, but really...this has got to be the worse movie I've EVER seen...honestly...The title basically says it all. My father bought this movie because of the actors in it, who were supposed great comedians, and because it was cheap. 1 word: disappointing...I have never watched such a lame, grotesque, pointless, boring movie...list goes on. Don't waste your time watching this, we didn't even finish it 'cus it was so horrible, and I think we ended out throwing the DVD away.

My rating, 0 of 10...if that's even possible...

~Ange Doré~
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