My Girl (1991) Poster


Jamie Lee Curtis: Shelly DeVoto



  • Shelly : She won't come out. It's been a whole day. You have to do something, Harry.

    Harry : The funeral's starting.

    Shelly : Open your eyes, she's eleven years old! Her only friend in the world is dead.

    Harry : I know that, but what do you want from me?

    Shelly : Stop hiding, Harry! You run, Harry. When I first came here, the idea of working with dead people didn't exactly thrill me. When I saw a family that lived here, I thought, if I'm living without a family, at least I can work with one and maybe, once in a while, be invited in for supper.

    Harry : Yeah... and when those suppers are disrupted because there's a car crash, or there's a fire, or a little boy steps on a beehive...

    Shelly : I'm not asking you to stop caring for those people. But life isn't just death, Harry. Don't ignore the living, especially your daughter.

  • Shelly : They're dead. All they have are their looks.

  • Shelly : The first rule of eye makeup is that you can never wear enough blue eye shadow.

  • Shelly DeVoto : This is Phil, Harry, Gramoo, and Vada Sultenfuss.

    Danny : Vada Sultenfuss? Tough break.

    Vada Sultenfuss : I like my name.

  • Shelly : You know, Vada... You shuldn't let those girls upset you.

    Vada : I'm not upset. I will never play with those girls.

    [staring at Thomas J] 

    Vada : I only surround myself with people who I find intellectually stimulating.

  • Thomas J. Sennett : I'm gonna drive us to Liverpool.

    Shelly : Liverpool?

    Vada : Big Ringo fan.

  • Shelly : You know, Vada, you have to watch what you eat at the carnival. I remember one summer I went with my two older cousins, and they both ate hot dogs, and the next day they had nephritis.

    Vada : Nephritis is a kidney disease, you don't get it from eating hot dogs.

    Shelly : Well I'm no doctor, all I know is the next morning when they woke up, they had real high temperatures and their faces got really fat.

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