Little Man Tate (1991) Poster

P.J. Ochlan: Damon Wells


  • Damon : Come on, wake up and face north twink. I'm an asshole, assholes don't have friends. But then I don't really care.

    Fred Tate : You don't?

    Damon : A reasonable man adapts himself to the world around him. An unreasonable man expects to the world to adapt *to* him. Therefor all progress is made by unreasonable men.

  • Damon : You see, Fred, it isn't the size of a guy's IQ that matters. It's how he uses it.

  • Jane : Damon? How many fingers?

    Damon : Orange.

  • Garth : Why don't you play magic digit?

    Damon : Hey Garth, check out this magic digit

    [flips Garth the bird] 

  • Jane : [after he recovers consciousness]  Damon, how many fingers?

    [She holds up three] 

    Damon : Orange.

    Jane : You'll be fine.

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