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Showbiz History: Band-Aid and "Best Original Song" Behemoths

6 random things that happened on this day (Nov 25th) in showbiz history...

1932 Claudette Colbert infamously bathes in milk in Cecil B DeMille's The Sign of the Cross, new in theaters.

1947 The Hollywood Blacklist begins, denying employment to those with perceived Communist ties or sympathies. This period has haunted ever self-reflecting Hollywood since as witness in Trumbo, The Way We Were, Guilty by Suspicion, Good Night and Good Luck, and numerous other movies.

1984 Bob Geldolf's blockbuster charity single "Do They Know It's Christmas?" recorded in London...
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Guilty by Suspicion

Movies about the blacklist aren’t common, probably because as Robert Vaughn wrote, the period produced no happy stories, ‘Only Victims.’ Robert de Niro, Annette Bening and George Wendt give a bite of immediacy to the way the blacklist upset careers and blighted lives. Few of us would like to be publicly branded an Enemy of the People, but doing so seems to be America’s number one spectator sport.

Guilty by Suspicion


The Warner Archive Collection

1991 / Color / 1:85 enhanced widescreen / 105 min. / Street Date May 12, 2015 / available through the WBshop / 17.99

Starring: Robert De Niro, Annette Bening, George Wendt, Patricia Wettig, Sam Wanamaker, Luke Edwards, Chris Cooper, Ben Piazza, Martin Scorsese, Barry Primus, Gailard Sartain, Robin Gammell, Brad Sullivan, Tom Sizemore, Stuart Margolin, Gene Kirkwood, Illeana Douglas, Adam Baldwin.

Cinematography: Michael Ballhaus

Film Editor: Priscilla Nedd

Original Music: James Newton Howard

Uncredited writer: Abraham Polonsky

Produced by Arnon Milchan

Written and
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Cinema Gadfly – Episode 20 – The Front

My guest for this month is West Anthony, and he’s joined me to discuss the film he chose for me, the 1976 comedy-drama film The Front. You can follow the show on Twitter @cinemagadfly.

Show notes:

Not sure what happened to the audio in the introduction, apologies! The Hollywood blacklist is a term for the treatment of people in the entertainment industry who refused to name names to the House Un-American Activities Committee from 1947 to 1960 For a more in depth take on the blacklist, check out the latest season of the phenomenal You Must Remember This podcast WonderCon is a comic book convention that was held annually in Sf until it was cruelly moved to the La area in 2012. Yes I’m still bitter about it. West also recommends the Gabrielle de Cuir directed Thirty Years of Treason by Eric Bentley Among the people famously blacklisted were Lillian Hellman, Lionel Stander,
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Trumbo review – when Hollywood saw red

Bryan Cranston stars as Dalton Trumbo in a biting drama about the 1940s screenwriter blacklisted for his allegiance to the left

The collision of American entertainment and anti-communism in the 1940s and 50s has inspired a dizzying array of movies, both fictional and factual. Time and again, Hollywood has returned to a subject that offers a heady cocktail of drama, politics and nostalgic showbusiness intrigue; from Irwin Winkler’s Guilty By Suspicion (1991), which cast Robert De Niro as a film-maker torn between losing work and naming names, to George Clooney’s Good Night, and Good Luck (2005), which revisited TV journalist Edward R Murrow’s on-air battles with McCarthy, via Frank Darabont’s whimsical The Majestic (2001), in which Jim Carrey’s amnesiac screenwriter winds up restoring a small-town cinema after being hounded out of Tinseltown as an anti-war “red”.

Top of the pile, however, is Martin Ritt’s 1976 gem The Front,
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'Campus Code' Clip Introduces Martin Scorsese as the Doctor | Exclusive

  • MovieWeb
'Campus Code' Clip Introduces Martin Scorsese as the Doctor | Exclusive
At 72 years old, legendary director Martin Scorsese is still churning out hits, with his last film, The Wolf of Wall Street, earning over $392 million worldwide and earning five Oscar nominations, including Best Picture. The filmmaker recently wrapped production on his next film, Silence, starring Liam Neeson, Andrew Garfield and Ken Watanabe, which hits theaters next year. Fans can see him in front of the camera in the new thriller Campus Code, which is currently available through Digital HD and VOD platforms such as Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, Vimeo, Vudu, and Xfinity as well as On Demand with Charter, DirecTV, Verizon and Vubiquity. Today we have an exclusive clip that helps set up this unique plot, while showcasing Martin Scorsese's cameo.

After Ari (Jesse McCartney) falls from a 13-story building and walks away without a scratch, a group of students begin to sense something is amiss on their college campus.
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Scream: The TV Series Season 1 Episode 8 Review – ‘Ghosts’

Martin Carr reviews the eighth episode of Scream: The TV Series

As we roll into the final few episodes Scream: The TV Series is gaining some serious momentum. Either putting Willa Fitzgerald through the Scream Queen wringer. Peppering the walls with Kubrick references, or employing strobe effects and pints of fake blood. Elsewhere however homages are used for a less visceral purpose. Firstly by name checking under rated Rodriguez flick The Faculty. Then dropping in seminal detention classic The Breakfast Club.

As usual Scream has method in its madness. Initially pointing out the pervading erosion of this educational institution from the inside. Then secondly taking it further by implying persecution of the students. An idea name checked with The Crucible by Arthur Miller and McCarthy’s Communist witch hunts in the nineteen fifties. In part because Emma would have been branded a witch, based on her visions, paranoia and apparent mental meltdown.
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Sean Penn and Hollywood Blacklist Victims Share Stories with The Hollywood Reporter 65 Years Later

  • Indiewire
Sean Penn and Hollywood Blacklist Victims Share Stories with The Hollywood Reporter 65 Years Later
The Hollywood blacklist, a list of actors, directors, screenwriters and other U.S. entertainment professionals linked to Communism during the Red Scare of the 1940s and 1950s, was a professional death sentence. Whether real or merely suspected, those whose names appeared on this list saw their life's work thwarted, and many of their careers in show business destroyed.  Hollywood has been depicting the witch hunt of Communists for decades in films like "Guilty by Suspicion" and "Good Night and Good Luck," and documentaries like "Yoo-hoo! Mrs. Goldberg" and "Hollywood on Trial" show the anti-Communist campaigns in non-fiction form.   With the 65th anniversary of the Hollywood blacklist nearing, The Hollywood Reporter profiled several of the writers and actors who fell victim to this tragedy. Whether by watching Lee Grant, who admits that even now she can't refer to her late ex-husband Arnold Manoff as a Communist because...
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Brett Ratner Among Tribeca Film Festival Jurors

Brett Ratner Among Tribeca Film Festival Jurors
The Tribeca Film Festival kicks off for the eleventh time starting Wednesday when "The Five-Year Engagement" premieres, and festival organizers have just announced the star-studded jury for this year's edition.

Thirty-nine celebrities -- of various levels of fame and awards kudos -- make up the six juries, with producer Irwin Winkler ("Goodfellas") serving a jury president.

Among those selected by Tribeca this year: Patricia Clarkson, Hugh Dancy, Rosario Dawson, Dakota Fanning, Kellan Lutz, Michael Moore and Olivia Wilde. Also on the list: Brett Ratner. The controversial big-budget director will serve on the Documentary and Student Short Film Competition jury along with Justin Bieber's manager Scooter Braun, Susan Sarandon and Shailene Woodley, among others.

“We are honored to have this accomplished group dedicate the time and care it takes to view and discuss the films in competition this year,” Tribeca Film Festival co-founder Jane Rosenthal said in a statement.

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Tribeca Film Festival And Tribeca Film Institute Announce Juries

It’s a star-studded list that includes some interesting, and surprising, names, which is just what you’d expect from the Tribeca Film Festival. The juries have been announced, and you could hardly got a more varied mix.

Juries Announced For 2012 Tribeca Film Festival And Tribeca Film Institute Programs

Academy Award-Winning Producer/Director Irwin Winkler To Serve as Jury President

Patricia Clarkson, Hugh Dancy, Rosario Dawson, Dakota Fanning, Whoopi Goldberg, Susannah Grant, Kellan Lutz, Michael Moore, Mike Newell, Brett Ratner, Susan Sarandon, Olivia Wilde, and Shailene Woodley are among the Jurors

The Tribeca Film Festival (Tff), presented by founding partner American Express, today announced its jurors – a diverse group of 39 individuals, including award-winning filmmakers, writers and producers, acclaimed actors, respected critics and global business leaders. Irwin Winkler has been named President of the Jury. The Jury will be divided among the six competitive Festival categories and will announce the winning films,
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Scorsese's Costume Designer Dies

  • WENN
Scorsese's Costume Designer Dies
Martin Scorsese's longtime costume designer Richard Bruno has died at the age of 87.

He passed away on 11 January in Port Townsend, Washington after suffering kidney failure, reports Variety.

Bruno began his career behind-the-scenes in the 1960s and went on to work on films including Roman Polanski's Chinatown and The Way We Were before forging a longtime collaborative partnership with Scorsese.

He worked with the famed director on movies including Raging Bull, New York, New York, The King of Comedy and The Color of Money and he won a British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) award for his costumes in Goodfellas.

Bruno also spent many years working with Scorsese's star Robert De Niro on films including The Untouchables, Guilty by Suspicion and Night and the City. He also worked on The Karate Kid and Steven Seagal's Out for Justice, Under Siege and Under Siege 2.

Goodfellas Producer Hired To Adapt Robert Ludlum's The Sigma Protocol

Irwin Winkler is one of Hollywood's greatest producers. A true legend in the industry, he has been making movies since 1967 and has brought you such amazing titles as Raging Bull, Rocky, The Gambler, They Shoot Horses, Don't They?, and Goodfellas. But while his producing record is unquestionable, his writing record isn't nearly as strong. In his career he's only written two scripts - Guilty by Suspicion and Home of the Brave - and the last one came out all the way back in 2006 (he also directed both titles). Add in the fact that he's now 81 years old, and it makes today's news all the more surprising. According to Deadline, Winkler and Jose Ruisanchez have been hired to adapt The Sigma Protocol, the last novel that Robert Ludlum wrote before he died. The project will be the first written by Ruisanchez, who has previously worked as a visual effects coordinator on
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Do Movies About Movies Win Oscars?

George Valentin (Jean Dujardin) has had it with the movies in "The Artist"Over at Fandor's Keyframe blog I'll be musing about the Oscar race on a biweekly basis. This week's topic is the unusual abundance of movies about movies in this year's Oscar race from Marilyn Monroe (My Week With Marilyn) to George Melies (Hugo) to Hollywood's seismic sound shift in the late 20s (The Artist). But one thing I didn't dwell on too much in the article (which I hope you'll go and read!) is the lack of Oscars won for movies about movies.

Everyone predicting a win for The Artist (2011) before the nominations are even announced should consider the following list and sobering fact: No movie about movies has ever won Best Picture.

Movies About Movies: How Do They Do With Oscar?

(Best Picture Nominees are in red) 

Janet Gaynor (already an Oscar winner) was nominated again
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David Thomson on Annette Bening

Annette Bening takes on roles that are unlikely to endear her to the public. Maybe audiences think she does not need love

Probably the first time you noticed Annette Bening was her saucily provocative Myra Langtry in Stephen Frears's The Grifters. How could anyone miss her? There is a moment when, stark naked, she saunters across the screen with a knowing and comical look on her face. No, she's not a good girl in The Grifters, but she seems happy with that fate. It is a film noir in which humour turns poisonous, and Myra is going to end badly. But first she has fun.

This is hard to believe, but Bening was 32 at the time. She looks 22, even if the knowledge she lends to Myra comes from more complicated experiences. I might add her Mme de Merteuil in Milos Forman's Valmont the year before, but the chances
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Birthday Suits: Good Hair, and Good Music.

Celebrating the birthdays of the film-famous. If it's your birthday, we'll sing you a happy one in the comments.

Louise Brooks, Veronica Lake and Josh Duhamel

1906 Louise Brooks, dancer, silent film actress, icon, quotable diva, film critic, memoirist, ...Lost Girl, Lulu. Her hair is legend.

1908 Joseph McCarthy, he saw only Red(s). He's been a villainous figure in movies ever since, whether seen, unseen or fictionalized. See: Guilty by Suspicion, The Way We Were, The Manchurian Candidate, Good Night, and Good Luck. and many more...

1919 Veronica Lake, femme fatale, purveyor of the peek-a-boo bang (her hair also being legend). Kim Basinger didn't even have to get "cut" to look like this goddess in La Confidential. She just had to sell those glorious blonde waves.

1945 Paul Hirsch, editor of Carrie, Star Wars (Oscar win), Ferris Bueller's Day Off and more...

1951 Zhang Yimou, fine director, awesome goddess worshipper. Think of what he
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