Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare (1991) Poster

Shon Greenblatt: John Doe



  • John Doe : I'm afraid of heights.

    Woman in Plane : Don't be a pussy.

  • John Doe : [to Maggie]  Look, do you have any, um... caffeine pills or coffee? Maybe some coke? I meant the soda.

  • John Doe : [talking about Spencer's dream with Freddy]  I have to go in.

    Tracy : What about Freddy?

    John Doe : Freddy won't hurt me, I'm family.

    Tracy : OK, so how you gonna go in?

    John Doe : [picks up broken table leg]  You're gonna have to lay me out.

    Tracy : [grabs it]  What? Wha...

    John Doe : C'mon, just fucking lay me out!

    Tracy : Wait a second, Doc told me a different way. All you gotta do...

    John Doe : There's no time to talk! Just do it!

    [slaps her] 

    John Doe : [Tracy immediately belts him and knocks him into a dream] 

    John Doe : [after orienting himself]  Jesus Christ.

    Tracy : [five seconds later, Tracy materializes in the dream]  I told you I knew an easier way. Concentration. Meditation. That's what Doc always says.

    [John just stares at her] 

    Tracy : This place is incredible.

  • John Doe : I know why you let me go.

    Freddy Krueger : Ohh. Do you think *I'm* your daddy? Mm-mm! Wrong!

    [Freddy begins slicing at John's parachute line] 

    John Doe : But you let me live.

    Freddy Krueger : Only long enough for to bring me back my daughter.

    John Doe : Your daughter?

    Freddy Krueger : [begins slicing away at other parachute line]  And now, she's gonna take me to a whole new playground.

    John Doe : No!

    Freddy Krueger : [chops away at last line]  Grounded!

  • John Doe : Not again. He's not gonna get me again. Nothing is gonna make get off this bed.

    [bedroom catches fire] 

    John Doe : Damn it! I hate this house.

  • John Doe : 4567 bottles of beer on the wall, 4567 bottles of beer, if one of those bottles should happen to fall, what a case of i...

    [is hit with a pillow] 

    Angry Boy : Hell, I'll break a bottle over your head if you don't shut the fuck up!

    John Doe : [glares]  ... 4566 bottles of beer on the wall...

  • John Doe : [looks at a child's drawing]  "K. Krueger." Could mean anything from Kevin to Kyle.

    Maggie Burroughs : All it really means is there was a child here by that name.

    John Doe : No. It's me. I'm his kid. That's why he's kept me alive. He's trying to play some sick game with me.

    Maggie Burroughs : *He* is dead, all right. He's dead, and your not his kid.

    John Doe : How do you know?

    [points at Orphanage Woman] 

    John Doe : She remembered me.

    Maggie Burroughs : She remembered me, too, and 50 other imaginary friends. Let's get out of here.

  • John Doe : Free me, you idiot! I'm your fucking memory!

  • Springwood Teacher : Here's a crucial point! Anybody know what I'm getting at? Anybody? C'mon people! We covered this!

    [jabs time line on chalkboard with pointer] 

    Springwood Teacher : This is where they took away his child!

    John Doe : What child?

    Springwood Teacher : Taken away, put in a town orphanage.

    John Doe : [to Maggie]  Freddy had a kid. Freddy had a kid!

    [John and Maggie leave quickly] 

    Springwood Teacher : [to empty classroom again]  Fourteen hundred and ninety four: Freddy came back... to look... for more...

  • John Doe : Carlos?

    [Spencer crashes through kitchen window, flies across the table then finally ends up on the floor] 

    John Doe : I found Spencer!

  • John Doe : [Spencer is being violently attacked by Freddy in a dream]  I'll go into his dream, I'll try and bring him out before he gets killed.

    Maggie Burroughs : That's crazy.

    [Spencer suddenly flies to his feet, launches into the ceiling and gets his head stuck] 

    John Doe : Well, what do you call that? Rational?

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