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Decent songs, terrible film
anthony_fernandes8021 July 2016
I watched the film a few years ago again, after having initially watched it when it released, as a kid. The production values are pretty bad and the film looks dated even for 1990-1991 when it hit the screens. Compared to their other blockbuster Dil, which released around the same time, Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit look disinterested in this one. Madhuri's make-up doesn't help either.

Oh yes, the plot. Aamir is obsessed with Madhuri and gets away with his madness only because he is the hero of the film (?) Really? Thisis how stalkers are born. Despite her rejecting him several times, the hero does not give up to the point that it is annoying and you almost want him arrested (even though he is in the film at one point if I recall correctly).

Ranjeeta made an appearance and so did Khushboo. Performance wise, both leads try but aren't above ordinary really.

So why 5 stars if the film is this bad? Only because some of the songs by Anand-Milind and Sameer are really good! Listen to Main Sehra baandh ke or the title track or even Khadi Rahi or Hum Tumse Mohabbat and you might just agree with me.
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