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Season 3

25 Sep. 1993
The Eagle Has Landed
Whiny patient Casey MacAfee is revealed to be a spy from the corporation that bought the hospital -- and she quickly is promoted to hospital administrator. Meanwhile, Gina announces to her coworkers that she's pregnant, Hank proposes to her, and Jack begins lusting after Casey.
2 Oct. 1993
Send in the Gowns
When it's discovered that the new gowns Casey ordered are flammable, Jack takes the fall. Meanwhile, Hank tries to re-propose to Gina, and Annie finds herself unable to confront Casey, who keeps politely brushing her off.
9 Oct. 1993
Casey installs a security camera in front of the nurse's station, Jack poses as a doctor and winds up in surgery, and Hank tries to prod Julie into revealing where Gina is staying.
16 Oct. 1993
Jack's Indecent Proposal
Jack offers Casey a million dollars to sleep with him and Hank tries to find a way to get to San Pokeno to see Gina.
6 Nov. 1993
The Bridges of Dade Country
Annie becomes attracted to a patient; Jack tries to sabotage Casey's date with Harry Weston by throwing Hank's bachelor party in the same restaurant.
13 Nov. 1993
No, But I Played One on TV
A group of TV doctors are on hand for a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Jack saves a choking woman, but she credits Chad Everett as the hero, further fueling Jack's hate for the actor.
20 Nov. 1993
Temporary Setbacks
Jack attempts to get a New York cheesecake and a liver for a transplant delivered to the heliport, while Hank and Gina bump into Carol Weston and Sophia Petrillo in Lamaze class.
27 Nov. 1993
The Birth of a Marriage
Hank and Gina argue over their wedding when Gina goes into labor, so the hospital chaplain has to wed them.

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