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Season 5

19 Sep. 1995
A Taylor Runs Through It
When the family travels to the wedding of Jill's favorite cousin, Tim and the boys are determined to use all their free time in outdoor activities.
26 Sep. 1995
The First Temptation of Tim
Binford Tools has been sold to Bud Harper. He wants to take the show to the national level, but Tim has to fire Al and replace him with a younger man. Tim refuses.
3 Oct. 1995
Her Cheatin' Mind
When Tim finds out Jill's new book club member is a good looking guy, Tim decides he needs to also join the book club. At the next meeting, he brings a new perspective on a classic book.
17 Oct. 1995
Jill's Surprise Party
Tim tries to throw a surprise 39th birthday party for Jill, but she suddenly decides to go to Ohio to reacquire her childhood piano. When she finds that it's been converted into a fish tank, Tim decides to get it back and restore it as a gift.
24 Oct. 1995
Advise and Repent
Jill gets a good grade on a psychology paper and starts to give advice to the father of Randy's girlfriend. It causes the parents to start arguing. When talking it over with Wilson and Judith, they start to disagree.
31 Oct. 1995
Let Them Eat Cake
Tool Time is up for an award, and Tim, Jill, Al, and Ilene attend the banquet party. While the Taylors are out of the house, Brad and his friend throw a Halloween party. Also, Mark has an ear ache.
7 Nov. 1995
The Look
Bud talks Tim into buying his Pistons season tickets, which cost $4000. When he gets home and talks with his sons about his purchase they're excited at first, until they find out he didn't discuss it with Jill, his wife. Even his kids know that isn't going to work. When Jill gets home and finds out about what Tim spent on the tickets things get a little hot around the Taylor house hold. While the Taylors try to work out an agreement on the tickets; the guys down at the hardware store discuss how women get the upper hand in arguments with what's called "The Look".
14 Nov. 1995
Room Without a View
Tim builds Randy a new room in the basement.
21 Nov. 1995
Chicago Hope
When Tim has to go to Chicago for a business meeting Jill plans a romantic evening for the two of them while they're there.
28 Nov. 1995
Doctor in the House
Tim is awarded an honorary doctorate by his old college, bewildering Jill as she works for her own master's degree. However, Tim begins to wonder whether his school's reasons have little to do with respect for his show.
5 Dec. 1995
That's My Momma
Tim's former tool shop teacher is visiting and meets Tim's mother. The mother and teacher start seeing each other and Tim is not happy about this. He is hesitant to talk to his mother on an emotional level.
12 Dec. 1995
'Twas the Flight Before Christmas
Tim & Al attend a winter festival for Binford. At the airport, everything is shut down due to snow. The boys decorate for the holiday judging contest. Al's mother wants to join Al & Ilene for New Years; Ilene gives Al an ultimatum.
9 Jan. 1996
Oh, Brother
Tim hires his younger brother Marty to work for him. This proves to be the usual disaster, making both men miserable. Just when Tim appears to be ready to work things out, Marty quits. After a brief awkwardness, they make up and Tim sends him to a friend at a construction outfit to work.
16 Jan. 1996
High School Confidential
Randy has science and math abilities that land him in high school classes, which irritates Brad. Tim and Al introduce "The Man's Bedroom" on Tool Time.
30 Jan. 1996
Tanks for the Memories
Tim is invited to a Marine base for a special Tool Time episode, but is embarrassed when Jill proves more capable at driving a tank.
6 Feb. 1996
The Vasectomy One
Jill wants Tim to get a vasectomy since they do not want any more children. Tim shudders to think of the operation. Also, Randy is voted as having the best butt at high school.
13 Feb. 1996
Fear of Flying
Jill struggles in her piano lessons. Mark finds a new hobby in aviation, but Jill is hesitant to let him take to the sky.
20 Feb. 1996
When Harry Kept Dolores
Harry and Dolores separate after a heated argument, and Tim tries to figure out a way to get them back together again.
27 Feb. 1996
Eye on Tim
Tim is featured on a different show, but the show's host prefers Tim's features.
5 Mar. 1996
The Bud Bowl
Brad's girlfriend Angela wants to set up Randy with her sister. Tim & Jill go bowling with Bud and his wife. Tim and Jill are winning, and Tim thinks they should lose in case Bud gets upset and it affects his job at Tool Time.
12 Mar. 1996
Engine and a Haircut, Two Fights
Brad helps Tim with rebuilding the hotrod and they have a disagreement about the work. Brad also gets a haircut that causes disagreements. Randy gets the lead in Romeo and Juliet play at school. Jill offers to help with rehearsals.
2 Apr. 1996
The Longest Day
The family finds out that Randy may have cancer.
30 Apr. 1996
Mr. Wilson's Opus
Wilson directs the school production of Romeo and Juliet.
7 May 1996
Shopping Around
Tim is upset to find that his former shop teacher may be cheating on Tim's mother.
14 May 1996
Alarmed by Burglars
When Wilson is the victim of a break-in, Jill becomes safety-obsessed and gets Tim to install a high-tech security system.
21 May 1996
Games, Flames & Automobiles
Al invests his life savings to market a "Tool Time" board game and hinges his decision to propose to Ilene on the game's success.

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