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Season 7

24 Dec. 1996
Surviving Christmas
Gordon takes the staff for a military-style team-building exercise into Wales. While dealing with the rigors of the wild, they are relentlessly pursued by would-be assassins. Gordon's well-intentioned motivational skills make things worse.
6 Jan. 1997
The Elephants' Child
Gordon's day starts stepping into elephant dung, collected by Colin who lost an engagement ring in it. Tim is terrified enough of the bunji-jump Brittas arranged to pretend he's sick and thus avoids telling 'tough' lover Gavin, (who actually has agoraphobia). Helen tries to stage a fur coat's theft as an insurance scam helped by Julie.
13 Jan. 1997
Reviewing the Situation
Gordon orders all the staff to do a critical report on a colleague's performance. Tim is to do a report for him, but is now found to have unofficially changed his name to Whistler (being fatherless) Goebbels, so Gordon considers Tim as non-existent. Linda meanwhile enjoys armed police protection from P.C. Greg Edwards as she is a witness against a mobster. Helen's latest obsession is bidding absurd prices for junk at auctions which she expects staff to accept 'gratefully'. The results surprise everybody.
20 Jan. 1997
Mr. Brittas had the leisure center renovated and thoroughly computerized, painstakingly detailed and cumbersome to operate when it works and seems to put the staff out of work, even harder to beat when reality doesn't conform to its options. Councillor Druggett trusts Britas will hang himself being given a free hand to spend lottery and European subsidy funds. Tim and Gavin enlist the sabotaging help of a hacking schoolboy, so everything goes wrong even worse then usual...
27 Jan. 1997
Wake Up the Lion Within
Gordon has entered the leisure center for a European excellence price and expects everyone to prepare for the inspection using the 'inner lion' roar to tap one's unused potential which he learned at a loony Florida course. Alas in Carole's case this unleashes a power-hungry side of her personality, which tricks Gordon into resigning over an accident she stages to take over as a despotic manager who makes everyone's lives so miserable they actually all want Brittas back.
3 Feb. 1997
The Disappearing Act
Although he feels it undermines the team spirit, Gordon must award the council's employee of the month prize, a weekend in Paris, which spurs the staff into remarkable initiative. Alas it goes very wrong for Linda, whose gym equipment boost causes constructional havoc, and Colin, whose magic act for the birthday party packet -Gavin's idea, but others claim credit- involving various animals proves dangerous for himself, animals and party guests.
10 Feb. 1997
Gavin Featherly R. I. P.
Before dragging the staff to a shaggy sea resort for the annual 'team building' event, Gordon makes Gavin confess to a record company of infringing their copyright. After receiving a letter they sue for £10,000 - he takes Colin's experimental spud-powered motorboat to sea and goes missing for days. Gordon assumes he's dead and organizes a cheap 'funeral' without telling the family -all overseas- there is no body. French pirates picked Gavin up and put him up for sale as a slave. Tim blames himself for writing the letter as a prank but is furious to hear that Gavin ...
17 Feb. 1997
Crusader TV reporter Roger Ferguson's budget is exhausted by a Nigerian trip, so he chooses the leisure center as next target for his 'documentary'. Gordon is confident his experience obtained from a PR course will result in favourable publicity, and even hires a gorgeous model as stand-in for Colin, but the real one's tropical rodents spread a bubonic fever. Gordon's over-confident 'damage control' makes it all much worse, and 'preventively' attracts the press.
24 Feb. 1997
Curse of the Tiger Women
After a weird curse from a gypsy about fatal food, the staff is afraid to eat Gordon's self-baked cake to celebrate the leisure center's seventh anniversary; Mr. Brittas's friend Harold ate some kedgeree and dies. Helen and Carol figure out the receptionists' twins were fathered by Gordon -a twin, father of Helen's twins- when everybody was in costume at Julie's party, believing he was with his wife. Councillor Jack Drugget happily reports the municipal council voted Gordon must go on early retirement, but dies himself after enjoying a biscuit in Gordon's office. And ...

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