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Season 6

27 Feb. 1996
Back with a Bang
After his near burial-alive, Gordon has been put together as a bionic man, but his therapy includes not being told he was dead. For Linda it's an opportunity to study life after death for theological college, for Helen a nightmare. Councilor Jack Drugget explains some nasty financial twists. Tim and Gavin have a row and turn to girl-friends, including Carol who become allergic to anything recalling Trap or Austria having been dumped for a nun. Colin remembers the croquet case bomb- too late?
12 Mar. 1996
Body Language
Gordon's latest obsession is to teach the staff to read and use body-language, but he still can't understand words or actions. Tim forgets about his grudge against Gavin's managerial 'corruption' when his gay mate refuses to go home despite eye trouble caused by an experimental drug.
26 Mar. 1996
At the Double
Gordon programs a performance by the Ruthenian State Circus- actually three bumblers, lead by Vlad, who looks just like Brittas and flirts with all ladies, including his staff. The Chattanooga 'church' wants to make Gordon a polygamous elder or even a bishop. Exhausted from their nightly catering business, Gavin and Tim are sleepy on the job. Colin is insulted when Brittas refuses to include his dubious herbal potion in the center's recent merchandising spree. Helen's depression because of her apparent failing sex-appeal makes her an easy target for Mrs. Bidmead, who ...
2 Apr. 1996
A Walk on the Wildside
Tim eagerly joins a meditation course to fight stress, but ends up in deadly panic in the aftermath of Gordon's initially misguided right of passage policy and Colin's killer disease samples for preventive self-infection. While Gordon infuriates a legitimate Face in the Crowd prize-claimant, the course instructor turns out to have wed Helen years before Gordon.
9 Apr. 1996
We All Fall Down
Brittas organizes a week of fund-raising for Peace and Hunger featuring various sports marathons. Alas his emphasis on keeping to the rules makes many people's efforts invalid and pledged sums beyond sponsors' means. Tim discovers he's paid less than his colleagues and goes berserk, taking hostages and another desperate measure later on. The 'Olympic torch and eternal flame show' outdoes its own disaster potential, on TV.
16 Apr. 1996
Mr Brittas Falls in Love
After touring European leisure centers for the EU, Mr. Brittas is rather poetic, having fallen in love, like his wife, with Ingrid- a dolphin, and he believes in the species' therapeutic powers. Only Linda firmly opposes as 'animal abuse' Gordon's 'healing day' next Tuesday. Tim turns the canteen to culinary heights, alas wasted on the clients, only Carol and her closet kids enjoy the pricey menus. Rosemary Rawlinson, who has a speech - and hearing impediment, is staying two weeks as a learning experience, warmly welcomed by ever disgusting Colin. Alas Julie messes up...
23 Apr. 1996
Snap Happy
Having a staff picture taken by a professional photographer while English Heritage inspector Hampries checks the building sounds easy enough. But Mr. Britas manages to start a chain of catastrophes, helped by Helen who takes her therapist's advice to get over her anxiety by taking a parachute course with the neighboring RAF. A pool event turns dirty, in a big way, due to contaminated sandwiches - a problem left for Gavin to solve.

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