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Season 4

10 Jan. 1994
Not a Good Day...
Veteran running star Sebastian Coe, MP, is in the leisure center for a grand opening, but not only finds it's just a toilet they name after him, everybody keeps running off, chasing an 8-year old boy for not paying a 20 cent ticket; Coe even gets caught with his foot in a dead man's bicycle lock while he must urgently get to parliament. Meanwhile Carol's toddler son Ben has escaped by sawing his way out of the cupboard she keeps him in while trying desperately to apply Mr. Brittas' countless tariff rules, so she and Helen bait a trap cage for him. The arrested kid's ...
17 Jan. 1994
The Christening
Now his twin sons are born, Gordon Brittas makes the whole staff study in detail the perfect christening service. However his brother Horatio, a clergyman who is to preside, tells him he fell in love with a girl but has a problem- before he can elaborate, Mrs. Helen Brittas, who was too busy pondering which hat to wear to notice earlier, bursts in having forgotten the kids somewhere, so everyone is send out searching. Horatio's dear Philippa Belmont proves obnoxious enough to infuriate both Brittas spouses at her very first conversation with either. After someone else...
24 Jan. 1994
Biggles Tells a Lie
On a rare day when Gordon Brittas is out, everybody is surprised to see his office taken by 'manager' Colin Weatherby, almost unrecognizably well-dressed, no smell. The reason sits there too: his daughter Stephanie from a brief affair, visiting for the first time ever, all the way from Tasmania, expecting the perfect father as he wrote her over the years to have various talents and occupations, such as an author pen-name and a TV show. Mr. Brittas was just returning a pen he had taken with him, but can't resist helping Tim with a boiler problem- which happens to be ...
31 Jan. 1994
Mr Brittas Changes Trains
Gordon is most eager to depart to press his candidacy for a European Comittee on the Leisure Industry at a dinner, but finds his wife Helen -who tells Laura he always drives waiters so furious they throw food at them- has psychosomatically blocked muscles and various staff members are programmed to make wacky responses to certain signals -Colin even drops trou- by a hypnotist. So Gordon asks him to cure Helen, but when he also goes in trance Laura convinces the therapist to temporarily remove his need to change the world...
7 Feb. 1994
Playing with Fire
As Helen has (conveniently?) booked a week in Cornwall a week before Gordon's leave, he's even more focused on the job, notably energy conservation week, producing a mountain of forms to be filled in (five page) at every use of electric equipment. Colin build a complete methane digestion system for human bio-waste. Gavin's fiancée Jenny turns up after five years abroad, and has amnesia. His gay colleague, house-mate and partner Tim goes trough hell while Mr.Brittas champions the welcome committee. When Gavin tells she was in psychiatric therapy for years after her ...
14 Feb. 1994
Shall We Dance?
Gordon Brittas sees the annual official dance as a rare occasion for his staff to mix with society, but is gravely disappointed when many seem unable or unwilling to get a suitable partner. Colin asks his milk delivery woman. Carol places an add and gets an answer from her first teenage boy friend, who is now wealthy but gets his hand stuck in the suggestion box, and gets into worse trouble. Laura's Texan ex-partner Michael T. Farrell turns up, disinherited and broke. Gordons wife has rushed back home, but in what state. The weather isn't festive either.
28 Feb. 1994
The Chop
Mr. Brittas has the staff play an intricate board game which paints a grim vision on life, seemingly designed to show hard work pays, but as Tim finds out only demonstrates life is not fair. Councilor Jack Drugget, the new man in charge of sports, announces the council simply is no longer prepared to foot the bill for the leisure center's enormous deficit, and offers Brittas a generous pension with a bonus if he leaves the county, but he won't hear of it. Receptionist Carol asks Laura to help convince Gordon her son Ben needs a larger cupboard. Helen brings in a dog ...
6 Mar. 1994
High Noon
Since the last disaster actually got Gordon fired, he took a new job, as attendant in a petrol station, where Laura isn't surprised to witness his obsession for rules causes endless lines of unhappy clients. An hour later, Helen tell Laura Gordon has already been sacked; only Colin misses his endless staff meetings and other nonsense. The new manager of the leisure center, Alan Digby, has got a daily visit and unwanted detailed 'suggestions', but this time Gordon delivers a weather clock, installs it personally, tinkers with the time table and manages to exasperate a ...

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