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Baby Talk was fun to watch
jtmacnab8 September 2003
I have read some other comments of the show Baby Talk and they do not do this great show justice.

I watched Baby Talk when it first came out when my daughter was only 5 (she is now 15), and we both really liked it. It was cute, original, and a fresh show to see on TV. I was happy they made the "Look Who's Talking" movie into a series.

I loved the Cute blond litte guy that played it, the voice of Tony Danza was perfect and with Scott Baio and Mary Page Keller plus the lady next store it was great to see and miss it greatly. I hope someday they bring it back on TV in re-runs.

If you do know that it is playing somewhere, give it a try. Remember it is made for us parents of young children, old older children. Not to be taken seriously. All for fun. Good comedy.
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An absolute ABC classic!
Catherine_Grace_Zeh22 January 2006
"BABY TALK," is my opinion, is an absolute ABC classic! I don't think I've seen every episode, but I still enjoyed it. It's hard to say which episode was my favorite. However, I think it was always funny when a mishap occurred. I always laughed at that. Despite the fact that it was a short-lived series and I preferred Mary Page Keller over Julia Duffy as Maggie, it would have been if everyone stayed with the show throughout its entire run. It seems that no one stays with a show throughout its entire run. Everyone always gave a good performance, the production design was spectacular, the costumes were well-designed, and the writing was always very strong. In conclusion, I hope some network brings it back on the air for fans of the show to see.
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No wonder this was so unpopular!
wishkah718 June 2001
Baby Talk came out when I was just finishing junior high and entering high school. Everybody I knew in school just hated Baby Talk. Including me. I hated it when I watched the pilot episode when it debuted on ABC. Baby Talk was basically a pathetic attempt to try to keep the 'Look Who's Talking' movies in the public eye. And what a waste this was. It's about a single mother who's raising a baby that could talk in his mind, and it's the usual smart-allecky, so-called precocious jibber-jabber. Where's the fun in that? If anything, it's totally dull. Even Ren and Stimpy were more entertaining!

I've heard Julia Duffy left the show after one season, and Connie Sellecca auditioned for the role of the mom and dropped out at the last minute. What was Mary Page Keller doing wasting her acting abilities in a lame show like this? Even Scott Biao could've been in something more amusing. Also, I've heard nothing seemed to deter ABC to make this inane sit-com a success. Baby Talk was also the "Worst Show in Television" in a viewer poll in the year this show came out. So, in perspective, Baby Talk killed itself. Literally.

George Clooney made some appearences in this show, but watch ER or some of his movies instead. Let's all hope no network picks up any Baby Talk reruns. It's no wonder this show was such a flop, just one viewing of an episode, and you could see why.
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Why was this show cancelled it was outstanding!
mfloyd-315 November 2004
I watched this show when it first aired on ABC. I liked right off the start. The real stars of the show were the babies. I've read the comments that other viewers made about this show. I'm one of the ones that believe that this was an excellent show. I was so upset when the network cancelled this show. What really upsets me is that networks always look at the ratings of a show and decide whether or not a show should be cancelled without even giving the show a chance to succeed with viewers. This show succeeded with me. This show should never have been cancelled. I was so appalled at the cancellation of this show. If I were the network president I would give every show a chance to succeed with viewers before cancelling it.
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the dullest comedy-series ever
laci11L6 April 1999
This show has no fun, no subject, no characters, in one word it has ZERO

It is a lame copy of the Look Who's Talking X films, which also weren't brilliant but had a quantity of funny things that decreased from the first to last film. Only the voice of Danza has a bit of edge with his humour. George Clooney is young and maybe goodlooking but that's all, no acting at all. the first "mother"-Duffy is likable and blonde but not much more.
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