Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (1989) Poster

Loles León: Lola



  • Marina Osorio : I'm taking my panties off. They show.

    Lola : What's worse, showing your panties or your pussy?

  • Lola : You're crazy! How can you love a kidnapper who ties you up? You think that's normal? You must be in shock. You can't be that kinky!

  • Montadora : It's more of a love story than a horror story.

    Máximo Espejo : They can be hard to tell apart.

    Lola : We've got a blockbuster.

  • Lola : We're doing a number at the party tonight. I promised Maximo.

    Marina Osorio : What kind?

    Lola : Something sexy. But nothing complicated. From our old act.

    Marina Osorio : I'm not sure I remember.

    Lola : Sure you do. Some tits here, some ass there.

  • Lola : He'll be the end of my producing career.

    Marina Osorio : He's the nicest director I've ever had.

    Lola : That's just it. He'd like to be even nicer. You knew that, yet you still took off your panties!

    Marina Osorio : So what?

    Lola : So he sees that, gets aroused, and changes everything so he can save you!

  • Lola : Hold on! Hold on! Nobody leave. Someone stole my Walkman.

  • Máximo Espejo : We all missed Marina. What's keeping her?

    Lola : I just spoke to her. Your rain scene made her toothache worse.

    Alma : He told me all about it. It sounded amazing!

    Lola : Sure, it's great hanging in the rain for hours like "A Man Called Horse."

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