Misery (1990) Poster


Richard Farnsworth: Buster



  • Sheriff John T. 'Buster' McCain : [Reading from one of the Misery books]  There is a judge higher than that of man, I will be judged by Him.

  • Virginia McCain : [teasing Buster about a fake affair as she looks through the new Misery books]  Well, whoever she is, she sure likes to read a lot.

    Sheriff John T. 'Buster' McCain : Virginia, I'm flattered that you think I have that kind of energy. I figure that if I can't find Paul Sheldon, at least I'll find out what he wrote about.

    Virginia McCain : Well, what do you expect to find? A story about a guy who drove his car off a cliff in a snowstorm?

    Sheriff John T. 'Buster' McCain : You see, it's just that kind of sarcasm that's given our marriage real spice.

  • Virginia McCain : [Virginia and Buster are driving along the mountain road] 


    Virginia McCain : Well, this sure is fun.

    [She later takes her hand and lovingly rubs Buster's leg] 

    Sheriff John T. 'Buster' McCain : [Buster is sensing what's going on]  Virginia, when you're in this car, you're not my wife, you're my deputy.

    [He takes her hand and puts it back on the steering wheel] 

    Virginia McCain : [Sarcastically]  Well, this deputy would rather be home under the covers with the sheriff.

  • Virginia McCain : We got a phone call? Busy morning.

    Sheriff John T. 'Buster' McCain : Yeah. Work, work, work.

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