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San Francisco Chronicle
With House Party, the Hudlins have made a happy, harmless romp of a movie that, in its own minor way, manages to make a contribution to black cinema. There is a measure of social equality in the mere fact that black teens get stupid movies made about them, too. [9 Mar 1990, p.E6]
House Party captures contemporary black teen culture in a way that’s fresh, commercial and very catchy.
House Party isn't a great movie, but it's heartfelt and enormously winning. In its own modest, ramshackle way, it manages to seem innocent even when it's profane. And maybe a party that demonstrates that those two qualities aren't necessarily opposed is exactly the kind we need.
The movie is slick and cartoonish but also extremely clever, and its unabashed conventionality is exactly what’s fun about it.
Unlike most teen-age movies, which attempt to impose some kind of adult order and significance on the events they recall, House Party has the light touch, rude wit and immediacy of rap as improvised by someone in top form.
This movie has a rhythm. It's exaggerated, loud and consciously vulgar, but the breezy self-assurance carries it along.
House Party is silly and high-spirited and not particularly significant, and that is just as it should be.
Tampa Bay Times
Most of the time the film slides along on funky music, lively dance and snappy street-style dialogue. Other teen comedies feature more hair-raising plots and spectacular stunts; other teen comedies are far more sexually explicit. House Party has a wistful, almost naive, air that runs counter to the broad-based perception of young blacks as hardened and hopeless, one step away from doing hard time. [9 Mar 1990, p.6]
House Party aims for the mainstream and hits it- perhaps too often.
USA Today
House Party has enough youthful exuberance to shake the rafters. Too bad it has enough plot to fill only a closet. [8 Mar 1990, p.4D]

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