House Party (1990) Poster


Christopher Reid: Christopher 'Kid' Harris



  • Pop : [When Kid is about to go to bed]  I wouldn't do that just yet.


    Pop : 'Cause your ass is mine.

    Kid : [music starts]  Look, Pop, I can explain...

    Pop : I'll whip that damn high top fade up off ya. I'm sick of your shit. I done worked too hard and too


    Pop : LONG for you to be running over me like you're outta your damn mind. I done walked all across this damn city, got stopped by the


    Pop : GOD-damn law, looking for your monkey ass.

    [Kid: Pop!] 

    Pop : All y'all kids over there dancing,


    Pop : doing the grind, and the


    Pop : PEEPIN' and hiding, but I know your ass. You was there, wasn't ya? Wasn't ya? Wasn't ya? WASN'T YA?


    Pop : I'm running the show around here. I'm wearing the pants and the apron, and I'm wearing yo' ass OUT!

    [4 smacks] 

    Pop : Whip ya 'till I get sleepy, 'cause I'm wide awoke, 'cause I


    Pop : JUST woke up. You think 'cause you're, you're big and yellow, I'm supposed to be like Mello. Hell


    Pop : NAW! I'll start a fight in an empty


    Pop : ROOM!

    [Kid: Ow!] 

    Pop : You can call Child Abusers if you


    Pop : WANT to, but they better not come in here 'cause I'll kick their ass too.

    [3 smacks] 

    Pop : I'm gonna give you a whipping from now ON! I'll kick the cowboy shit out of you.

    [horse neigh, gallop, smack] 

    Kid : Hey, Pop! Pop!

    Pop : Get your ass to bed. And don't wake up 'till I TELL you to!

  • Kid : I wish I could come out and play with you tonight, but I'm a little busy... with your girl on my lap.

  • Kid : [when the prisoners were drawing straws to see who gets Kid]  Is there any way to stop this?

    Fats : Richard Pryor said that when he was in prison, he kept folks laughing to keep their mind off his booty. Do you know any jokes?

    Kid : I don't know any jokes.

    Fats : Well, you better think of something.

    Kid : What if I can't think of anything?

    Fats : Light's out, party's over, cake's on the griddle, and you're already greased.

  • Pop : Kid, your breakfast's on the table boy, you wanna come down here and eat this shit before it gets cold?

    Kid : It would help if you didn't call it shit, Pops.

    Pop : It would help me too if you get your ass down here & eat it!

  • Kid : Wave your hands in the air, everybody!

  • Play : That's going to mess with your dating time. That's mating time. And how is it going to look, watching TV with Uncle Fester?

    Kid : It's Uncle Otis.

    Play : Whatever! But Sidney, she has a home. A house, with a rec room. You know what time it is! Go downstairs in that basement, sofa bed, pow! You're in there!

  • Cop #2 : Wow, would You look at this Kid's Hair... Hey, Eraser-Head, where You going?

    Kid : Why You wanna know?

    Cop #1 : HEY, We'll ask the Questions, You answer!

    Kid : Sir!

    Cop #1 : He looks Young, You wanna check Him for I.D.?

    Cop #2 : We're out of Donuts.

    Cop #1 : Oh? Well then, let's go.

    Cop #2 : Hey, You watch Yourself, cause "We" are!

    Kid : [after the Cops Drive off]  Thank You Cagney, and Lacey.

  • Bilal : Yo Kid, we have yo back.

    Kid : Yeah, way back.

  • Pee Wee : [Zilla about to punch Kid again]  Wait! Wait! Okay, now! Now!

    [Zilla punches Kid and throws him towards the table] 

    Pee Wee : .

    Stab : Whatcha got to say now, punk?

    Kid : Your Shaolin technique is very good!

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