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Joe Pesci: Harry



  • Harry : Where did he go?

    Marv : Maybe he committed suicide.

    Kevin McCallister : Down here you big horse's ass, come and get me before I call the police.

  • Marv : Kids are scared of the dark.

    Harry : You're afraid of the dark, too, Marv.

  • Harry : Why the hell did you take your shoes off?

    Marv : Why the hell are you dressed like a chicken?

  • Harry : Hi.

    Sondra McCallister : Hi.

    Harry : Are your parents home?

    Sondra McCallister : Yeah.

    Harry : Do they live here?

    Sondra McCallister : No!

    [walks off] 

    Harry : No. Why should they? All kids. No parents. Probably a fancy orphanage.

  • Marv : [Harry and Marv arrive at the Mcallister house at 9:00PM]  So how do you want to get in?

    Harry : We'll go thru the back. Maybe the kid will let us in, you never know.

    Marv : Yeah. He's a kid. Kids are stupid.

  • Marv : Out the window?

    [Harry starts climbing out onto a zip line] 

    Marv : I'm not going out the window!

    Harry : What're you scared, Marv? Are you afraid? C'mon, get out here.

    Marv : [Marv follows Harry and they start across the rope]  Ohhh, let's go back. Let's go back, Harry!

    Harry : Shut up, Marv!

    Kevin McCallister : [Holds a pair of hedge shears to the rope on his end]  Hey guys, check this out!

    Harry : Huh, oh, go back!

    Marv : Oh! Good!

    [They start making their way back] 

    Marv , Harry : [Kevin severs the rope and both of them drop]  AHHHHHHHHHH!

    [They slam into a brick wall and fall to the ground] 

  • Peter McCallister : Hi.

    Harry : Hi. Are you Mr. McCallister?

    Peter McCallister : Yeah.

    Harry : The Mr. McCallister who lives here?

    Peter McCallister : Yes.

    Pizza Boy : Oh, good, because somebody owes me $122.50.

  • Harry : [Kevin was almost mowed down by Harry and Marv]  Hey, hey! You gotta watch out for traffic, son. You know?

    Kevin McCallister : Sorry.

    Harry : Damn!

    Marv : [to Kevin]  Santy don't visit the funeral homes, little buddy.

    Harry : Okay, okay. Merry Christmas.

    [smiles; his gold tooth glistens; Kevin gasps] 

  • Harry : [Marv brings a load of stolen goods from the Murphy household to the van and Harry sees him laughing]  What's so funny? What are you laughing at? You did it again didn't you? You left the water running. What's wrong with you? Why do you do that? I told you not to do it.

    Marv : Harry, it's our calling card!

    Harry : Calling card.

    Marv : All the great ones leave their mark. We're the wet bandits!

  • [Harry and Marv have caught Kevin in the Murphy's house and hung him on the basement door] 

    Marv : What are we gonna do to him, Harry?

    Harry : We'll do exactly what he did to us: we're gonna burn his head with a blowtorch!

    Marv : And smash his face with an iron!

    Harry : How about we slap him in the face with a paint can!

    Marv : Or shove a nail through his foot!

    [Behind them, Marley sneaks in with his snow shovel] 

    Harry : First thing I'm gonna do is to bite off every one of these little fingers, one at a time...

    [Marley raises his shovel and knocks Marv out cold, Harry turns around only to be knocked out, too. Marley lifts Kevin off the door] 

    Marley : Come on, let's get you home.

  • Harry : [timidly]  What're you doin', Marv?

    Marv : [looking at Buzz's tarantula at rest on Harry; whispering warningly]  Harry, don't move!

    Harry : [questioningly]  Maaarv?

    Marv : [a little loudly at first, then to a whisper, then attempts to kill the tarantula with his crowbar]  Don't...! Move...

    Harry : [timidly again]  What, what're you doin'? M - Marv...?

    [Marv hits him with the crowbar, but the tarantula escapes into Buzz's room] 

    Harry : Aiee! Jeez... so... crumbin!

    Marv : [hurriedly looking around for the tarantula]  Did I get him?


    Marv : Did I get him? Where'd it go? Where is it?

    Harry : [starts wacking Marv with his crowbar, the tossing it aside]  Never mind, now how do you like that, *huh*? Ya jerk! Get that kid, Marv, get that kid!

  • [From trailer] 

    Marv : He's a kid. Kids are stupid. I know I was.

    Harry : You still are, Marv.

  • Harry : [knocks on the back door]  Merry Christmas, little fella. We know that you're in there, and that you're all alone.

    Marv : Yeah, come on, kid, open up. It's Santy Claus... and his elf!

    Harry : [snickers]  We're not gonna hurt you.

    Marv : Oh no, no, we got some nice presents for you.

    [Below their heads, Kevin slowly pushes the barrel of the air rifle through the doggie door and takes aim at Harry's groin] 

    Harry : Be a good little fella now, and open the door.


    Harry : [high-pitched]  AAAAAAHHHHHHHHOOOO...

    [Cursing fluently under his breath, he hops around holding his crotch, and falls to his knees] 

    Marv : What?

    [Harry falls down, still groaning and cursing] 

    Marv : What? What happened?

    Harry : Get the little...!

    [Marv goes back and sticks his head through the dog door... and sees Kevin laying on his belly on the floor, aiming the air rifle right between his eyes. Marv smiles lamely] 

    Kevin McCallister : Hello.


    Marv : AH! AHHH...!

    [Marv falls back out of the doggie door, clutching his face] 

    Kevin McCallister : Yes! Yes! Yes-yes-yes-yes!

    [He runs off to prepare the next trap] 

    Marv : The little jerk is armed!

    Harry : That's it, that's it! I'm going round the front, you go down to the basement!

    [He storms off, swearing under his breath] 

  • Harry : [sitting outside the McCallister house]  I don't get it. I mean right now it looks like there's nobody home. Last night the place was jumping. Something ain't right.

    Harry : [to Marv] 

    Harry : Go check it out.

    Marv : [Stares blankly]  Now?

    Harry : No tomorrow, egghead. NOW! GET! "Now".

  • Marv : He's gonna call the cops!

    Harry : He's not callin' the - from a tree house?

  • Harry : [Barges through the kitchen door after his head is blow-torched]  Where are you, you little creep?

  • Harry : You bomb me with one more can, kid, and I'll snap off your cajones and boil them in motor oil!

  • Marv : [listening to a phone message in the house they are robbing]  Hey, Harry, that house we were at last night, was that the McCallisters?

    Harry : Yeah.

    Marv : You're right. They're gone.

    Harry : I knew they were.

    Marv : Silver tuna tonight!

  • Kevin McCallister : [behind the dining room door]  Oh no, I'm really scared!

    Harry : It's too late for you, kid; we're already in the house. We're gonna get ya!

    Kevin McCallister : OK, come and get me!

  • Harry : [Harry, disguised as a cop greets Peter who's just come down the stairs]  Are you Mr McCallister?

    Peter McCallister : Yeah.

    Harry : The Mr McCallister who lives here?

    Peter McCallister : Yes.

    Pizza Boy : [chiming in]  Oh good, because someone owes me $122.50.

    Harry : I'd like a word with you, Sir.

    Peter McCallister : Am I under arrest or something like that?

    Harry : No, no, no, no, no. It's Christmastime. There's always a lot of burglaries around the holidays. So we're just checking the neighbourhood to see if everyone's taking the proper precautions. That's all.

    Peter McCallister : Oh, well we have automatic timers for our lights. Locks for our doors. That's about as good as you can get these days. Did you get some egg nog or something like that?

    Buzz McCallister : [comes down the stairs]  Come on, Dad. Let's eat.

    Harry : Egg... egg nog?

    [Peter goes off with Buzz] 

    Harry : Hey, listen will you be leaving... er?

    [trailing off] 

    Kevin McCallister : [Kevin charges down the stairs]  Pizza! Pizza! Pizza!

  • Harry : I think we're getting scammed by a kindergartener.

  • Officer Devereux : Hey, you know we've been looking for you two guys for a long time. You guys are always leaving the water running whenever you break in, now we know each and every house you guys have hit.

    Marv : Yeah. But remember, we're the wet bandits. The wet bandits. W-E-T.

    Harry : [shouting]  Shut up.

  • Harry : [pointing to the McCallister house]  That's the one, Marv, that's the silver tuna.

    Marv : Oh, it's very gee.

    Harry : Very gee, huh? It's loaded. It's got lot's of top-flight goods. Stereos, VCRs...

    Marv : Toys?

    Harry : Probably looking at some very fine jewelry. Possible cash hoarde. Odd marketable securities... Who knows. It's a gem. Hand me a crow bar. Crow bars up.

    [they clink their crow bars together] 

  • Marv : [as they follow behind Kevin, he suddenly runs]  Why is he going faster?

    Harry : See, I told you something was wrong. See I knew he looked at me weird. Why would he run?

  • Marv : [the McCallister house is filled with supposed partygoers; music is blasting]  Did they come back?

    Harry : From *Paris*?

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