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Interweaving of stories works. . .war is ugly despite the "good news" gloss
teejayniles234528 July 2003
This film is commendable for those who are barely literate about some of the Japanese-American tensions and attractions that make the Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombing such a controversial matter more than 60 years later with no end in sight. For such young people the "English-friendly" aspects of this production will be appealing; the special effects and "gross-out" scenes are far enough from original documentary footage and the eyewitness narratives that most sensitive viewers should not have to turn away when victims and injured citizens are in view. The use of "name" actors helps to make some of the August 6 events seem accessible while avoiding the history-by-leaders/ Presidents/ aggressive warriors "trap." A U.S. serviceman's death (character played by Judd Nelson) is somewhat melodramatic but again illustrates some worthy points (the two cultures involved in a "struggle to the death" war while still sharing common values on high technology and fascination with "wins/losses"). I haven't heard if a project like this is slated for the 60th anniversary (2005) of the War-ending bombing but it wouldn't surprise me. My rating 10 *'s for those older than 12 who can sit and discuss this with adults (grandparents who lived at or around that era); and positive value for young and middle-aged adults.
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A movie to make you think
josepaulo17 February 2002
This film gives a very good description of what it might have been to be in a city a see it being completely destroyed. It shows the anguish of searching for your loved ones and the despair of finding them dead. It's a good movie to show what war should not be like, that is, attacking innocent people instead of having an army versus army battle.
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Good but somewhat lopsided view of the Hiroshima atomic bomb.
rspress19 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This film pretty accurately depicts Hiroshima after the Enloa Gay drop the Atomic Bomb. If you have read the Richard Rhodes book "The Making Of The Atomic Bomb" the stories the eyewitness accounts at the end of the book will seem all to real in this movie.

The scenes of the people searching out the river and then after drinking dropping dead into the river are right out of the book, much as most of the scenes of burns, the blast effects and much more. Some scenes of course did not happen, like those of the American POW's.

In all this film does depict some of the tensions that are still felt about the bombings today. Japan still protests the bombings today and America has not apologized for dropping them. I think where this film fails is that a little one sided about the bombing. The events leading up to the bomb and the atrocities committed by Japan. The rape of Nan King, the Bataan death march, the killing of Chinese, Philippine and American civilians. Japan had launched balloon at the US to destroy or forest but only killed a group of kids. The chemical warfare in china and at nearly the same time we dropped the bomb on Hiroshima Japan already had plans to drop biological weapons on Los Angeles and San Diego, arguments between Japanese military factions over the need for submarines and planes are what stopped the biological attacks.

Instead of a what have we brought upon ourselves tone the movie has a what has America done to us tone. This may be more accurate because Japanese citizens were lied to about most of the war, which is shown in the film as an announcement after both bombings that Japan has bombed New York.

If you consider everything about the war and what Japan did to wind up in this position the film is very good. However if all you know about Japan and WWII is what you see in this film you will be given the wrong message and as it has been said before "Those who do not know history are doomed to repeat it".
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A garbled, emotionless mess!
buiger26 May 2018
I thought this movie was completely missconceived. First of all, the Japanaes residents of Hiroshima speaking english makes no sense... Then the American POWs running around town after the explosion... Please, give me a break! The characters in general where all very shallow, we never get to feel anything for anybody. Some characters are downright ridiculous, like the catholic priest played by Max von Sydow and his (comical) assistants. Scenes featuring the latter are almost farsical. All in all, this motion picture comes together as a garbled mess, one that is boring and emotionless (for a film on such a topic, hard to believe). And the ending.... No comment.
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Surprisingly mature
Leofwine_draca25 June 2018
Warning: Spoilers
HIROSHIMA: OUT OF THE ASHES is one of the better '90s-era TV movies in that it doesn't feel like a television movie at all, but something more mature and reflective. It explores the infamous atomic bombing in 1945 from various perspectives of folk caught up in it, from a German priest to Japanese townsfolk and even some American soldiers situated in the vicinity. The nuclear blast itself is surprisingly well realised on what must have been a low budget, but what's most impressive is the scope of the story, exploring the moral and physical consequences of the holocaust. Strong actors like Max Von Sydow, Mako and Pat Morita are all present to do the story justice.
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Havent seen this since I was a kid.
petera0022 May 2019
Obviously being years later its made an impact. Its an important lesson on what America has done during "wartime." I do feel that wartime in America is an excuse to do so many atrocities.... Much like Nazi Germany.... Only thing that separates us is we won.
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