Edward Scissorhands (1990) Poster

Anthony Michael Hall: Jim



  • Jim : [after seeing Edward accidentally cut Kim]  Hey! Now you've done it!

    Kim : It was just a scratch Jim, really!

    Peg Boggs : What's going on?

    Jim : Call a doctor, he skewered Kim!

    Kim : He didn't skewer me!

    Jim : [now bullying and shoving Edward]  You can't touch anything without destroying it! Who the hell do you think you are hanging around here, huh? Get the hell outta here! Go you freak!

    Jim : [to Kim]  He tried to hurt you.

    Kim : No he did not and you know it!

    Jim : Are you nuts? I just saw him!

    Kim : Jim, I don't love you anymore I just want you to go, ok? Just go!

    Jim : Are you serious? Losing me to a loser like that? He isn't even human!

    Kim : Just get out of here ok, just go!

    Kim : [after Jim has left]  Dad, did you see where Edward went?

    Bill : No, he just waltzed down the street.

  • Kim : Edward, I was so afraid. I thought you were dead.

    Jim : [coming into the screen with a revolver]  I didn't.

  • Kim : [threatening Jim with Edward's scissors]  STOP IT! Or I'll kill you myself!

    Jim : [Jim slaps her and kicks her away]  Bullshit!

    Jim : [to Edward who is approaching Kim]  Hey, I said stay away from her!

  • Kim : Why can't you do it?

    Jim : Because my father keeps the damn room locked. We need Edward to get us in.

    Kim : Well can't you just take the key when he's sleeping or something?

    Jim : You don't understand. The only thing that guy hangs onto tighter is his dick.

  • Jim : I'd give my left nut to see that again.

  • Jim : Forget about holding her hand, man. Think about the damage he could do to other places.

  • Jim : Hey! Now you've done it.

    Kim : It's just a scratch, Jim, really. It's okay.

    Jim : Stay back! Touch her again and I'll kill you.

    Kim : No, it's no big deal. It's just a scratch.

    Jim : Call a doctor. He skewered Kim.

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