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Sex & Nudity

  • Male buttocks visible briefly in dim room.

Violence & Gore

  • A bad guy is seen strangling a guard to death with a chain. A brief but graphic scene.
  • An old man is gratuitously shot to death by terrorists inside a church. He falls backwards and lands dramatically from being riddled with so many bullets.
  • Lots of shooting. People are shot in the head, chest, shoulder, and leg with frequency. Bloody bullet holes (mostly ungraphic, although there is one instance of a very bloody wound) and tiny amounts of blood spray is sometimes shown. A few people are shot at point blank, one in the head.
  • John fights two terrorists in a brutal fistfight in a baggage claim, and one of the terrorists has his head crushed by a conveyor belt. This actual impact is not seen but it is strongly implied.
  • A very large, tall, and heavy shelf falls on top of a man. Intense.
  • McClane stabs a terrorist in the eye with an icicle. We see a brief closeup of the ice protruding from his eye socket with some blood.
  • A man's throat is slit. We see a bloody gash on his neck. Blood briefly pumps from the wound and gurgling noises are heard as the soldier slumps downwards. This scene is very graphic and makes the rest of the violence in the film seem mild.
  • Two men have a brutal fistfight on the wing of a plane, and one of them is sucked into the turbine of a plane. We don't see him go in, but we see thick blood, splatter on the side of the plane. Another man comes out onto the wing and fights the other man in an equally brutal fight, in which one is stabbed in the shoulder and the other has a chuck bitten out of his hand, and the second man kicks him off of the plane.
  • Many people are killed in plane explosions. One is caused by a crash that the villainous mercenaries deliberately engineer to show that they are serious about their demands.
  • Plenty of hand-to-hand combat that include headbutts, repeated heavy punches, and kicks.
  • A woman shocks a man with a stun gun. (comedic)


  • 65 uses of 'f**k' and 'motherf**ker', 1 use of 'cocksucker'. Many uses of moderate and mild bad language ("son of a bitch", 'shit', 'ass', 'assholr', 'pissing', 'crap', 'hell', 'damn', 'goddamn', 'Jesus', and 'Christ').

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some characters are seen smoking cigarettes and drinking wine.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • An irresponsible report aboard one of the planes sends a sensationalistic report to the media, causing a panic at the airport the staff dearly wanted to avoid. A heroine shocks him with a stun gun to shut him up.
  • The final fight is pretty brutal and intense, and the church battle/snowmobile chase sequence, cockpit scene, and skywalk shootout, are also pretty intense.
  • A scene shows an old man being riddled with bullets by terrorists inside a church. After he is shot and is lying dead on the ground, the camera briefly lingers on his body as his arm falls on his chest and his open eyes stare blankly. This is intense and will be disturbing to some.
  • The movie is about terrorists attacking an airport and crashing planes.
  • In one scene, a plane full of innocent people crashes and explodes as a result of the main terrorists shutting off the runway lights and sending false electronic navigational information to the pilots. This may disturb or upset some viewers.

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