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Peter Nelson: Thompson


  • [Kahn comes down from the choir loft and joins Colonel Stuart and Garber] 

    Kahn : Sir! We just monitored a call from the chief engineer. Our people took out their SWAT team, *completely*.

    Garber : You were right. They went for the antenna array. We're right on schedule.

    Colonel Stuart : Losing our own team wasn't part of the plan.

    [He goes over to the phone and dials; he is heard in the tower and by McClane over Barnes's phone] 

    Colonel Stuart : Attention, Dulles Tower. Attention, Dulles Control Tower. Mr. Trudeau, I know you're listening. Unfortunately, you're not obeying.

    Trudeau : [to himself]  Draw me face to face. We'll see.

    Colonel Stuart : You were warned not to try to restore your systems. You've wasted lives and precious time on a futile and obvious target. Now you're gonna pay the penalty.

    John McClane : [on the Skywalk, through Barnes's phone]  I've got five dead officers down here, Colonel Stuart! Is that penalty enough?

    [Lorenzo goes over to the phone] 

    Carmine Lorenzo : McClane, you keep out of this! You've been enough of a pain...

    [He stops midsentence when he notices Trudeau glaring unhappily at him] 

    Colonel Stuart : Oh, McClane. John McClane. The policeman hero who saved the Nakatomi hostages. I read about you in People Magazine. You seemed a bit out of your league on Nightline, I thought.

    John McClane : Hey, Colonel. Blow me! How much drug money is Esperanza paying you to turn traitor?

    Colonel Stuart : I think Cardinal Richilieu said it best: "Treason is merely a matter of dates." This country's got to learn that it can't keep cutting the legs off of men like General Esperanza. Men who have the guts to stand up against Communist aggression.

    John McClane : And Lesson #1 starts with killing policemen? What's Lesson #2, the neutron bomb?

    Colonel Stuart : No. I think we can find something in between. Watch this!

    [Hangs up and turns to Thompson] 

    Colonel Stuart : Give me a flight number - one that's low on fuel.

    [Thompson hands him a slip] 

    Thompson : Windsor 114, transatlantic from London. Fuel tanks dry as a martini.

    Colonel Stuart : Activate the ILS landing system. Recalibrate sea level - *minus* 200 feet.

    [Thompson rotates a dial and taps his pen on a computer screen to recalibrate the system] 

    Controller in tower : Oh Jesus! They've reset ground level minus 200 feet!

  • [a van pulls up in front of the church. Baker and Thompson climb out, wearing maintenance workers' uniforms] 

    Baker : Grab the tools, will ya?

    Thompson : Got it.

    [Inside the church, the custodian is eating some soup and watching a TV broadcast on Esperanza's extradition] 

    Newcaster on TV : This is Aimee Nicole reporting live from Escalon Airport, where deposed general Ramon Esperanza has just arrived under heavy guard. Strangely, the deposed dictator's mood seems jubilant.

    [Baker knocks on the door] 

    Newcaster on TV : He is smiling and waving to the crowd like a man running for political office.

    [Baker knocks on the door more urgently; the custodian gets up to answer the door] 

    Newcaster on TV : ...thousands of political prisoners in the past decade, including the new president, and there's no doubt that he still has some ardent supporters, both here and abroad. Rumors abound on Capitol Hill that there were others...

    [the custodian opens the door] 

    Custodian : Yes?

    Baker : Sorry to bother you, sir. We're checking our equipment. Got problems with conduit lines in your backyard.

    Custodian : Gee, I don't know anything about that.

    Thompson : Would you mind if we take a look?

    Custodian : Help yourself.

    [He shows them into the church as an MD-82 takes off from Dulles on the adjacent runway; the three men walk down the aisle as the broadcast continues in the background] 

    Custodian : Don't seem right, somehow, closing down this church! Oh I know the parish is gonna keep on using it, but it won't be the same. Been here a lot of years and I've been right here with it. Yeah, I kinda feel like a piece of me is dying along with this church.

    Baker : Uh, you're right about that.

    [Baker promptly pulls out a suppressed Glock 17 from his jacket and empties three rounds into the custodian, knocking his body backwards into a row of pews that overturn. Baker reholsters his weapon while Thompson watches as the custodian dies] 

    Newcaster on TV : ...cocaine smuggling, racketeering and bribery of government officials, which he considerably doesn't show. But no matter how high his spirits, they can't hide the fact that America's war on drugs has finally taken its first prisoner.

    [Annoyed, Thompson turns off the television and punches the three-digit descrambler code into his walkie-talkie] 

    Thompson : This is Buckwheat. The clubhouse is open.

    [Cuts to Baker and Thompson shifting the pews aside] 

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