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Season 1

9 Oct. 1990
Malibu or Bust!
Bo and Abe's parents are sending them to University in England, but they end up on the west coast of the United States. To complicate matters, Bo and Abe are from another planet and being hunted by the Air Force.
16 Oct. 1990
Undressed for Success
Bo and Abe, desperate for money and a place to hide, become room mates with a law student who gets them a job where he works - a male strip club.
23 Oct. 1990
The Beauty Contest
Bo and Abe are forced to judge a beauty contest in a town full of self-centered, corrupt, murderous people.
30 Oct. 1990
Something Personal
Bo and Abe try dating through personal ads in a paper.
6 Nov. 1990
School Fools
Bo and Abe enroll at Cambridge School for Girls.
13 Nov. 1990
Tennessee Lacey
To celebrate his birthday, all Abe wants to do is find a cheap restaurant that serves large amounts of food. Brother Bo, on the other hand, wants beautiful babes thrown in. While the alien brothers search for a restaurant that meets both of their requirements, Lt. Col. Barker and Lt. Wilson hire a bounty hunter to locate the visitors from space. Lacey, the bounty hunter, is a beautiful babe who both brothers find extremely attractive. She lures them to home, handcuffs them and contacts the Air Force officers to pick them up. Unfortunately, Lacey plans for a big payoff...
20 Nov. 1990
Trading Faces
Bo is hired to impersonate a corrupt millionaire who he does not know is about to be sent to prison for thirty years.
27 Nov. 1990
Rodeo Romeos
Bo has a bad tooth so Abe is in pain. While in search of a dentist they become involved with Native American women, their crotchety grandfather and a rodeo offering ten-thousand dollars for a thirty second bull ride.
4 Dec. 1990
Mr. Geek
Bo and Abe become enmeshed in the world of professional wrestling.
7 Jan. 1991
The Legend
A psychiatrist tells Bo to take Abe to Las Vegas when he is accidentally transformed into a rock star.
14 Jan. 1991
Ads Are Us
Bo and Abe are hired for fifty thousand dollars a year as consultants for the Metallic Toy account by Grady, Lance and Boyle Advertising.
21 Jan. 1991
Animal Magnetism
Bo and Abe are fired from their new job and hauled to jail for ice cream embezzlement. Due to their odd behavior at the police station they are sent to a mental hospital.
28 Jan. 1991
High Five
Bo and Abe win ownership of a floundering PBS-type TV station in a lottery drawing, and set out to revitalize its programming schedule.
4 Feb. 1991
Cozy Cove
Abe and Bo find a message in a bottle washed up on a beach. The message purports to be a 17th Century treasure map tossed overboard by a pirate whose ship was foundering and provides directions to buried treasure nearby. The boys investigate and discover that a yacht club has been built over the spot on the map. Undetered, the aliens scheme with the head waiter to search the basement for access to the hidden gold.
11 Feb. 1991
Look Who's Barking
Abe and Bo try to help a dog who has starred in a series of popular movies escape from a sleazy studio president. The movie mogul has taken out a multi-million dollar insurance policy on the pooch and plans to collect by poisoning the poor pooch. When the two teenage aliens are arrested for dog-napping, they have to escape jail and rescue their canine friend before he comes to grief.
19 Feb. 1991
Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow
Desperate to earn money to replace the wheels stolen off their Corvette, the boys answer an ad to become apprentice hairdressers. The beauty salon that hires them is run by a husband and wife team of crooks who have issued millions of dollars of worthless stock and are looking for a way to run their business into the ground before the auditors discover their financial shenanigans. The incompetent young aliens seem to be perfect patsies for the larcenous pair to use to perpetrate their crime.
26 Feb. 1991
Play Doctor
At Abe's insistence, the Croutonians visit a famous hotel to view a gallery full of famous landscape photographs. While trying to find the photographs the aliens meet a number of beautiful women working at a weight-loss product convention and are mistaken for a pair of doctors who are scheduled to present their medical findings.
5 Mar. 1991
Double Jeopardy
Bo and Abe start a detective agency are hired to protect a wealthy couple's jewels during a lavish cocktail party. When a thief breaks into the mansion's wall safe and the butler is found murdered the two young aliens search for the guilty party, but whenever the youngsters appear ready to make an arrest their prime suspect winds up murdered as well.
12 Mar. 1991
Sex, Lies and UFOs: Part 1
Bo and Abe are abducted by homicidal alien amazons.
19 Mar. 1991
Sex, Lies & UFOs: Part 2
Bo escapes from the invading alien women and goes to the Air Force to ask for help to save Abe and Earth.

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