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Don't worry folks, it's all part of the show
happiscotsman21 October 2002
If you are viewing this show for the first time, you may start wondering if you are in an alternate reality. Colorful and imaginative characters? Entertaining dialogue? Plots that seem to have some depth to them, even creating atmospheres of suspense and drama at times? I mean, this is a syndicated children's show right? This is the same venue that has brought kids such drek as "Pokemon", "Pepper Ann", "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers", and "VR Troopers" (please note that three of the titles mentioned above are crass Japanese exports, courtesy of the Fox Network and Saban Entertainment). Don't worry, you are just sampling some of the quality fare that was available to kids during the late 1980's and early 1990's. Some examples of this period would be "Transformers", "Garfield and Friends", "Captain Power", and "C.O.P.S." (a cartoon NOT to be confused with the live action show on Fox). Besides these prime examples, Disney also returned to syndicated programs for kids, coming up with a lineup called "The Disney Afternoon". Aside from a dumbed-down show called "The Gummi Bears", early shows like "Darkwing Duck", "Duck Tales", and "Chip 'N Dale's Rescue Rangers" gave credence to the Disney animation teams that were also turning out theatrical classics like "The Little Mermaid", "Beauty and the Beast", "The Rescuers Down Under", and "The Great Mouse Detective". But above all these wonders shines "TaleSpin". The premiere of "Plunder and Lightning" was a two-hour thrill ride, and won an Emmy. Much to my delight, the rest of the episodes were up to par on the promise of the premiere.

While I enjoy the plots and dialogue, I guess for me the greatest attraction are the characters. There's Rebecca Cunningham, an independent female, but still fallible; Kit Cloudkicker, full of pre-teen angst and optimism; Louie, with his loyalty and support; Frank Wildcat, the most entertaining engineer since Scotty on the original "Star Trek"; Molly Cunningham, cute and witty, but with some depth that most child characters don't have, and of course in the middle of it all, there's Baloo, whom I would describe as a slobby version of James Bond. This is because whenever there's trouble, Baloo saves the day with the assistance of his sleeker-than-most, fastest-of-all Sea Duck (Read: James Bond's Aston Martin). Of course every great show has to have great villains, and TaleSpin doesn't disappoint here either. From the megalomania of businesstiger Shere Kahn, to the vain and always failing air pirate Don Karnage, to the hilarious and inept Soviet-satirized Thembrians. The animation is good, the music appropriate, and the episodes are (for me) the finest that children's programming has ever had to offer. Great fun for the WHOLE family!
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One of the best and last
TerminalMadness10 June 2004
I was born in '83 so I was lucky enough to be old enough to love and appreciate the old incredible Disney Cartoons from the nineties.

The nineties were truly the best decade for animated series. Darkwing Duck, Gargoyles, Duck Tales, and Tale Spin were only a few of some of the best cartoons ever made.

While today's animated series are derivative, fluffy, shallow, and pretty dumb, these shows were epic, fun, entertaining, adventurous, funny, and exciting.

Suffice to say they were three-dimensional cartoons. They never talked down to kids and always took them on one incredible adventure after another. Disney has never been able to re-capture such imagination.

In this spin off from "The Jungle Book"'s most popular character Baloo, he stars as a lazy, self-centered but adventurous pilot who unwittingly gains responsibility stumbling upon Kit, an orphan. He teams up with Kit, a young cub who calls Baloo "papa bear". Their relationship is one of the main reasons to watch this show.

Baloo's airplane is then lost and is then bought back by small business woman Rebecca Cunningham and her daughter Molly who buys the plane and hires Baloo as a cargo pilot setting up the cargo business "Higher for Hire". They all form an uneasy relationship but grow fond of one another as they go from one exciting adventure to another.

Watch for an excellent cast of supporting characters including wildkat the odd mechanic, Shere Khan another Jungle Book character as an intimidating and powerful business mogul, and the pirate Don Karnage who's a mix of Blackbeard the pirate and Ricky Ricardo.

Inspired by "Indiana Jones" and old time adventure serials, this swashbuckling, episodic, animated serial show gave me some of the best memories of my childhood and truly took kids on memorable adventures.

Check it out if you get the chance, it's a can't miss.
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This is hands down one of the best TV series Disney has ever produced.
Figaro-825 June 2000
"Tale Spin" is a classic. I love it so much that I'm not sure where to begin to sing its praises, so let's begin at the beginning. Michael and Patty Silversher wrote the single most IRRESISTIBLE theme song ever for this show! One listen and you just know you're in for a good time.

Scripts--For being a "kids' show," this series had a wide variety of story lines, and they were not totally geared toward comedy. The stories ranged from hilarious ("Mach One for the Gipper") to extremely touching ("Her Chance to Dream") to Indiana Jones-style adventure ("Search for the Lost City").

Voices--The cast was perfect, especially Sally Struthers as Rebecca. R. J. Williams as Kit Cloudkicker, Tony Jay as Shere Khan and Jim Cummings as Don Karnage.

There are other things I could get into, such as the quality animation, beautiful backgrounds and nice music score, but once you see an episode these things will all speak for themselves. This was, and still is, a fun and entertaining animated series. Disney has yet to top it.
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"TaleSpin" is great and now it's on DVD!!!!!
sethn17229 August 2006
"Spin it!"

The 90s opened up with a clever Disney favorite, "TaleSpin," the TV cartoon series that featured characters from "The Jungle Book." Join Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker as they fly the Sea Duck like you've never seen it before: out of Cape Suzette, to Louie's, up mountains, through jungles, on water, in volcanoes, looking for adventure, looking for treasure, looking for fun, all in one action-packed cartoon adventure!!!!!

This was a favorite of mine as well as my family's. This ran on The Disney Afternoon the entire first half of the 90s until the original cartoons moved to the Old Disney Channel in 1995, which I have seen on vacation once in 1996 before getting cable in March 1997.

And good news: today the DVDs are here!!!!! Relive the fun and excitement of "Dun, dun, dun, TaleSpin!!!!!"

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The reason I got into aviation
tkaczar3 February 2009
Ever since I remember, I have loved airplanes and flying. I am now in college with a private pilot's license and looking to become a commercial. I could never remember why I was so obsessed with the subject until I came across my old Tail Spin tapes in my basement at home and it hit me, this was it. My parents bought every single tape they had and this was the only show I would watch as a kid. I had the theme memorized as I grew up and I can still re-cite it today. It is absolutely amazing and I plan on buying the DVD's soon! It really is great for children and adults and is absolutely timeless. I cannot get enough of this show.
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fun and entertaining
pologuy8 August 1999
i found tale spin a fun and entertaining cartoon...i really liked the fact that the characters from the jungle book were placed into a role in this cartoon. a cartoon which had some pretty complex plots, always maintained a simple enough wit, to keep children entertained. it was very humorous...i loved it!!! truly a cartoon classic....
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An excellent parody of the Jungle Book- WARNING! Possible Spoilers
gweagle6 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Count me in for singing the praises of this Disney Television Animation series. It is my favorite show of all time and prehaps the best creation Disney has ever created. It's sad that it took me almost three years after the show was cancelled in 1991 to finally see TaleSpin for what it really is (a show that would have destroyed the Simpsons if it wasn't a kids show) and by that time the show meant nothing. There is a good reason why cartoon fans loves this show based on Jungle Book characters and then turn around and hate Disney's The Jungle Book II. TaleSpin is a parody which Walt wouldn't mind considering that he self-parodized Mickey Mouse many times before; while a sequel is denounced simply because Walt didn't like the concept.

The show stars Baloo the bear, Louie the Ape, and Shere Khan the tiger in all new roles which fits them perfectly and then some. Baloo now plays the role of a cargo pilot who at first starts off as a lazy, fat bear who behaved just like the Jungle Book. Louie the Ape owns a resturant/motel/bar while Shere Khan owns a major corpration known as Khan Industries; which pretty much owns any industry that he wants. New characters include Kit Cloudkicker, an ex-pirate and Baloo's navigator; Rebecca Cunningham, a business major who's nudged into the rough and tumble world of cargo; Molly Cunningham, a hyper cute daughter of Rebecca who loves Dangerwoman and trouble; WildCat, a goofy but depectively intellegent mechanic. Baloo and Kit are often attacked by Air Pirates led by Don Karnage and his brainless piles of myhem. Baloo is almost always late (or losing cargo) with the cargo and the new owner of Baloo's Air Sevice (known as Higher for Hire); Rebecca is always ready to unleash her wrath to him as Kit tries hard to keep the relationship together for his own reasons.

The biggest strength of this show is the one that is the most likely to be ignored: The characters and how they interact with each other. Kit Cloudkicker is one that resonates in my heart the most because he had a mind of his own and wasn't afraid to speak out. He has so many talents and behaved very well; while at the same time, he was a rebel seeking redeempation for the past that has haunted him. Although the series didn't go into much detail about Kit's past, the interaction and reaction of Kit throughout is staged in brilliant fashion. It is a testement of how you can create depth without the need for flashbacks. Not to mention that I love the kid's spine-tingling laugh (R.J. Williams) Don Karnage is one of the best villians I have seen; he is a ruthless character (when he needs to be) who has the ability to scare or kill anyone; but we can feel sorry for him since his crews is a bunch of bumbling idoits. He is also very funny with his dialogue and his physical comedy; special thanks to Jim Cummings. Rebecca was impressive to me for being able to see through Kit's tough side and for her innovative ways to make money; even though many of them backfire. Molly was hyper-cute and moronic (although not near to the level of Patrick Star); but she has some great moment where her mature nature resigns. The rest of the characters are great for the most part for various reason. Suffice to say that the seller of the series- Baloo, Louie and Shere Khan; as great as they are, were not needed to make this series float well above water.

The episode quality of each episode ranges from above average to awesome. Minor Spoiler upcoming- Stormy Weather (Kit Cloudkicker joins an Air Circus), Her Chance To Dream (Rebecca falls in love with a ghost) and Jolly Molly Christmas (Molly wants snow for her mother) were beautfiul examples of drama. "Mach One For The Gipper", "Stuck On You", and "Ransom of The Red Chimp" did a great job of making me laugh out loud. Even the worse episodes were good enough for a look. The animation quality was excellent for the most part with it's art deco style. However; there were some episodes where spots where missed and the artwork looked off. However; those mistakes are minor and are covered up by the artwork. The opening theme was beautiful and very addicting to the mind; the music track is also very good and the voices were very believable; partically the child characters which were done by actual children.

There's a lot more to sing for this series; but I probably got to my maximum now. In closing; this show shouldn't be missed; it should be shown to anyone who is thinking of working for DTVA. It'll make you forget about bad shows like Recess and Teamo Surpemo. A perfect *****.
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cosmos8024 February 2002
This was one good cartoon series for anyone to remember. As usual, the great people at Disney, always have to come up with up something fun and new every year to regain its magical touch. Just like Ducktales, and the other cartoon series that came before it, this show had everything worthy of excitement and wonder a child wants, it had adventure, comedy, action, and, yes, some romance kicked in.

This time Disney took on the "jungle Book" approach after tackling Chip 'n' Dale the year before. For this, they used some of the cast from The Jungle Book, Baloo, Louiee, and Sheer Khan, who ruled Cape Suzette, like a czar.

There's Baloo, and his sidekick, kit Cloud kicker, who work for the deliverly company "Higher for Hire ( I think that's how I Remember it)and would always stumble into some kind of adventure when their boss, Miss Cunningham, would send them to make some kind of deliveries to other places. Then there's Wildcat, a zany character who somehow memorializes every auto part known to man, and it was with that logic, that enabled him to work for Higher for Hire, as a machininc. Also there was the sweet little, Molly, Miss Cunningham's Daughter. Their enemy was Don Karnage, the pirate that traveled through air rather than by sea.

The main reason I loved this show so much was that contained adventure, clever scenes, and running gags throughout the show. The setting was around World War II, it seems, and featured a lot of technology, it seems for that time period, execpt of course for television. In fact, in one episode , the professor, decides to come up witha new invention, "radio with pictures" he called it, with Baloo, and Cloud kicker, laughing it off, as just another flop! In conclusion, this show is a must see for kids of future generations, and I wish they would make more showzs like this in the years to come.
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Ursusarctosuk3 March 2008
As for many on here I can't help but praise the Cast and Crew who developed Talespin and others they made throughout My Childhood, I as all who have commented here have thoroughly enjoyed the Quality of not just the animation but the quality of the story lines and the characters.

To Class this work of art as a "Cartoon" could never do talespin justice, In fact it's an insult to class it as a "Cartoon", Talespin is an Animation and nothing less, It is evidently the greatest work of genius to be produced at Disney to date, When Disney "Pulled" it from the air little did they realise what they did and I'm sure their souls have been tortured by regret ever since.

I'll take a moment to explain, From the first which is ducktales to the last which I think is Darkwing Duck, Disney has been plagued with failures due to political Correctness and have taken a Quantum Leap backwards since, They prefer Quantity over Quality now not to mention the room full of Monkey's for the story's, I couldn't have My children watching the mind-numbing "Cartoons" they throw out now in fear that they would all turn out to be homer Simpson some time in the future and 50% of the blame would be on me for permitting them to watch it, I couldn't let that happen, Which is why I have ALL of the shows from the late 80's to the mid 90's on a Harddrive so one day My children couldn't be corrupted by the "Cartoon Crap" of today and to Savour the last piece of childhood I have and to hold on to and I owe that all to Talespin.

Talespin to me is without a doubt the best Animation ever produced in the world on account of it's depth, Charm, Wit, Compassion, Emotion and lack of Truly bad quality and story lines of which many have today, Do You see any of that content in say "Ed, Edd and Eddie or anything else You can think of?, The rubbish produced today can be likened to some 3 year old's undecipherable Hyroglyph Depicting a Picasso.

The next time You watch an episode of Talespin; take a look at the woodgrain on any wooden object or building such as Higher for Hire and salivate over the quality of workmanship and effort put into this Animation, Even the one shot backgrounds were done as though they would use them again and again, The Buildings look true to the Art Deco movement which was popular in the time period depicted, Even the vehicles are true to life, OK not ALL of the Episodes Were Fantastic in animation but the lower grade scenes were covered up by the superior scenes so all in all it evened it all out by the end of the episode and You'd probably never even notice at all unless you were focused and have an attention to detail.

The one thing I love about this is what I like to call the "Deliberate Mistakes" or "Intended Mistakes" in each episode and some have two, For example in sheepskin deep where rebecca say's "You're up to something Baloo" and Baloo replies "Who, Me!, I'm as innocent as a schoolboy" take a look into rebecca's eyes, I won't spoil the rest of the Baloopers but just keep an Eye out next time.

Everyone elses comment's are bang on and 100% correct, I have nothing else to add that others haven't said already on here, Disney, WAKE UP and smell the coffee, You have been asleep for over a decade, Stop producing rubbish and bring back Quality into Animations and Stop producing "Cartoons", We have seen the proof of what You can do and We want it back as rapidly as possible.
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Bring this show back!
TheLittleSongbird8 February 2009
Along with Darkwing Duck this is unfairly cancelled. Disney has been in decline since Tarzan and we need a show like this to get Disney back on track. Ed Gilbert and Jim Cummings were perfect for the voices of Louis and Baloo (sounds familiar?) The theme tune is also catchy, one of the catchiest theme tunes ever I'd say. Out of all the villains, which are all great on their own merits, Tony Jay stands out as Shere Kahn. Louis and Baloo actually sound very similar to the voice overs in the Jungle Book, which isn't a bad thing at all. As a matter of fact, it's quite inspirational! The animation was spot on, and the script had plenty of wit that has been severely lacking in animations for years. PLEASE BRING THIS SHOW BACK! 9/10. Bethany Cox
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This is hands down one of the best TV series Disney has ever produced - YES!!!
GORIAJK4 March 2003
Those words came from another post/user. You're so right!!! Tale Spin was Disney's best animated series made for Television, as it attracted me intensely in the early 1990's - I cut college classes to watch TaleSpin (And, I still got my Bachelor's degree in '94!) I was so upset when then Disney-owned KCAL Ch. 9 (Which aired Tale Spin weekday afternoons at 4:00 in 1991-92) pre-empted Tale Spin Apr 29, 92 for the Rodney King LAPD court verdicts (Of course that led to a riot which I won't indulge into). I was a student going to a major local university between 1990-94 and I had to make sure I got either to the Student Union for the TV room or if in class, tape Tale Spin from home for viewing later. I was never into any other animated series before and since. I knew Ed Gilbert by luck (The voice of Baloo in the series) as we took yoga classes together in 1991 - We had met in N. Hollywood at a yoga instructor's house. He was a great person to talk too (I teased him once - called him "Yoga Bear" and he loved it, he called me just "Big Joe") and gave me a lot of Tale Spin secrets & info I could never put here on this post. We lost touch after 1993, and just recently heard of his death two years ago. I feel saddened, but I'm sure he (and Phil Harris...) are looking down on us singing a chord of "The Bare Necessities". (I'm bummed he's not in the new Jungle Book 2 movie -Gilbert would have been great as he reprises his voice of Baloo - He was natural, man... (Tony Jay reprises his voice role of Shere Khan in the new movie) Sally Struthers spells R E B E C C A and was perfect for the single mother - independent-minded entrupeneur of "Higher For Hire" and I loved Wildcat (Pat Fraley) the mechanic and Louie (Jim Cummings) the bartender and party monkey!! What wonderful memories, Ed signed my Tale Spin comic book one day after our workout with this inscription "To Joe, Keep Yer Tail Spinnin, And Don't Fall Outa The SKY!! Ed Gilbert "The Voice of Baloo" ** Miss you and see you in the sky.... Joe "The Bear" Goria - Los Angeles
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Great pilot, great plane. . .
millenniumf29 August 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Ahh, Talespin! What can I say that hasn't already been said about this great show? Nothing! This is without a doubt one of the most well-written shows I've ever encountered, live-action or animation. The newer stuff is way too dumbed down for my tastes, and some of the "mature" stuff I have to shoo kids out of the room for. But not Talespin.

The stories are engaging and very plausible. Some of them could even be stretched out to an hour or two for a movie. Episodes like Stormy Weather and Her Chance to Dream are very dramatic while still being enjoyable for kids and adults alike. Then there are the pure comedy episodes such as the Bluest of the Baloo Bloods and Stuck on you, where the emphasis is on hilarity. I can laugh myself to tears in a few choice ones.

The drama aspect is very lacking in most shows nowadays(at least, those which aren't specifically geared toward it), especially in cartoons. In the episode Stormy Weather for instance, Kit Cloudkicker decides that he's going to join an air circus, but Baloo believes that it would be too dangerous. In the biggest fight of the episode, Baloo yells at Kit to stay away from Daring Dan, to which Kit screams "NO! You can't tell me what to do! YOUR'RE *NOT* *MY* *DAD*!" and buries his face in his pillow. The next day he leaves for the air circus. This kind of drama is a rarity in a cartoon, and would be most welcome in the ones created nowadays.

The Characters have a lot of depth to them. Baloo is pretty much the way he is in The Jungle Book, plus or minus a few degrees of laziness. Rebecca is a cunning business woman whose ideas on getting money, while good in theory, are seldom good in practice. Molly is a cute little girl, but you can't let that deceive you. She can be a real hellion sometimes. Kit Cloudkicker is a darker character than the rest. He doesn't trust adults much unless they appeal to him, and he has a tendency to break off relationships. Watch his expression in Plunder and Lightning when he grabs the grappling hook: he looks as though he's prepared to put it right through a pirate.

In the end, it's the drama combined with the very real chemistry between the characters that makes this show #1 in my book. The relationship between Baloo and Kit is very real, almost father and son. This is demonstrated well in All's Whale That Ends Whale when Baloo takes Kit's word for it that Seymour is abusing the animals in his aquarium instead of siding with the other adults. Baloo and Becky's relationship is also realistic, due to Baloo's motivation for working comes from wanting to buy back the ol' Sea Duck, not necessarily a desire to help Rebecca. But something tells me that if he did get the Duck back he'd still do jobs for Rebecca.

The Sea Duck, not to mention all the other planes in the series, is pretty realistically designed. The plane's functions don't change once throughout the series(continuity like that is hard to come by also), and unlike most other "super-planes" of other cartoons, it doesn't have one single weapon on board(unless you count mangoes!), and relies instead on it's cunning pilot's great skill to get out of trouble. It's hard to think of a hero vehicle that doesn't have some sort of gun turret, laser cannon, or even a handgun somewhere on board. And the fact that they use their heads to get out of trouble is so hard to find in a cartoon nowadays. Plus it's just such a darn cool design!

This is definitely the best cartoon. Ever. Period. Definitely worth all ten stars!
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Spin It
ashleak617 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
In the year 1990, the world of Disney TV cartoons was certainly at it's prime. Shows like Chip n Dale Rescue Rangers, DuckTales and Gummi Bears was already popular, and now Disney made another great cartoon and that cartoon brought the birth of the Disney Afternoon. That cartoon is called TaleSpin. It's about old Jungle Book character Baloo the Bear as he gets a job in the plane business. In the series he meets Kit Cloudkicker, former Air Pirate and good cloud surfer, business lady Rebecca Cunningham and her hyperactive daughter Molly. This series is very funny and has tons of great puns that you may not understand as a kid but understand later on in life. This is one cleverly written series and it's great to add to your DVD collection. Parents, buy this for your kids rather letting them watch all of those horrible Nickelodeon cartoons. If you liked TaleSpin, then check out "Darkwing Duck" and "Goof Troop". Spin it!
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Jymn Magon's a genius, with a capital J.
montagrappa6 December 2006
Thanks Jymn Magon, for creating Disney's 2 best cartoons ever. This show has improved very much over the years. As a kid, I didn't like it because I thought it was a rip-off of Ducktales, which was my favorite Disney thing at the time (like Grandmoffromero). Then later on though it was good but not great. But after reading the reviews here, I decided to give it another chance & bought the DVD set & watched the whole pilot the first day I got it, & was very pleasantly surprised. It's still my favorite episode, although the series did live up to it. And by the end of disc 1, I knew this was going to be a top tenner.

The characters are so complex & charming. My favorite has got to be Wildcat. He's absolutely hilarious and sweet to boot. My next favorite is Baloo, the best pilot on the show. I can see why 'ol Jymn built the show around him. Then it's Kit Cloudkicker. He & Baloo have the best relationship in the series. After that, Louie. Jim Cummings did a perfect job of impersonating the original voice. After him, Rebecca. She has made me laugh pretty hard, and I do believe she and Baloo eventually marry. And finally(for the heroes), Molly. Although she's my least favorite, I still like her. I think she's a very cute character(much better than Webby from Ducktales). And the villains were very original. Don Karnage & his air pirates always crack me up, Kahn is ice-cold and ruthless, and the Thembrians are always at least amusing.

As said before, the stories range from hilarious(Time Waits For No Bear, Romance of Red Chimp) to nothing short of touching(The Old Man & the Seaduck, Paradise Lost), to fun, funny & exciting adventures(In Search of Ancient Blunders & my favorite For Whom the Bell Klangs). These are only a few of my favorite episodes. Anyway, Talespin is Disney's best, aside from Gummi Bears Some reasons for this? GB had a decent amount of my favorite character(Cubbi), while TS didn't have enough of Wildcat. But in the end Talespin remains a classic. BOTTOM LINE- 10/10 6th best cartoon ever.
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Great show, more mature than others.
mintchocolatebear1 July 2001
When I first saw TaleSpin (The correct spelling) in 1990, I enjoyed it for the animation and simple way of telling a story. Now, 11 years later, I still like it. The humor hasn't aged, the animation is yet cleaner than most of today's toons, and the characters are still some of the most realistic personalities captured in a cartoon.

Unlike most animated productions, this one actually DOES cover the broad range of ages from 4 - 12, due to it's almost total lack of animated "Cuteness". The writing is clever, and rarely injects the cliches which are often used by kids shows. A few of the stories are even more mature than those on most "grownup" shows.

TaleSpin is a great flick. Worth the watch.
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Good show
Catherine_Grace_Zeh30 July 2006
I used to watch this show when I was a little girl. When I think about it, I only remember it vaguely. If you ask me, it was a good show. Two things I remember vaguely are the opening sequence and theme song. In addition to that, everyone was ideally cast. Also, the writing was very strong. The performances were top-grade, too. I hope some network brings it back so I can see every episode. Before I wrap this up, I'd like to say that I'll always remember this show in my memory forever, even though I don't think I've seen every episode. Now, in conclusion, if some network ever brings it back, I hope that you catch it one day before it goes off the air for good.
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Way better than it seems at first glance!
Animany9431 July 2019
Yes, the premise of TaleSpin is a little out there, especially considering its origin. As a spin-off of 1967's Jungle Book you may have expected anything but Baloo being a pilot employee in a delivery service and Sheer Khan being a crime lord directing air pirates in the air.

But aside from the odd choice, TaleSpin delivers an enjoyable ride with adventures filled with action, laughter and its fair share of dramatic moments only Disney is capable of doing.

And the voices they got to replace the old Jungle Book voices were perfect. Ed Gilbert's Baloo sounds surprisingly similar to the original, but is still booming with personality while Tony Jay does his usual schtick which I love as Sheer Khan and Jim Cummings does the voice of Louie really well and the original character of Don Karnage who may be one of the funniest villains from a Disney animated series.

A really enjoyable adventure series despite its odd setup. Worth watching for adventurous spirits.
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A classic kids show from the 90's
kristoffer-461 December 2018
Plot: Follows the cast of the Jungle Book as they all portray new characters in and around the fictional city of Cape Suzette taking place around the 1930's and follows the skilled cargo pilot Baloo on his many adventures.

Verdict: Growing up in late 90's this was one of my favorite shows and seeing it again as an adult makes me love this show even more. This show is one of the most creative and greatly made adventure shows I have seen and it still holds up now in 2018. The different episodes are filled with great creative settings and great stories both for kids & adults and the animation is beautiful and well-crafted which is seen in the details of the animation. This is a gem from an era when kids show had more heart than they seem to nowadays and when telling a creative and good story, was more important than telling a story quickly and easily. A gem from the 90's!


Very Good!
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An Honest Review
generationofswine2 April 2017
Reading through a lot of the reviews the theme song is always mentioned...there is a reason for that. it is actually one of the absolute coolest cartoon theme songs that has ever been made.

OHEEAY(talespin) OHEEOH(talespin) All the trouble we get in with another tale to spin.

And I am trying to play it now, but the ad in front of it on youtube crashed while loading so they won't let me view the video.

Honestly, I could rock out to it today.

Spin it lets begin it bare and grin it when you're in it you can win it in a minute when you spin it spin it spin it HAHAHA! So spin it

Anyway...moving on from the theme and ignoring the obvious talk about the Disney/Kipling characters what we have here is a cool little show.

Totally Art Deco.

Totally set between the wars.

All revolving around a little island and a air shipping company that takes on airborne pirates and evil corporate entities with an adventurous tropic flair.

It's what every adventure should be...and would work without the Disney characters. The premise and the setting are just so fun and high energy adventurous that it would work comic book form, in live action movie form, in serious movie form, and even in straight pulp prose.

Add to that the air surfboard boomerang thing and the sense of humor and fun...plus the fact that Baloo is really Han Solo in the roaring 20s and you are guaranteed a success.

There is no way this cartoon could have failed.
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Cartoons Of The 90's: Tale Spin
FloatingOpera723 April 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Disney's Tale Spin (1990-1991): Starring Ed Gilbert, R. J. Williams, Sally Struthers, Janna Michaels, Pat Fraley, Tony Jay, Charles Adler, Rob Paulsen, Frank Welker...Director Robert Taylor, Writer Duane Capizzi and Michael Edens.

Starting with the 1987-1989 cartoon series "Duck Tales" based on the life of Donald Duck's nephews and the new character billionaire Scrooge McDuck, Disney launched several cartoon series on TV which later went to cable. Now long forgotten, they included Dark Wing Duck and this one, Tale Spin. It was a spin-off of Disney's Jungle Book with a modern twist. Baloo the Bear (voiced by Ed Gilbert) is now a cargo pilot who works for Higher For Hire, owned by the professional and no non-sense Rebecca Cunningham (Sally Struthers)who has a daughter Molly (Jenna Michaels). Baloos' assistant was the young and resourceful Kit Cloud-Kicker (R.J. Williams). Becauses this show was so long ago (I was still in grade school) I don't recall much. I didn't own cable but I am aware that these cartoons continued to air on the Disney Channel even after their cancellation from regular TV. The Jungle Book characters come back in a creative way. Shere Khan, the Tiger villain from the original film, is now a greedy, power-hungry Corporate President of Khan Industries. He is ruthless and of course, out to get Baloo the Bear. Another villain was Carnage. This show was full of heart and full of great comedy and adventure. It harkened back to World War II adventure films, it had an Indiana Jones thing going on too. The chemistry between Baloo and Rebecca was enjoyable as they often clashed in an Audrey Hepburn and Spencer Tracey sort of way. Molly was cute but not very bright, though she too was able to save the day. Disney was always fair to all his characters! Kit was an ex-bad boy who is now using his street-smarts to help preserve Rebecca's business and to assist Baloo. They had a big Spruce Goose type of plane I don't recall what it was called. Kit flew on a mechanical disc-shaped thing which enabled him to surf the skies. I recall how everyone thought that was cool. The episodes were well-written. The episode in which Rebecca falls for a ghost was a sort of well-made parody of "Ghost" with Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore. This show will always be fondly remembered. I wish it was available on DVD!!!
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Spun off from The Jungle Book!
OllieSuave-00724 February 2018
This show is definitely a flashback to my childhood days of watching the Disney Afternoon after school. Though I haven't gotten to see this show much because it airs after Ducktales and Chip N'Dale, which by that time I had to switch off the TV and go do homework!

But, on the days I'm lucky enough to catch it, I remember it for being a daring and adventurous show with characters spun off from The Jungle Book, including Baloo the Bear.

It's a pretty entertaining cartoon with its adventures and family-friendly fun.

Grade B
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spacemonkeyz15 August 2002
TaleSpin my my favourite TV show as a kid. I remember seeing the gorilla at the begging shooting and watching a yellow plane AKA The Sea Duck. I still have 4 TaleSpin video tapes which I am keeping for my baby brother. I would recommend this to any kid (I know a few adults who still watch it) its a 90s favourite.
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One of the Finest Animated Shows Ever Made
T-eschberger30 April 2017
It seems most would put DuckTales on top of the Disney cartoon television pile. For me though, DuckTales never reached the heights of world-building and character nuance that TaleSpin did.

In a way, this show was ahead of it's time. While it doesn't follow a strict continuity, there is a strong emphasis on character exploration. And at the time, I'd say that this is probably the most detailed cartoon world even put on television. There is a strong grasp on detail and making the world feel lived in and three dimensional. The protagonists aren't typical good guys either. They have have foibles and aren't out to serve the greater good and safe the world. They just want their own little slice of the pie and will do shady things to get it.

The shows not afraid to explore more mature and layered themes that flew over my head as kid. Corruption, thievery, money problems, parenthood vs career, selfishness, war, and even death are all covered here. Yet it never feels like too much for kids or too watered down for adults. This is one of the most smartly written cartoons Disney ever produced.

Of course not every single episode is a winner and sometimes the animation is less than stellar from time to time...but overall TaleSpin is prime animated fare that has stood the test of time. It's got colorful and fully realized characters, an interesting world, mature storytelling, good humor, and a fantastic sense of pure adventure. I adore this show.
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Lho33233704 July 2001
I used to watch this show when I was five years old. I rented a video of this TV series at my local video store. It used to come on XETV. I still like this show. I think the best episode was Stormy Weather. If you find a re run of this episode watch it.
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Not Perfect But A Classic
lerkim24 January 2006
Since it has been some years since I reviewed this classic I have decided to go back and review it more in dept, but first some insider notes from a movie critic.

This animated series is one of those that I grew up with, it made my childhood joyful, it made it awesome, miss some of this stuff today that we clearly don't see as much as we did back in the days, well on to the review...

Talespin, or Luftens Helte which it is called in Denmark is a great animated series, it is much like chip and dale, ducktales and a lot of those old ones, so it has that weird feeling surrounding it, i cannot remember this series as much as I would like to remember it.

But in my opinion it was very great, it came with some kind of message, not that wild of a message, however it is one of the old ones so that can be forgiven.

Now i don't want to sound old or anything but i feel like time slipped out of my hands with these cartoons, today we see something like Ed Edd and Eddy or anything else weird like that, we have all these new or nearly new shows like Hannah Montana or something like that, yet I feel like that we don't have the same spirit in cartoons or real shows like we did in the early days.

Now maybe i am wrong but i feel like time has changed to much, to conclude i would be thrilled to see these series like Talespin being released again to the TV screen instead of all the new ones, give me back my childhood cartoons, give them to the kids i have some day, give them again...
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