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7 Jan. 1991
The Lucky Charm
One of Philip's clients is very superstitious and befriends Will because of a couple of coincidences. He thinks Will is his good luck charm and lets Will make some major decisions.
14 Jan. 1991
The Ethnic Tip
Will proposes a black history class be instituted at Bel-Air Academy, and gets a surprise when Aunt Viv arrives to teach it.
21 Jan. 1991
The Young and the Restless
Philip's mother joins the family for the weekend after recovering from a cold, Philip wants her to relax for the weekend but she wants to be more active.
4 Feb. 1991
It Had to Be You
Jazz asks Will the favor of taking his sister out on a date after she moves into town, Will turns it down until Jazz introduces the two. Will takes her on a date and learns that she has her whole life planned out for the two already.
11 Feb. 1991
Nice Lady
Geoffrey's old employer Lord Fowler and his daughter come to the Banks' house for the weekend. Will wants to use the car to go to a Ziggy Marley concert in Nevada, Philip and Viv won't let him so he makes a proposition to be on his best behavior for the week. Lady Penelope winds up not being what Will thought she was.
18 Feb. 1991
Love at First Fight
One of Vivian's students, Kayla Samuels comes over for dinner and Will tries to impress her but fails. It upsets Will that he fails so they next day they have an argument but wind up liking each other. Will starts taking time away from her studies and Aunt Viv tells him to cut back on seeing her so she can have a good future ahead of her. Vivian winds up lecturing Kayla and revealing things about her struggle to be successful.
25 Feb. 1991
Banks Shot
Vivian goes away to Berkeley for the weekend, leaving Hilary in charge of the house while Philip is at the office. Will steals the car keys to go to the pool hall he winds up losing his money and the car to a hustler. Philip goes down to the pool hall to claim the money back, playing the hustler.
11 Mar. 1991
72 Hours
Will makes a bet that Carlton wouldn't last a weekend in Jazz' neighborhood, Compton. Carlton starts to fulfill the bet, by not only fitting in, but getting along with the guys in "The Hood". Will has to find a way to stop him from going to MacArthur Park at night, to "Hang with the crew".
29 Apr. 1991
Just Infatuation
Ashley's birthday is nearing and when the family asks her what she would like for her birthday shows a picture of a boy, Little T. Hilary knows T's agent so she has him come to Ashley's birthday party to perform a song for her. They hit it off and set up a date for the next day. Will and Carlton disagree with the date, so they decide to follow them on their date.
6 May 1991
Working It Out
Hilary lands a new job as an assistant to an actress, Marissa Redman. Ms. Redman turns out to be completely bossy. Will surprises Hilary with Jazz in the office and Marissa takes a liking to Will, wanting to bring him to a restaurant opening, she puts Hilary's job on the line if she can't set the date up. Will will only do it if Hilary goes on a date with Jazz.
9 Sep. 1991
Did the Earth Move for You?
Phil and Vivian feel that Will and his new girlfriend are moving too fast.
16 Sep. 1991
The Mother of All Battles
Will and Carlton try to help solve Ashley's bully problems at school until Philip and Vivian find out and try to solve the problem their own way.
23 Sep. 1991
Will Gets a Job
Will gets a job to help pay for his prom.
30 Sep. 1991
PSAT Pstory
Will and Carlton take the PSATs with surprising results, while Geoffrey is up for his annual raise.
7 Oct. 1991
Granny Gets Busy
Philip gets upset when he sees his mother spending time with a new man. The kids bet each other that they can't do something the other sex would normally do.
14 Oct. 1991
Guess Who's Coming to Marry?
Much to their surprise, the family learns that Vivian's sister is engaged to a white man.
21 Oct. 1991
The Big Four-Oh
Vivian has a mid-life crisis after her 40th birthday party and decides to become a dancer.
4 Nov. 1991
She Ain't Heavy
Will has a blind date and likes the girl, Dee Dee, a lot, but her weight is an obstacle to him when it comes to asking her for the school dance.
11 Nov. 1991
Cased Up
Will drives without car insurance, and faces the consequences.
18 Nov. 1991
Hi-Ho Silver
Will and Carlton think that the famous actress Sonya Lamor has stolen Vivian's silverware.
25 Nov. 1991
The Butler Did It
Philip and Vivian take a weekend vacation and leave the kids home alone, Hilary and Carlton set up a video shoot with Bell Biv De Voe in their house, and then everyone must rush to clean up after Philip and Vivian decide to come home early.
9 Dec. 1991
Something for Nothing
Will gets lucky at a fundraiser and wins some money. When Will doesn't follow the club's tradition, it starts rumors about the Banks family. Ashley is too young to go to the fundraiser, so she and Geoffrey set up their own poker night.
16 Dec. 1991
Christmas Show
Will finds out that his mom is seeing a new man while on a holiday skiing trip to Utah. When the adults go out to the lodge for the Christmas party, a knock on the door brings the kids trouble.

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