The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (TV Series 1990–1996) Poster

Alfonso Ribeiro: Carlton Banks, Himself



  • Will : Oh my God, Carlton! What's that hideous thing growing out of your neck?

    Carlton : Where? Where?

    Will : Ah, never mind. It's just your head.

  • Carlton : If it looks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and smells like a duck, what is it?

    Will : Your prom date?

  • Carlton : You're the man, Will. You're the man. I'm just the man behind the man.

    Will : Uh, what're you doin' back there?

  • Hilary : Face it, you're a taker.

    Carlton : Oh, I'M a taker, Miss 'Daddy, can I have five-hundred dollars?'

    Hilary : Oh, right, Mister 'Hey Big Guy, how about a copy of your will in case something happens to you?'

    Carlton : That's called prudent planning.

    Hilary : Yeah, if your last name is Menendez.

  • Carlton : [the very last lines of the series] 

    [Will sadly walks through the empty Banks' living room one last time; he makes his way towards the kitchen and turns off the lights. Carlton is still upstairs using the bathroom] 


    [Carlton runs down the stairs pulling his pants up] 


    Will : [Will stops as he watches Carlton run out the back door]  I am definitely gonna miss you, C!

  • Will : [to Carlton as he's waking up at the hospital after overdosing from drugs]  Carlton, you're at a hospital.

    Carlton : I feel terrible. I never thought losing my virginity would be this painful!

    Will : Carlton, I got some bad news...

    Carlton : Oh, God, I malfunctioned!

    Will : No. See, you never made it past the dance floor. Those pills that you took weren't vitamins.

    Carlton : What were they?

    Will : Look, you gotta promise you're not gonna overreact...

    Carlton : What could be worse than finding out I'm still a virgin?

    Will : [about the drugs]  It was Speed...

    Carlton : Oh, my God. I'm a drug addict *and* a virgin!

    Will : Shut up! Shut up, shut up. Now be quiet!

  • Geoffrey : [handing Carlton a big brown bag]  Master Carlton, I have to take this tray up to your mother, so on your way out, would you mind taking out the garbage?

    Carlton : Do I look like Roc?

    Will : [sitting at the kitchen table]  I don't know, Carlton. Maybe if you shaved your head bald and sanded down the square part.

    Carlton : [ignores Will and hands Ashley the bag]  Ashley, you take out the garbage!

    Ashley Banks : Why me?

    Carlton : Because I'm bigger than you.

    Will : See, that's not fair. That's only 'cause you got them shoe lifts in today.

    Carlton : They're not lifts. I doubled up on my Odor-Eaters.

    Ashley Banks : [Carlton walks out of the kitchen while Ashley is holding the trash bag; Hilary walks into the kitchen and Ashley hands her the bag]  Here, Hilary, you take it out!

    Hilary : Out where?

    Ashley Banks : To the trash cans! You know, those things you hit every time you back out the car?

    Hilary : Oh, thank God. I thought it was the neighbor's kids!

    [Hilary takes the brown garbage bag from Ashley] 

    Hilary : THIS IS GROSS! I don't touch greasy, disgusting things!

    Will : Well, just pretend it's buying you dinner afterwards.

    Hilary : [Hilary walks up to Will and shoves the trash bag to him]  You take it!

    Will : Yo, girl!

    Hilary : And for your information, dinner comes first!

    [Hilary walks out of the kitchen] 

    Will : Oh, it's like that, right? You're just gonna slam garbage at me!

    [Uncle Phil walks in the room] 

    Phillip Banks : Good morning, Will.

    Will : Good morning, Uncle Phil.

    [Will hands Phil the dirty garbage bag] 

    Will : Here's your lunch!

    Phillip Banks : [Phil takes the bag and walk out of the house]  Thank you!

  • Carlton : I guess it's ok to share my will.

    Uncle Phil : Carlton, I'm not dead yet.

    Carlton : It's a cruel world big guy and you can't be in it forever.

  • Will : Aunt Viv, I got the cake you wanted for the family reunion.

    Vivian Banks : Good!

    Will : And guess what's in here?

    [holds up a small case wallet] 

    Carlton : It's round, it's rubber and you'll never use it!

  • Carlton : [after being scolded by Will for being selfish]  You know what your problem is?

    Will : No, I don't...

    Carlton : You're a slacker. You say you want things but you're never willing to work for it! You never make the sacrifice. You think you're just gonna charm your way through; just like your father!

    Will : [pause]  Let me tell you something. I am *nothing* like my father, all right?

  • Will : [when realizing that Carlton has taken the drugs from his locker]  Hey, Carlton. Carlton! Carlton, listen. Something terrible has happened, man! Come on, I gotta get you to the hospital!

    Carlton : [while dancing erratically on the prom stage]  Why? This is the greatest night of my...

    [Carlton suddenly passes out on the dance floor] 

    Carlton's Date : [screams as Carlton falls on the floor]  CARLTON!

    Will : [Will grabs hold of Carlton]  YO! Carlton, man...

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