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Kevin Feige Teases What’s On The Way For McU Phase Five

Suffice it to say, a lot of awesome news came out of San Diego Comic-Con this year. But if anything got people talking most, it was arguably the announcements pertaining to the fourth phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (McU).

To briefly recap, this initiative will unfold on both the big and small screens. On the movie side of things, we have Black Widow, The Eternals, Shang-Chi and the Legends of the Ten Rings, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder all on the way. Meanwhile, on the Disney Plus streaming service, there’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, Loki, What If…? and Hawkeye to anticipate.

You may have noticed some glaring omissions in the form of Marvel Studios’ recent billion dollar babies, but head honcho Kevin Feige says we have no reason to worry. Here’s what he had to tease at
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New Spider-Verse Comic Continues Miles Morales' Story

Jim Dandy Jul 19, 2019

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is getting a comic book follow-up!

If you had told me 20 years ago that Spider-Man's defining characteristic would eventually be that he's friends with all the different versions of himself from throughout the multiverse, I would have run screaming from the time traveler with weird diseases. But also it wouldn't have made much sense - Peter Parker was Stan Lee and Steve Ditko's attempt at making a more human hero with real person problems that everyday folks could relate to. Now, however, he's the guy who bounces around the multiverse taking out enormous, reality-destroying threats, and I'll be 100-percent upfront with you: I'm here for it.

At Sdcc 2019, Marvel announced that Spider-Man will once again swing around the multiverse in Spider-Verse, a six-issue limited series from Jed Mackay (Black Cat) and a rotating team of artists, including Juan Frigeri (Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man
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Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Will Feature a Stan Lee Tribute

Jay & Silent Bob Reboot Will Feature a Stan Lee Tribute
Get some tissues ready, as Kevin Smith will include a tribute to the late Stan Lee in his upcoming movie Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. This will serve as Smith's return to his own cinematic universe, the View Askewniverse, which started with his debut movie Clerks back in the 90s, long before the Marvel Cinematic Universe made interconnectivity all the rage. Smith hasn't dipped into this well in more than a decade, which makes it special for his fans. Now, we know it's going to be special for Marvel fans as well.

Tragically, Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee passed away last year. He and Kevin Smith had worked together several times over the years, with Lee appearing in Mallrats. That particular role was immortalized via Lee's cameo in Captain Marvel. Beyond their professional relationship, the two had developed something of a friendship over the years and Smith was a lifelong fan of comics.
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When Does Agents of Shield Season 6 Take Place in Relation to Avengers: Endgame?

Marc Buxton May 13, 2019

Does Agents of Shield season 6 address Avengers: Endgame? Or does it ignore it altogether?

This article contains spoilers for Agents of Shield season 6 episode 1 and Avengers: Endgame. We have a spoiler-free review of the season premiere here.

Marvel’s Agents of Shield is back at a time where the Marvel Cinematic Universe couldn’t be hotter. We just came off Avengers: Endgame and find ourselves in a vastly different McU than where the season 5 finale left us last year. You might think telling stories during and after Thanos’s snap and after Tony Stark’s sacrifice would make for some truly great Marvel story fodder. But not so fast, True Believer.

The season 5 finale of Agents of Shield did briefly address Thanos and his armada invading earth. Of course, Coulson, Quake, and the rest were too busy solving their own chronal problems to really focus on Thanos
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David Picker Dies: Former President Of United Artists, Paramount And Columbia Was 87

  • Deadline
David Picker Dies: Former President Of United Artists, Paramount And Columbia Was 87
Hollywood film executive David Picker, who was known for producing iconic films such as A Hard Day’s Night and The Jerk as well as launching the James Bond franchise, died in his New York home Saturday after complications with colon cancer. He was 87.

For over 40 years, Picker was an executive producer and served as the President and CEO for United Artists, Paramount, Lorimar and Columbia Pictures. Many of today’s top Hollywood luminaries worked for him as an assistant including Tom Rothman, Mark Gordon, Larry Mark, Bonnie Arnold, Jeffrey Katzenberg, Larry Kramer, and Jonathan Demme.

Picker was born in New York City on May 14, 1931. His storied and successful career in film would begin in 1956 when he worked in advertising and publicity at United Artists. He quickly rose in the ranks, becoming the assistant to the president and then managing United Artists Records. He would go on to bring the
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Kevin Smith shares his thoughts on Stan Lee’s Captain Marvel cameo

Minor Captain Marvel spoilers follow…

In addition to a rather touching tribute which saw the Marvel Studios logo celebrating the on-screen career of Stan Lee, the superhero blockbuster Captain Marvel also featured one of the last ever cameos from the late comic book legend.

With Brie Larson’s Carol Danvers in pursuit of a Skrull, Captain Marvel finds herself in a train carriage, where she stumbles upon a familiar face reciting the line “Trust me, True Believer” from a script to Kevin Smith’s 1995 comedy Mallrats.

Smith, who was a close friend to Stan Lee, has now shared a video featuring his thoughts on the cameo, explaining how he found out about it, and what it means to him on a personal level. Watch Smith’s emotional video here…

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Set in the 1990s,
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Marvel Comics’ New Black Panther Is…Deadpool?!

In recent times, the House of Ideas has treated True Believers to miniseries that pit some of their most popular characters against each other – and with coherent explanations. That said, we’re sure at least some of you remember last year’s Deadpool vs. The Punisher and the gallons of blood it left behind, and the topic of today’s discussion should certainly keep your interest in crossovers going.

As it turns out, two of this year’s box office juggernauts are now butting heads in the appropriately titled Black Panther vs. Deadpool, a five-issue miniseries penned by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert writer Daniel Kibblesmith (Lockjaw) and illustrated by Ricardo Lopez Ortiz. Cover art, meanwhile, is provided by Ryan Benjamin (Batman).

Well, expect for things to heat up when the fourth installment hits shelves on January 30th, as the Merc with a Mouth will find himself seated on the throne of Wakanda.
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Iron Man Writer Teases New Armor For Tony Stark

Since the turn of the century, there’ve been a number of writers to have come through the door at Marvel Comics, but even fewer who’ve left a definitive mark and been regarded as the more quintessential scribes associated with the brand. To name a handful, one can easily recall the likes of Brian Michael Bendis (though he’s now exclusive to DC), Matt Fraction, Ed Brubaker, Jason Aaron and the stalwart we’re mentioning today, Dan Slott.

These days, Slott’s been given the keys to the kingdom when it comes to icons such as the Fantastic Four and old Shellhead, whose latest ongoing title has been dubbed Tony Stark: Iron Man. And as any True Believer would assume, the latter hero has been granted some new armored suits while under the watch of the current creative team.

Speaking of which, Dan recently teased yet another new rig
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The Fantasticast #293 – Fantastic Four #200 – When Titans Clash!

Stephen Lacey and Andrew Leyland are your guide to Marvel’s First Family, The Fantastic Four. Starting at the very beginning of the Marvel Age of Comics, they cover every issue of The Fantastic Four, every spinoff title, every guest appearance and every cameo, in order of publication…

At Long Last, 200!

Hello, and welcome to episode 200 of The Fantasticast. Each week, Steve Lacey and Andy Leyland guide you through every issue, guest-appearance and cameo of The Fantastic Four.

It’s finally here. The big one. The climax to the epic Reed Richards/Doctor Doom saga. The first truly impressive anniversary issue from the House of Ideas. Face front, True Believer – this is When Titans Clash. It’s oversized, it’s overpriced, it’s overly-melodramatic, and it’s really rather good!

Marv Wolfman, Keith Pollard, Joe Sinnott, Francoise Mouly, John Costanza, Mark Gruenwald, Jim Shooter, and Jack Kirby present Fantastic Four
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Black Panther Blu-Ray And Digital Bonus Content Revealed

If you’ve been around for as many years as I have, then you may remember how long the wait separating a film’s theatrical debut from its home video release used to be. Of course, this generously diminished over time, with the turnaround almost feeling nonexistent in today’s age.

Understandably, very few will complain about having the chance to own Black Panther roughly three months after it took cinemas by storm. Having already shattered a variety of box office records and now reigning supreme as the highest grossing superhero flick of all time in the United States, it stands to reason that nary a True Believer can wait to get their claws on a copy.

Most fortunate for us all, word came down yesterday saying that Marvel Studios’ latest blockbuster will be arriving on Blu-ray on May 15, just weeks after Avengers: Infinity War begins its theatrical run. Naturally,
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Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Homeland, Americans, Grey's, NCIS, 9-1-1, Lucifer, Big Little Lies, Originals and More

Got a scoop request? An anonymous tip you’re dying to share? Send any/all of the above to

Question: Regarding your pregnancy blind item, can you please give us one more clue? —Kevin

Ausiello: The show in question airs on… HBO!

Question: Anxiously awaiting the final season of The Americans. Can you share anything about the premiere? —Kathy

Ausiello: Here’s the intel I’ve received so far: The March 28 opener jumps forward three years to 1987, with Philip ditching espionage for a yuppie corporate job (he has a car phone!) and a worn-out Elizabeth picking up the spy-game slack.
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Kingpin Becomes Mayor In Daredevil #595 First Look

When we think of quintessential rivalries in the Marvel Universe, it goes without saying that few are greater than the enduring one shared by Daredevil and Kingpin. Sure, Wilson Fisk may have first appeared in 1967’s Amazing Spider-Man #50, but it’s Hornhead that we immediately associate him with. And whether it be via the awesome Netflix series or the comic books themselves, nearly every True Believer has become familiar with this saga at some point.

And soon enough, superstar scribe Charles Soule will continue doing what he does best, and that’s keeping readers on their toes. This time, he’s doing the unthinkable by – get this – making Fisk mayor of New York City! Well, we’ve always known the villain to love the city in his own special way, so let’s see what he does now that he’s legitimately in charge.

Daredevil #595 Gallery 1 of 5

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Both Steve Rogers Meet Yet Again In Secret Empire: Omega #1

While Secret Empire did conclude late last month, the overall story isn’t quite done. As it turns out, an epilogue issue dubbed Secret Empire: Omega #1 is due to hit stands very soon, hopefully tying up any loose ends that writer Nick Spencer may have left dangling in the mainline series.

Chief among most readers’ concerns is what exactly will become of the Steve Rogers that rose to the top of Hydra and nearly succeeded in taking over the world. As most of you are no doubt aware, he engaged in a battle for the ages with the recently returned “classic” Captain America back in Secret Empire #10. Long story short, Hydra Steve’s reign is over, but the damage done to Las Vegas remains – as do the deaths of those he killed, namely Black Widow and Phil Coulson.

Secret Empire: Omega #1 Gallery 1 of 12

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The Venom Symbiote Attaches Itself to Deadpool in Cool Claymation Short Film

Marvel Comics is currently running comic series event called Edge of Venomverse that sees several classic superheroes become overtaken by the Venom symbiote. As a way to promote Deadpool being taken over by the Symbiote, Marvel has released a claymation animated short for your viewing enjoyment. It shows us how the symbiote ended up attaching itself Deadpool.

The Venomized Deadpool made his appearance in of Venomverse #5, which is now in stores. The comic was written by Clay McLeod Chapman with art by James Stokoe. Here's the description:

The Symbiote With The Slobber! "Deadpool's bonded with the Venom symbiote, blah, blah, blah," you're saying to yourself. Well Hold It Right There, True Believer! It's a terrifying tale of VenomPool trying to save a hospital full of innocent people who've been infected with a Dangerous Mind-controlling Parasite!

Enjoy the the short!

There's nothing more terrifying and slobbery than Venom latching onto Deadpool!
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Social Media Posts Herald Winter Soldier’s Return In Avengers: Infinity War

Although he’s yet to receive top billing in a movie distributed by Marvel Studios, Sebastian Stan’s Bucky Barnes has undoubtedly been one of the characters to watch as the onscreen saga unfolds. Having been thought dead after World War II, Captain America’s oldest and dearest friend was, as it turned out, brainwashed and used to do the bidding of Hydra for decades as the Winter Soldier. Since resurfacing in the present, he’s been a vital cog in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with many fans expecting him to take on a greater role in the not too distant future – but more on that later.

Now, while we do fully expect Bucky to show up in Avengers: Infinity War, it’s still nice to receive little reassurances and teasers here and there on the road to the theatrical release. Speaking of which, the film’s directors, the Russo Brothers,
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Eddie Brock is Back in Cover Art & Preview Pages from Venom #6

If Sony slating a new Venom movie for 2018 sparked (or re-sparked) an interest in the alien symbiote, then Marvel has you covered with the return of Eddie Brock in Venom #6, and we've been provided with preview pages from the anticipated issue ahead of its April 19th release.

Press Release: New York, NY—March, 27th 2017 — Reunited and it feels so good! That’s right, True Believer, Eddie Brock has reunited with the symbiote at long last! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside Venom #6 – the next senses shattering issue from creators Mike Costa and Gerardo Sandoval! It’s a battle for the ages as new Venom host Lee Price throws down with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! But amid the chaos and the fury of battle, a familiar face returns! That’s right, Eddie Brock is back to reclaim his rightful place as the one-and-only Venom! Can symbiote and
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Eddie Brock Is Back In Black In Venom #6 First Look

Venom #6 Gallery 1 of 6

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Well, Venom certainly has been the talk of the town in recent weeks, hasn’t he? Aside from a movie starring the cult favorite anti-hero being closer to becoming a reality than ever before, True Believers can sleep easier knowing that Eddie Brock will make his triumphant return to the comic books in a matter of weeks.

It’s well known that several others have bonded with the symbiote in recent years and each probably accrued a generous fan base, but it stands to reason that the majority will always yearn for the first to take up a specific mantle to come back at some point. And that’s what makes the next few months of Venom comics so special.

While we bide our time waiting for the big moment, Marvel has put out a small preview
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Weapons Of Mutant Destruction Is What That Hulk/Wolverine Hybrid Image Was Teasing

A few weeks back, Marvel dropped a mysterious image depicting a Hulk/Wolverine hybrid that caused fans and journalists alike to speculate what the nature of it was and if it could possibly be tying into any of the upcoming X-Men books. Well, today we know that to partially be true as the House of Ideas have officially pulled back the curtain on Weapons of Mutants Destruction.

Here’s the skinny: This June, Marvel will launch a six-issue crossover involving Totally Awesome Hulk and Weapon X. As usual, a story of this nature will kickoff with an oversized one-shot, in this case, Weapons of Mutant Destruction Alpha. Set to be written by Greg Pak and illustrated by Mahmud Asrar, it’s probably safe to say that no True Believer will want to miss this one.

Before we proceed any further, let’s check out the synopsis Marvel has provided:

For years,
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Marvel’s Iron Fist #1 gets six retailer exclusive variant covers

To celebrate the release of Marvel’s new Iron Fist comic book title, the publisher has announced six retailer exclusive variant covers for the first issue of Ed Brisson and Mike Perkins’ series, from artists J. Scott Campbell, John Tyler Christopher, Gabriele Dell’Otto, Mike McKone, Bill Sienkiewicz and Ryan Stegman; check them out here…

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This March, prepare for a hard-hitting, fist-flying, high-octane epic as Danny Rand faces a gauntlet of deadly kung-fu masters in the all-new Iron Fist #1! Creators Ed Brisson (Bullseye) and Mike Perkins (Deathlok) put the titular hero through the wringer as he squares off against foe after foe – each more lethal than the last!

Danny has always straddled two worlds – Earth and the mystical realm of K’un-Lun. Now, with K’un-Lun in ruins, he’ll question his place in both more than ever. The chi fueling his fists is wavering,
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First Look: Iron Fist #1

  • Nerdly
This March, prepare for a hard-hitting, fist-flying, high-octane epic as Danny Rand faces a gauntlet of deadly kung-fu masters in the all-new Iron Fist #1, from creators Ed Brisson (Bullseye) and Mike Perkins (Deathlok), who put the titular hero through the wringer as he squares off against foe after foe – each more lethal than the last!

Danny has always straddled two worlds – Earth and the mystical realm of K’un-Lun. Now, with K’un-Lun in ruins, he’ll question his place in both more than ever. The chi fueling his fists is wavering, yet still he fights on. Fighting to prove his worth, he’ll push himself to his breaking point. But a bigger battle than he can handle may have found him first. Whisked away to the mysterious island of Liu-Shi, he’ll come face-to-face with the fight of his life! With nothing but his fists and his feet, the
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