True Believer (1989) Poster


Margaret Colin: Kitty Greer



  • Roger Baron : [Roger and Kitty are reading aloud from the newspaper]  "Edward J. Dodd, retained to defend Mr. Kim, has disclosed that a witness will corroborate Mr. Kim's alibi..."

    Eddie Dodd : I embellished.

    Kitty Greer : "Dodd also reports that his *team* of private investigators..."

    Eddie Dodd : I embroidered.

    Kitty Greer : "... are actually close to naming the man they believe actually killed Jimmy Chin."

    Eddie Dodd : I lied.

  • Eddie Dodd : [Eddie is having a hard time building a defense]  I can do this shit myself!

    Kitty Greer : Come on, Eddie, that's not fair!

    Roger Baron : Come off it, Eddie! We're all committed to the case, we all believe it's a good fight.

    Eddie Dodd : Good fight? You think I'm going into court to make a fucking statement? You think Shu gives a shit whether we go down but go down nobly? This is a man looking at 40 years of HARD TIME! He could've had a deal and been out in five, but he bet it all on ME! Don't give me that liberal yuppie bullshit about a good fight; this isn't fucking Yale! A good fight is one you WIN!

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