The Mighty Quinn (1989) Poster

Denzel Washington: Xavier Quinn



  • Xavier : You want a beer, Jump?

    Jump : Do the damned need salvation?

  • Maubee : Why you think we doing this?

    Xavier : Because you are a fucking lunatic who got his ass in a mess and don't know how to get out of it!

    Maubee : No, not because I don't know how to get out, but because you and your men couldn't catch me, Xavier!

    Xavier : Shit, I never even tried!

    Maubee : Yesterday you tried to run me off the road, remember?

    Xavier : I coulda shot your ass!

    Maubee : You can shoot my ass right now!

    Xavier : I might!

  • Maubee : Ubu Pearl.

    Xavier : Who, the witch?

    Maubee : Yeah, man, Isola's aunt. She only let me visit on Monday night.

    Xavier : What if you don't?

    Maubee : I get the hex. My dick fall off and I wake up dead.

    Xavier : Shit, you'd better stick to your schedule then.

    Maubee : Yeah, man.

  • Rasta : There was a guy at the Eagle Hotel looking for him.

    Xavier : What guy?

    Rasta : A white guy.

    Xavier : What kind of white guy?

    Rasta : Kind of a dark white guy.


  • Maubee : Come on, I got us a ride here.

    Xavier : Yes, man. In a stolen car.

    Maubee : It's not stolen. It's the governor's - bought by the sweat and taxes of hard-working people! Besides, what he need it for? Him sleeping.

    Xavier : That's a very moving story.

  • Xavier : You think Maubee did it? Cut a man's head off?

    Jump : That fucker, he does that! That's why he's like that!

    Xavier : Try and make sense when you talk, Jump.

  • Xavier : [sees a large chest]  What's in here?

    Ubu Pearl : Why don't you open it and find out?

    [Xavier does, lifting a fetish - beneath which is a venomous snake! It hisses and lunges at him. He jumps back, and Ubu Pearl starts laughing] 

    Xavier : You're gonna get in trouble fucking with me, Guma.

    [She only laughs louder] 

  • Fred Miller : Who the hell was that?

    Xavier : Ubu Pearl, the local witch.

    Fred Miller : I'm gettin' to like this place more and more.

  • Mr. Bimm : That's my baby in her belly!

    Xavier : She marry who she want, the baby don't make no difference.

    Mr. Bimm : It does to me!

    Xavier : Then live with it!

    Mr. Bimm : Live with it?

    Xavier : Yes, man.

  • MacKeon : His brain's not working too good right now, but from what I can tell, Maubee bet him ten thousand dollars he couldn't do what he did.

    Xavier : Which was what?

    MacKeon : Drink whatever it is he's throwing up there.

  • Nick : Chief, am I gonna die?

    Xavier : Yes, man... but we're gonna try to put it off for a little while, we're gonna take you to the hospital.

  • Cocodink : I want to make a complaint about Lt. Jump Jones! He's not giving me no phone and I want it now! And I'm not being allowed to make no calls!

    Jump : Who would you call?

    Cocodink : Never mind my personal business! That lizard fish with the cowboy hat gets to make one call, and out he goes!

    Xavier : You want to get out, Coco?

    Cocodink : You're a tricky man. Never mind the phone!

    Xavier : Aren't you ever going to stop?

    Cocodink : Never! Because that's the way I am! I am the blight and scourge of the jails! I am the vengeance of the poor-ass prisoner, man!

    Xavier : You sure are.

  • Ubu Pearl : I put a curse on you!

    Xavier : Believe me, I already got a curse on me.

  • Dr. Raj : You may cut a man's head off, but it doesn't necessarily mean that you kill him. Especially if he's already dead, which appears to be the case in this case. The victim died suddenly, but not instantaneously, due to a combination of searing, profound pain, and the emotional shock of seeing his arm turn deeply cyanotic. Uh, that means purple.

    Xavier : Yeah, go on?

    Dr. Raj : He died of a snakebite.

  • Ubu Pearl : You try to come in here, I fight you!

    Xavier : You fight me, I arrest you.

    Ubu Pearl : You can't arrest me. I don't do nothing.

    Xavier : [leans down and lowers his voice]  You think I'm joking, Guma?

    [She moves aside] 

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