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Sex & Nudity

  • The lead male character is naked in a Telepod, but no frontal nudity is seen.
  • There is a sex scene involving the two lead characters, but no frontal nudity is seen.
  • Later, the man plays a tape that someone had recorded of him having sex.
  • There is a scene which the lead female character is naked and is being deloused, but no frontal nudity can be seen.

Violence & Gore

  • A female scientist is killed offscreen by the creature, her bloody corpse is seen hanging in through the ceiling
  • A woman dies when giving birth to a cocoon containing a human baby boy within, which gets quiet bloody and white goo oozes out of the cocoon.
  • A horrifically deformed dog jumps out of a telepod and bites off half of a man's hand.
  • A man gets an injection, the needle breaks and blood shoots out.
  • A man pulls a thread like substance out of a sore in his arm.
  • There are several very grotesque sequences showing Martin's tranformation into the fly monster, as well as some other disgusting creatures.
  • A man is punched in the face leaving him with a bloody nose.
  • A man is thrown through a window, but is not killed and is left with some bloody cuts on his face.
  • A man is shot accidentally multiple times. The shooter thought the victim was the fly monster.
  • A man's neck is broken and his body is dragged around by his tie.
  • A man is thrown through a window and lands on the floor dead.
  • The fly creature vomits milky enzymes over a man's face. There is lots of blood and the man tears his face off. He somehow survives and can be seen lying in a pool of blood whilst breathing sorely.
  • A man's head is crushed like a watermelon underneath an elevator. Very bloody and caused the film to recieve an X rating by the MPAA.
  • Acid vomit is spat onto a man's hand, which causes screaming as his hand begins to smolder and the fingers begin to melt.
  • A man is picked up and bent over in half until his spine is snapped and he is killed.
  • A man zaps a woman with a stungun sending her crashing into a cart hitting her head leaving her with a bloody cut on her upper left forehead.
  • The appearance of a creature in the final scene is extremely grotesque and disturbing.


  • 3 uses of the word 'fuck'.
  • 1 use of 'bastard'.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Some characters smoke.
  • Occasional drinking.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Viewers may find Martin's birth disturbing.
  • One scene in which Martin confronts a horrifically deformed dog, before euthanising it with chloroform may upset and disturb some viewers.
  • The Fly's transformation and appearence itself may disturb some viewers.
  • There is a long sequence in which the fly creature causes mayhem and kills several characters.

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